Top 7 Drone Battery Chargers

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

If you own a drone, one of the most important decisions you can make is investing in a drone battery charger. This proves to be crucial as far as keeping your battery packs in top shape is concerned and enables them to serve you for a long time without letting you down!

This post considers the best drone battery chargers you can get in the market.

Venom Pro Quad 100W X4

The Pro Quad drone charger comes with a vertical design that offers four different charging circuits. Each of these features an integrated 100W of power supply on this relatively compact charger.

There are also two USB 2.3-amp charging ports located on the rear end to power any USB devices you might have. Overall, this 4-port 7.0A balance charger will be a nice option for drone fliers who want to charge multiple packs without hassle.

Graupner Polaron AC/DC 240W Charger

The Polaron drone battery charger has the capacity to deliver 240W of power output, with each channel producing 120 watts when using an appropriate DC power supply. Additionally, with the needed balance board, the device accommodates up to 7-cell Li-Po battery packs, when most chargers on its price ranges can only support 6 cells.

The charger features a plastic stylus that allows you to easily use the small touchscreen. It is a relatively user-friendly device that offers all the battery data on different battery types.

Dynamite Passport UltraForce Duo

The Dynamite Passport followed the success of its non-touchscreen predecessor to provide drone fliers with an easy-to-operate touchscreen interface, to go with HV charging capabilities. The battery combines two charging units in a single well-designed case to save you space on the workbench.

It also comes with built-in fans and its charging cords contain fast-disconnect insulated banana plugs. You get one port for probing the temperature, 2 mini USB ports, 5V USB port, and 2 balanced-board ports. It will be a nice pick for any drone owner that is serious about battery management.

ElectriFly AC/DC Triton2 EQ

The Triton2 EQ is engineered for all-around tasks. It will be suitable for an indoor racer with a relatively small battery pack, as well as a hexacopter flier with the bigger 6S LiPo battery pack. The charger comes with one dial button and two push buttons while its intuitive menu system will take a while to get used to.

Nevertheless, the manual proves to be pretty useful and offers you a full-page reference chart to guide you through the charger setup, main menus, as well as menu windows. This easy-to-use battery charger can accommodate all kinds of batteries, including Li-ion, LiPo, Ni-Cd, Pb, just to mention a few.

Overall, this is a practical multi-purpose charger than any pilot would like to use on any battery on the drones in the Buybestquadcopter’s review!

AMain Hobbies Prodigy 610 Quad

The Prodigy 610 Quad charger is a 4-port AC/DC device that can support 6S packs. The charger is capable of 10-ampere charge rates and delivers worldwide 110V.220V versatility. Not to mention that it offers 100W of power on each port.

The charger enables you to charge HV lithium batteries safely. Thanks to its durable metal casing, great safety features, as well as easy-to-connect ports, this drone battery charger will be a nice addition to your workshop for in-field charging needs.

Hyperion EOS 0720i Super DUO 3 7S

The Duo 3 from Hyperion is one of the most powerful chargers you can find in the market. It features 2 similar output ports, each of which is capable of producing 500W of power. The charger can support a maximum of 7 cells, as well as 20 amps, per port.

For the Super Duo to provide the entire 1000W of power, it requires 24-28 volts of input charge, although it can operate on lower input voltages. You get several built-in safety features and an easy-to-read dual display.

Hitec RCD Power Peak D7 Charging Station

This charger uses two 200W output ports to offer a maximum of 20 amp of charge in each port. It can charge batteries fast while its mini-USB sockets allow you to monitor the health of the battery with the help of LogView Software.

A 5V/1A USB socket on the Power Peak D7 allows for compatibility with devices such as your smartphone or digital camera. You also get an integrated BID system from Multiplex’s that offers safety and convenience for batteries. The display features two backlit graphic screens for easy reading.

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