Review: Aukey 1-Port Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger


One-Port may not seem like much. Especially in times when charging multiple devices is nearly a must. However, that’s not always the case if all you really need is to charge a single device. That’s when the Aukey 1-Port Wall charger comes in. What if we told you that having a 1-Port wall charger isn’t all that bad, as long as you know what you’re buying. It’s definitely the case with this 1-Port wall charger because it gets many things right, that nearly all 1-port wall chargers should.


With just 1 charging port, the wall charger is only going to charge 1 device at a time but that’s not what makes this wall charger so great. It’s what that single charging port has to offer, which is Quick Charge 2.0 technology that is able to charge nearly any device that you connect it to at full charging speed.

This means that users with Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 compatible devices can take advantage of faster charging speeds of 6.5-6V/3.0A. Non-Quick Charge compatible devices will be able to charge at 5V/2.4A max standard charging speed. This is where a simple 1-port wall charger is still able to hold value, which is with its quality to charge any device connected to its single charging port at max speed. When you have a Wall charger that is powerful enough to give out the most output power, then that means most of the devices that you connect to it will perform very well.

Power banks with this wall charger are able to recharge at max speeds, which means that input ports that are rated to charge at 5V/2.0A or higher will charge at their max recharge speeds.


The Aukey one port wall charger takes advantage of its shape as much as possible. With its capsule and rectangular shape, it brings compactness in a delightful way that is very easy to place and portable enough to take anywhere. Its best design facet is the choice of making the wall charger horizontal. The wall charger is very flat, the USB charging port is placed horizontally and as result, the wall charger’s whole physical shape is flat and takes up very minimal space when it’s placed into a wall outlet or Surge protector; This design choice allows for no outlets to be covered.

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However, if your outlets are placed vertically on a Surge protector, then the wide side of the wall charger will most likely cover the outlets that are next to it. Along with its flat design comes a somewhat long length of the wall charger that will stick about 3 inches from an outlet. It’s not as bad as you think; We found that the wall charger sticking out from an outlet made it more convenient for me to plug in my charging cable. You may have to be cautious if you have the Wall charger connected to a wall outlet because that’s where you can most likely hit it and the only reason the the wall charger is long, is because it’s so flat. It’s an equivalent exchange, so making the wall charger flat means that it has to be long.

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The plug pins on the wall charger are not retractable and we think that’s one of the best design choices for this wall charger. Take a look at our review for the 3-Port Aukey wall charger; One of the main flaws of its design are the plug pins and how they’re weak to hold the wall charger straight and strong when it’s connected to a wall outlet. However, that’s the not the case here. The plug pins may not be retractable but they are very strongly placed so the wall charger does not sag down or move. Portability is important when it comes to wall chargers but portability at the cost of usability is a very poor design choice.

Overall the wall charger is already portable enough with its flat design and generally small size.


The quality of the Aukey 1-Port wall charger holds integrity, just as any 1-port wall charger should. The outer shell of the wall charger is plastic with a varnished finish, that makes it resistant to some corrosion. Coming in at 5 ounces, we found it a relief that the wall charger isn’t heavy and if it were to fall, it wouldn’t take much damage along with its lightweight and curved shaped not generating too much shock.

There have been problems in the past with users having badly placed plug plates. The covering body plates that the plug pins come out of can prove to have bad durability and although it’s quite possible that it may happen to the one you purchase, we found that the body piece is actually strongly built in and showed no signs of falling out. It’s most likely a manufacturing error that is rare, and if it does happen to the wall charger that you purchase, no worries. Aukey has a 24 Month Warranty in place when you buy the Aukey 1-Port wall charger.


The reliability of this wall charger is optimal when you only need to charge one device and we won’t be judging the reliability any other way. If you’re searching for a wall charger that can charge 4 devices at the same time, then this isn’t it. If you want to charge your most used device, such as your smartphone, quickly and hassle free as possible then this Aukey wall charger is going to deliver on all cylinders.

Its got the speed that you’re searching for, and maybe even more if you’ve got a Quick Charge compatible device. The design is highly reliable when you’re connecting it to either wall outlets or Surge Protectors because the plug doesn’t sag or cover up outlets around it. Build quality is strong and although the front plate of the plug pins is the most notable problem for the wall charger among users, we think that the warranty compensates for it quite well.


Power for a 1-port wall charger should hold lots of power and that’s what the Aukey one Port wall charger delivers. With a Quick Charge 2.0 port, the wall charger will not only charge Quick Charge compatible devices very quickly; It will also charge non-Quick Charge devices at maximum standard charging speed.


The design of the wall charger was well thought out because its flat design makes it so that it doesn’t cover up surrounding outlets. Although it does sticks out a little too much from an outlet, we found it fair enough since its flat shape is what makes it long. It’s a small sized wall charger that takes advantage of its structure as much as possible. Along with the strongly placed plug pins, the wall charger does not sag even with its relatively long length.


The build of the power bank matches the design that it’s built on with a lightweight, and curved body, the wall charger can protect itself from a fall and high-quality finish on the wall charger’s body can prevent corrosion. The plug pins are strongly put in but the plug pins face plate has caused some problems for some users in the past. Although that can be compensated with the 24 Month warranty.


The reliability of this 1-port wall charger is just that. A highly reliable ONE PORT wall charger that is able to deliver a powerful charging experience for any USB device that’s connected to it. Along with a size and build that will accommodate a superior user experience.

