OLALA Power Banks, Charging Cables and Flash Drives on Sale

Deals are from 2/09/2017   to   2/14/2017

OLALA 7,500mAh Slide Power Bank

You can get this OLALA power bank Slide for 10% off.

This OLALA power bank is quite unique with its two built-in charging cables. With one being a Lightning cable and other being a USB cable to recharge the power bank. This means you don’t have to carry around a separate charging cable for charging your device or even the power bank itself; it’s all built in.

With that said, what’s even better is that the 7,500mAh power bank still has a charging port and a Micro-USB Input port.

Original Price: $42.99

Discount Code: 3457MB34

Discount Price: $39.55

Amount Saved: $3.44

OLALA 64GB Flash Drive with Lightning and USB 3.0 Connector

You can get this OLALA 128GB FlashDrive for an iPhone for 15% off. It has a Lightning connector on one end and a USB port on the other end. There’s no need for a charging cable and you can even share files with the FlashDrive and your iPhone while you’re on the go.

Original Price: $74.99

Discount Code: H88VOXT8

Discount Price: $63.74

Amount Saved: $11.25

OLALA 64GB Flash Drive and Charging Cable

Grab this OLALA FlashDrive charging cable for 8% off. It’s both a charging cable and a FlashDrive that allows you to share files with your iPhone because it uses a Lightning connector; you can also use it with a power bank or any other charging electronic for charging purposes.

Original Price: $48.99

Discount Code: 6677SIFL

Discount Price: $45.07

Amount Saved: $3.91

OLALA 64GB Lightning Flash Drive Stick

A very small OLALA Lightning 64GB Flash Drive Stick that is 8% off. It’s very small and uses a Lightning end on one side and a USB end on another. The perfect solution for sharing files with your iPhone and computer too.

Original Price: $48.99

Discount Code: U8UL89PL

Discount Price: $45.07

Amount Saved: $3.91

Nylon Lightning Charging Cable and OLALA Power Bank Slide Bundle

When you get both of these, you can get 10% off by using the codes below.

Discount Code:  P3N3TF36, 98BFZSPA



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Daily Deal: Aukey CC-S1 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger

There are many different kinds of car chargers out on the market. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but this Aukey 2-port car charger has got to be one of the smallest out there.

It’s about 1.4 inches long and its width/thickness is 0.9 inches. It’s VERY lower profile and can nearly go all the way into your V12 outlet within your car. If you’re searching for a small car charger, then this can very well be the one.

Also, along with small size, the car charger is really powerful. This is because it’s able to deliver a charging speed of 5V/2.4A through each of its ports and has a max output of 4.8A. So max charging is constant no matter what you’re charging.

It’s on sale only for today, for $7.99. You have to use this Coupon Code: AUKCARCS

Normal Price: $9.99

Coupon Code: AUKCARCS

Sale Price: $7.99


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Daily Deal: AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver with 3Port USB Car Charger


This car charger can also be used at a Bluetooth Wireless Receiver so you can listen to music in your car in a more free way without cables! Simply connect your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible device to the receiver and you can listen to your music. The reciever has a control pad with three buttons that makes it super easy to use. The Next Song, Previous Song and Phone call setting buttons are all very helpful. Also, the car charger has a two AiPower Charging ports that are capable of charging at 5V/2.0A charging speed.

You can get this highly capable car charger at a discounted price with the coupon code: A8CARKIT

Discount Code: A8CARKIT

Discount Price: $18.99


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Daily Deal: Aukey Waterproof Case Pouch


If you’re going to the great outdoors or someplace where there’s a very high chance of your smartphone getting damaged, then it’s best to prepare for being in that situation. This Aukey Waterproof pouch case allows you to take on the water with confidence because it keeps your smartphone safe from water damage. You can still use your smartphone while it’s in the device and the best part is that it has an armband to keep your smartphone close to use, while still enjoying the things you’re doing. You can now swim with your phone! This waterproof case can fit any smartphone that’s 6 inches big.

You can get this waterproof case for $4.99 today with the coupon code:  AUKCASE2. Hurry, though, it’s only a Daily Deal!

Orginal Price: $7.99

Coupon Code: AUKCASE2

Discount Price: $4.99

Savings: $3.00


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Anker Anniversary Sale: Car Chargers, Wall Chargers, Cables and More on Sale




Quick Charge 3.0 & USB Type-C, Car Charger


This car charger features 3 USB charging ports and a USB Type-C port. All the charging ports feature Anker’s PowerIQ charging tech, which means that you’ll be able to get 5V/2.4A charging from each of the ports. One of the USB ports features Quick Charge 3.0 and is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 or 2.0 devices. To use the Type-C input, you’re going to need a USB Type-C to Type-C cable in order to charge your Type-C compatible device.

