Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 brings a host of new specs that make it worth upgrading this year, with the previous S20 not precisely delivering what consumers were looking for. The new S21 now has a 120hz refresh rate screen, better AI image processing with better zoom, much larger batteries, and more RAM. Along with the … Full Post

Best Power Banks for Moto G8 Plus, G9 Plus, G9 Power, Motorola Edge

Modern smartphones have great specs, but those with those fantastic specs come at an exponential price increase. You have to ask yourself if those increases in prices are worth it, as larger brands such as Apple and Samsung can charge fees for what they do partly because they are so popular and thought to be … Full Post

Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra

At this point, I think we can agree that Samsung is here to stay at the top of the smartphone industry. They have the funds and the technical know-how to create the best phones in the market, shown every year. However, let’s be honest with ourselves; Samsung somewhat dropped the ball with the Galaxy S20. … Full Post

Best Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup is a few steps up from the previous Galaxy S20 that didn’t make many improvements and felt lackluster. The Galaxy S21 brings new specs such as its Exynos 2100 chip and the more RAM that these new models have. The S21 and the S21+ have 8GB of RAM, while … Full Post

Best Power Banks for Google Pixel 5

Google made a wise choice with getting into the smartphone market, as it’s one of the largest on the planet. Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. Their great choice was their Google Pixel lineup, currently one of the most popular phones on the market. The Pixel is known for its bare-bones design, fantastic specs, … Full Post

Best Wireless Chargers for AirPods Pro

The AirPods were a strange product, with the announcement that the iPhone would no longer use a headphone jack, and with the reveal of the AirPods, people were wondering what on earth Apple was thinking. However, like always, when Apple makes drastic changes the customer base and people around always make fun of it, and … Full Post

Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Buds

Bluetooth earbuds have placed the Bluetooth accessory market into overdrive, and this is mainly due to Apple’s choice of no longer using a headphone jack starting with their iPhones. Then that choice spread to other smartphone brands, even among the ones that criticized Apple for doing so, such as Google and Samsung. Of course, the … Full Post