Specs of the Aukey PA-U28 Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger:

  • Output:              Quick Charge – 6.5-6V/3.0A             Standard – 5V/2.4A
  • Input:
  • LED Power Indicator: No
  • Size: 1 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Comes with a 3 Foot Micro-USB Cable


The Aukey 1-Port wall charger is one of the best wall chargers that we’ve reviewed and that comes as an odd result, it’s only got one charging port, but it’s a 1-port wall charger that takes everything a wall charger needs and puts it all into one. Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 devices can take advantage of the 3.0 Amps of fast charging. Non-Quick Charge devices can charge as their maximum standard speed. The design of the wall charger was well thought out enough to not cover outlets next to it and strong plug pins that don’t make the lengthy wall charger sag. The build is good enough, even with the fear of a possibly weak plug pin face plate, the 24-month warranty is there as your very long-term safety net. It’s a highly capable 1-port wall charger.


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Review: Tenergy 18W Quick Charge 2.0 USB Wall Charger

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The Tenergy USB wall charger features a single charging port with Quick Charge 2.0 technology. It’s a charger that you’d use for yourself and take it with you wherever you’re going to want to charge your devices in a stationary way. Find out what makes this simple charger so great and average at the same time.


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The Tenergy wall charger has a single USB port that uses Quick Charge 2.0. The Amp output for this charger is 3.0A for Quick Charge compatible devices and 2.4A for standard devices that are not compatible with Quick Charge tech. It’s a great wall charger that has the power to charge a single device at the fastest possible speed. Since it’s only one port, there’s not much to say about its power. It gives the most power that it can with a USB port that provides you with the latest charging technology.


With just one port, the Tenergy wall charger has a very objective design just like other wall chargers within its class. The shape of the charger is a rectangular cube that has curved corners which saves as much outward part stick out from it. The plugs on the wall charger are not retractable but even so, they’re are placed in a very direct manner that allows you to easily connect it into an outlet. This means that the wall charger won’t be blocking other outlets when you connect it to a wall outlet or a Surge Protector.

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The wall charger has a LED light indicator to not only show when charging is taking place, but it also indicates what kind of charging is taking place. When a Quick Charge device is being charged, the LED light on the wall charger becomes green and lets you know that you’re getting Quick Charge blazing fast speeds. If you’re charging a device that isn’t Quick Charge compatible then the light becomes blue.

The USB charging port is placed within an indentation of the wall charger. It’s a good design choice because it’s easier to place your charger into the port since the indentation is a pathway to lead into the charging port. We found it easier to place a USB charging port into the Tenergy wall charger than a wall charger that has ports placed on a leveled surface.

Pic 4 Resize

For the size and user experience, the wall charger is great if you want to charge a single device and keep clutter to a minimum. The wall charge is advertised to be a travel sized, and although that may be true, it would be an ultimate travel charger if the plug pins were retractable.


The build quality of the wall charger is solid. That’s really the only way to describe it because everything about the charger is absolutely stuck together and holds strong rigidity. There’s just one concern that’s just very minor, it’s the slit right through the middle of the wall charger. The slit is connected from the right and the left side of the charger. It could have been better to make the charger have a uni-body design; Because if it was used for traveling regularly, then it could become damaged and split.

Although the plug pins aren’t retractable, they are VERY durable. There’s no movements of the pins whatsoever, so they’re held in place perfectly. This charger is going to last because of its very objective design of not being fancy and simply made for getting the charging job done.


Reliability of the charger is exceptional. The power of the charger is there by default because of its Quick Charge technology. You’re always going to get the fastest charge. The size of the wall charger is small because it was designed to be a one port wall charge. It can be taken for travel purposes and it takes very little amount of space if you want to plug it into an outlet. Build quality is stable and although that slit through the middle of the charger has us a little worried, it’s nothing major that would ruin the wall charger.

It’ll the get the job done, as long as you’re willing to rely on it.


If you want the most charging power for a single device that you’re going to charge, then look no further. If you have a Quick Charge compatible device, you’re going to have 3.0A blazing fast charging speeds. Even if you don’t have a Quick Charge compatible device, that’s alright because you’ll be getting 2.4A max standard charging speed. There’s no way to lose when it comes to power with this powerful wall charger.


Design of the wall charger is small, so it doesn’t take up space on other outlets. It’s also a great traveling wall charger, but to make it, even more, travel-oriented wall charger, a retractable plug would give it a better name as a true traveling charger.


Build of the device is objective, which is why the charger does so great with its build quality. It’s connected with a slit through the middle of the charger, just a small concern of the slit being loosened and the charger falling apart. A uni-body design of the charger would have been better. The plug holds a lot of solidarity and isn’t going to lose a plug pin very easily.


If you’re searching for a wall charger that is able to provide ample power for a single device, and you’re able to take it nearly anywhere, then it can do you justice. However, if you’re searching for a wall charger that has a bunch of ports so you can charge multiple devices or other people can charge their devices at the same time, then you should look for wall charger with more ports.

Conclusion: The Tenergy wall charger is a single port wall charger that gives you, the single user of the wall charger, the most possible power. It’s got a design that can easily be taken anywhere and a rigidity that is very stable so it doesn’t matter how you pull it out of an outlet. A good singular wall charger? We say, yes.

Specs of the Tenergy Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger:

  • Output: Quick Charge – 3.0A / Standard – 2.4A
  • Input: 100-240V – 0.6A
  • LED Power Indicator: Green – Quick Charge / Blue – Normal Charging
  • Size: 6.9 x 4 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Comes with a 6 Foot Micro-USB Cable

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