Original Price: $31.99

Discount Code: ANKER585

Discount Price: $25.59


Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable (3ft)


Get this Type-C cable for your compatible Type-C smartphone. Type-C is a new charging cable that is still limited to only a few smartphones, however it’s growing. With its reversible charging head and fast charging capabilities, it’s paving the way for the charging future. Best of all, this charging cable is PowerLine, which means it has great build quality like hard and soft PVC construction at the head of the cable. A reinforced connector makes the charging head more long lasting.

Original Price: $11.99

Discount Code: ANKER535

Discount Price: $9.59


Anker [5-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB


If you’ve read our guide on why and what charging cable bundles are the best, then you know that we’ve mentioned this 5-pack Micro-USB charging cable bundle. There are two 1ft, two 3ft and one 6ft cables. Best of all, all the Micro-USB charging cables within this bundle are Anker’s PowerLine build, which means they’re constructed very strongly. You can expect each of these charging cables to last a very long time.

Original Price: $15.99

Discount Code: ANKER535

Discount Price: $12.79


Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable (3ft)


This Type-C to Type-C cable is great if you’re going to use it with a charger that has a output that’s Type-C as well. This way you can take advantage of 3.0A charging speed. That’s some fast charging! This 3 foot cable isn’t only fast at charging but it’s also PowerLine so it’ll last longer than your usual charging cables.

Original Price: $10.99

Discount Code: ANKER535

Discount Price: $8.79


Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB (10ft) Premium Durable Cable


One of the best charging cables from Anker, this Micro-USB charging cable is 10 feet long. It follows the PowerLine construction with its braided cable, inner Kevlar construction and strong PVC construction at the heads of the cable; You can expect this cable to be a favorite for a long time, because it will last. The 10 foot length will be awesome because you’ll be able to use your smartphone easily even while charging it with a wall charger.

Original Price: $11.99

Discount Code: ANKER535

Discount Price: $9.59


Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20,  Bluetooth Earbuds

anker-soundbuds-sport-ie20-in-ear-bluetooth-earbuds-with-smart-magnetic-functionAnker’s SoundBuds are Bluetooth and allow you to listen to your music freely. These earbuds feature the great noise cancellation and Bluetooth tech to keep your listening experience awesome all around. You can even control volume and playlist setting with the buttons that are available on the chord of the earbuds.

Original Price: $29.99

Discount Code: ANKER545

Discount Price: $23.99


Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


This amazingly portable Bluetooth Speaker provides not only a awesome listening experience but it also give you a chance to take your listening to many different places. The Speaker allows you connect your device and listen to your music with a High-Def sound experience. The speaker has a 2,100mAh battery capacity that can last for 15-20 hours, you can jam for quite a long time. There are buttons on the speaker to further control your listening experience.

Original Price: $33.99

Discount Code: ANKER545

Discount Price: $27.19


Anker RoboVac 10


Robo vacuums are becoming more and more popular as they vacuum without needing interference from us, humans. This RoboVac 10 from Anker provides a automatic vacuum cleaning experience that is quite advance with its functions such as: Side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful suction to make it all come together. The vacuum even returns to its charging dock once it needs to recharge.

Original Price: $199.99

Discount Code: ANKER555

Discount Price: $159.99


Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless vacuums give a overall better cleaning experience, because without the cord there isn’t a obstruction to keep track of. This Anker cordless vacuum is for sale and we think it’s one of the best deals considering what this vacuum has to offer. With its very maneuverable head, powerful suction and it’s able to spin dust away from the motor to ensure longevity. The vacuum even comes with LED lights at the head if you ever need a closer look to see what you’re sucking up.

Original Price: $119.99

Discount Code: ANKER555

Discount Price: $95.99


Selfie Stick, Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable


Take selfies with this self stick that feature Bluetooth connectivity and a extendable charging stick.

Original Price: $16.99

Discount Code: ANKER565

Discount Price: $13.59


Anker Phone Camera Lens Kit – 180° Fisheye


Take even more awesome pictures with this camera lens kit. Compatible with nearly any smartphone. This camera lens improves your photo taking experience with this wide angle and fish eye features.

Original Price: $13.99

Discount Code: ANKER565

Discount Price: $11.19


Car Mount, Anker [Air Vent Magnetic] Car Mount Holder


Don’t leave your smartphone on your dash mount since there’s a higher chance of it getting hot and damaged. Instead you should use this Anker Car mount holder that can attach to a vent and magnetically attach your smartphone to it. It’s highly adjustable so you’ll be more focused on the road, rather than the phone.

Original Price: $9.99

Discount Code: ANKER565

Discount Price: $7.99


Anker Waterproof Case, IPX8-Rated Dry Bag


If you’re going to go camping or just generally where there’s gong to be water, then you can’t go wrong with this waterproof pouch. This water proof case pouch can withstand water up to 100 feet, so your anxiety and worry of your smartphone getting wet and damaged is non-existent. Best of all, it’s able to fit most smartphones.

