USB-C MacBook Pro Air Charger, Charger Harbor SAIL01 65W Dual USB-C Power Delivery GaN PPS Wall Charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, iPad Pro, Pixel, Switch
  • Fast Charging Speed: 65W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most compatible devices at max speed and can power up the Macbook Pro 15.4” from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours
  • Dual USB-C Charging: Simultaneously charge two devices with 45W for your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Chromebook, or most other USB-C laptops; you also have 18W available for fast charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, Pixel smartphones, and more.
  • Perfect for Traveling: About half the size of a Macbook Pro USB-C charger and the use of a foldable plug, this charger can be taken anywhere without any problems.
  • Powered by GaN Tech: Uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that makes the charger more compact, delivers more charging power, and runs cooler.
  • Wider Compatibility: With the use of USB-C Power Delivery, you’re able to fast charge a wide range of devices such as the Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 13, XPS 15, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and many others.

Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus Vaccum Self Sterilizing and Self Emptying

Vacuuming is one of those tedious everyday tasks that have to be done. However, that’s only half the story when it comes to vacuuming your home. You also have to consider what type of vacuum you need, and whether or not if it’s good quality; because at this point, there are many vacuum brands on the market from the bigger brand names such as Dyson to Miele, and then you have ROIDMI, a new company that is putting their foot in the door with their own new vacuums.

The Vacuum and the Station

Most notably, ROIDMI has their new Eve Plus robot vacuum that makes doing the chore of vacuuming an afterthought. Not only does this vacuum clean your home, but it also does its own dust disposal, so you don’t have to clean it out yourself, something that can be rather messy when it comes to manual-use vacuums such as Dysons. Not only does the vacuum dispose of what it has already picked up, but the innovation also continues you onto the Disposal station for the vacuum that holds the dust; with the Disposal station actually being able to sterilize common household microbes such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus. It can also sterilize toxic chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC and remove the odor caused by cigarettes.

One of the better parts of this sterilization process is that the process is shown on the LED screen that can be found on the Disposal station.

The Disposal station has a 3L disposal dust bag that is basically equal to 30 dust bins in some vacuums, and it holds waste for 60 days. Also, if you forget to change the bag, that is fine because the LED screen on the station reminds you that the dust bag needs to be changed.

Power and Features of the ROIDMI Eve Plus

Moving onto the actual ROIDMI Eve Plus Vaccum, it has all sorts of power and features that make it a great competitor against other brands on the market. The thing to know is the powerful suction generated, which is 23,000pa, which is done by the 900W motor that the vacuum uses. This is as powerful as most cordless vacuums, so you’re getting the same cleaning power with a robot vacuum that you don’t have to use manually. With suction power, you also get smart speed to adjust with the side brushes that collect dust and a flexible nozzle that adjusts depending on what flooring the vacuum is on.

One of the magical parts of Robot vacuums, in general, is how they can move and guide themselves, which is done through some advanced programming. Thankfully, this ROIDMI vacuum uses an LDS 4.0 navigation system and comprehensive path planning to ensure an efficient cleaning process. With the smart tech of the vacuum, you can also connect it to Alexa or Google Home and use voice commands to change the behavior of the vacuum and what you want it to do. Also, if you’re worried about runtime, don’t be; that’s because this ROIDMI vacuum has a 250-minute runtime that is more than enough for most homes.

Top of the Line Sourcing

In terms of its manufacturing process, it’s part of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, which makes it, so the ROIDMI vacuum takes advantage of the latest tech available from one of the world’s largest tech companies. The ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vac comes for $452, which matches iRobot Roomba i7+ but the ROIDMI comes with a host of new features and better tech for a smoother experience.