Our Rating System

What does the Charger Harbor Rating System entail?

Here’s the breakdown for a quick way for you to understand the rating system and getting to set sail faster.

We’ll start with the Power rate first:




When it comes to technology, there’s gotta be that thing behind the product you’re getting that makes it seem like an unstoppable force. When you’re using a product that is “Powerful” it means that you’re using a product that can do what it’s meant to do and better than you expected. It exceeds expectations.

Power within a product can come from how well it does at what it’s suppose to do and how efficiently it goes about doing it.




Design is meant to be great to look at, feel and use. The design of a product speaks through how you use it. Questions like:

Does this product feel good to hold?

Does this product look aesthetic?

Is this product too big or small for what I need it for?

Take for instance, a car charger. Car chargers are meant to be small compact and powerful. That’s what we all mostly want. Having a Car charger that’s 4 inches long and the output being wide is NOT a good design.

Something with a compact design that is short with a output that is small is a design that will look good and will be easy to use without obstructing any space within a car.

All the emotions that go into how something feels, looks and the usability of the product is what design is defined as.




When inferring a product’s build quality, this means how well is the product put together.

Is the product likely to fall apart physically with its poorly placed parts?

Are the materials that were used to make the product high quality?

Using high quality material is not always necessary though, if something is poorly designed with high quality materials, then the final product will usually fail due to the lack of a basic understanding on how to use materials correctly.

Build is meant to show that the product can withstand use for it’s purpose and even more than the purpose it’s built for. If a power bank does not specify that it has fall damage protection and yet it still withstands falling damage then that is a product with good build quality.




Reliability basically brings all aspects of a product together, this means that the product’s core features will work with the functionality being the same from when the product was first used.

The product is in good physical condition even when gone through trials of use. The product, when used at any time or at enemy situation works just like it’s suppose to.

If your needs or wants is towards this product, then that means you rely on it for that need/want. For it to fulfill what you need shows that you can accept its reliance.