What is Power IQ / Ai Power / Smart Technology / VoltiQ / iSmart 2.0 Charging?

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It’s difficult to understand what is meant by some lingo or the features behind the special technology that companies produce but to know what it all means is important because you’re then able to make a better-educated choice for the product that you want.

Many charging companies these days are taking the Charging technology space further and further with advances in how easily a person can charge their devices, the quality of their chargers and most of all the charging technology speed implemented within the chargers.

In the above image are a few companies which own charging tech that they claim to have an advance charging advantage with their charging products. So this kind of tech is able to charge your phone faster but what does it all mean? Of course, this would mean that the above companies focus on the quality of their products and they have proved it through developing this technology and with this advanced technology, choosing a company to buy technology products that have advanced their tech further makes sense. But let’s take a closer look to understand what it all means.

Power IQ


Power iQ

Anker’s specialized charging tech is called Power IQ and with Power IQ’s logic is that normal charging devices such as USB Wall chargers, car chargers, and power banks are all programmed in such a way that they only charge with one method.

With Power IQ devices, however, the devices are programmed in a various way to call different protocols that can charge devices as fast as possible with as much power the device can take. If it’s an older phone, then the protocol that may be called will be one from just a regular charger. If you were to use a newer device, the charging protocol would be faster since the device can handle the faster charge rate.



Ai Power

AiPower by Aukey is basically the same as Power IQ and well to be completely clear, this kind of “Fast Charging” technology is basically the same across the board but we just think that it’s good to explain what each company has entailed for this kind of technologies.

AiPower is Aukey’s fast charging with the charge being 2.4A. This is quite a beneficial charge rate because the rate on most charging devices is 2.0A but with Ai Power, the charge to 2.4A is available for the devices that are compatible to take that kind of power within a charge duration.

Aukey has confirmed that devices will not be damaged because of overcharging rates because Ai Power tech is able to fluctuate between 2.0A and 2.4A when it is necessary.


Smart Technology





Now with two Smart Charging technology examples explained, it’s quite easy to understand just exactly what this kind of technology means and just how valuable it is for so many companies to be able to produce it.

Tronsmart’s VoltiQ is explained as a technology that is able to detect a device and send the fastest charge by fluctuating amperage and wattage amount and by doing so will deliver the fastest charge to devices they’re charging.

EasyAcc’s Smart Technology is able to detect your device and deliver the fastest charge.

Lastly RavPower’s iSmart 2.0 charges compatible devices at speeds up to 2.4A. This is the same speed as told by Aukey and basically what the other charging companies imply when they say “Sends the fastest charge to your device”.

So ultimately this means that each company that we’ve gone over truly does care and knows what the customer wants. They realize that people do not like long charging times and they are here to tell you that charging times do not have to be long because of this smart charging technology.

It should be noted that many of the products that these companies sell have this kind of technology because it is truly their way of showing that they produce quality products and in most cases, every charging output has this kind of smart technology which makes this kind of tech even greater. Charging 4 devices at the same time with this smart tech is something that should not be passed on.

Think about it, would you rather have just a plain charge or a Smart Tech charger that is able to charge faster?

Please realize that just because all these companies have the same kind of tech to offer does not make them lower than each other, it actually shows that they care and that they are willing to compete to be the best in the charging tech space.

Now that you know what these specific charging terms means, take a look at some of the products from a few of the companies that we mentioned.

Our individual reviews for products go into detail about what a product’s features and how what it’s like to actually use the charger so you can make the choice of purchasing it.

We also have Buying Guides that cover an array of devices so you can get the best chargers for the devices that you have.


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