VTOMAN V12 3500A Jump Starter Review

Portable jump starters have seen some pretty drastic innovations in recent years, as they are now pretty powerful for having such a small size. Some jump starters have started to double as tire air pumps; some are power banks that you can realistically use as a daily driver power bank because they have very powerful … Full Post

VTOMAN V6 1500A Jump Starter Review

Portable jump starters have improved a lot in recent years, with pens that can jump-start nearly any vehicle that uses a 12V battery; those jump starters have a high peak current and can be pretty expensive. This review looks at this VTOMAN V6 1500A peak current jump starter. This is probably one of the simplest … Full Post

ATKMAYI 3000A Jump Starter Battery Pack Review

Jump starters have varying peak currents, and you also get low and high-priced ones. Generally, the higher the peak current of a jump starter, the better because it has a higher chance of jump-starting a battery. The charging power of potable jump starters has improved quite drastically in recent years, with some getting back to … Full Post