Original Price: $7.99

Discount Code: ANKER565

Discount Price: $6.39


Anker PowerPort 6-Port USB Charging Hub + [6-Pack] Premium 1ft Micro USB Cables


This is one the best wall chargers we’ve seen. This Anker 6-Port wall charger is able to charge 6 devices at once. Each of the charging ports is able to deliver 5V/2.4A max standard charging speed so you’re going to be getting fast charging no matter what device you charge with this power bank. Along with a awesome wall charger, this purchase also includes 6 Micro-USB charging cables that are all 1 foot long.

Original Price: $35.99

Discount Code:  ANKER585

Discount Price: $28.79


Quick Charge 2.0, Anker Dual USB Car Charger PowerDrive+ 2


This Anker car charger is mainly for those that have Quick Charge compatible device and even for those that don’t have Quick Charge devices. Both of the charging ports feature Quick Charge 2.0 and if you don’t have a Quick Charge compatible device, that’s okay because the charging ports will default to 5V/2.4A standard max charging speed. Either way, you’re going to be getting fast charging with or without a Quick Charge compatible device.

Original Price: $19.99

Discount Code: ANKER585

Discount Price: $15.99


Anker 5-Port USB/USB-C Wall Charger PowerPort 5 USB-C


Wall chargers are one of the most used and reliable charging electronics. They’re able to act as a charging hubs for when we need to charge many devices at once or even if we simply need to charge a single device. That’s what the above Anker wall charger gives and does it deliver. The Anker 5-port wall charger offers 4 USB charging ports that all have 5V/2.4 max standard charging speed. Then there’s the USB Type-C port that can work with a Type-C to Type-C cable, like the one that we’ve mentioned in this post. The Type-C port is able to deliver 3.0A speeds.

Original Price: $31.99

Discount Code: ANKER585

Discount Price: $25.59


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Deal: Aukey USB Wall Charger with Dual-Port 24W/4.8A


Aukey is offering this super portable two port wall charger at a discounted price when you use the code: A2CHARGE. The wall charger uses Aukey’s AiPower smart charging tech that gives a max Output of 5V/2.4A, which is max standard charging speed for both ports. The wall charger is very small as well with retractable plug pins that make the wall charger very portable for traveling purposes.

If you’re searching for a charger that’s going to charge your smartphone, iPad and basically any other device that’s charged from a USB port, then we recommend taking advantage of this awesome wall charger at a very low price.

Original Price: $10.99

Discount Code: AUKPAU38

Discount Price: $6.99



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Deal: UGREEN 20W/12V4A USB Charging Station 3Ports with Cradle


Ugreen is offering the above USB charging station at a discounted price when you use the coupon code, JR958YZF. The charging station offers a charging Output of 5V/2.0A out of one charging port and the other two ports offer 5V/1.0A charging speed. It’s connected by using a outlet cable, so it’s not exactly a wall charger but it’s a wall charger that gives you more freedom by placing the charging station on your desk.

The charging station includes a cradle indentaiton so you can put your phone there while it charges and a power button to turn off the charging stations so you don’t waste power.

Orginal Price: $10.99

Coupon Code: JR958YZF

Discount Price: $6.50

Savings: $4.49


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Deal: Aukey Power Bank, Wall Charger & Car Charger Coupon Codes

1.  Aukey 16,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge 2.0


Get this 16,000mAh power bank from Aukey that has two charging ports. One of the charging outputs feature Quick Charge 2.0 that is compatible with both Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 devices. The other charging port uses Aukey’s AiPower charging tech that allows a maximum output of 2.4A. The power bank features a LED flashlight, a Micro-USB Input that recharges the power bank at 5V/2A and a very flat design.

Original Price: $27.99

Coupon Code: XDAUKEY6

Discount Price: $22.99


2. Aukey Dual Port Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 


Car charging can be very helpful during commutes or road trips. This 2-port car charger is able to offer Quick Charge 3.0 through one port and AiPower through the other charging port. Either port is going to give you some very fast charging. Fast car charging can be yours at a very ideal price for this fast and low profile car charger by using the coupon code below.

Original Price: $14.99 

Coupon Code: XDAUKEY3

Discount Price: $12.99 


3. Aukey USB Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports & 4 USB Ports


6-Port wall chargers are absolute beasts when it comes to charging. This wall charge has 2 charging ports that are dedicated to Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0 devices. The other 4 charging ports feature AiPower that give a maximum output of 5V/2.4A. It’s the kind of wall charger that you’d get when you want the best out of a wall charging experience and it’s on a discounted price. Use the code below to get this 6-port wall charger $5 off!

Original Price: $34.99

Coupon Code: XDAUKEY4

Discount Price: $29.99


4. Aukey USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0


Get this 1-Port wall charger that has a Quick Charge 3.0 charging port at a discount price! Sure it’s just a 1-port wall charger but the capabilities pertaining to power and design are very strong. The single charging port will provide a max charging power to any USB charging device that you connect to it; Even to devices that aren’t Quick Charge compatible.

Original Price: $13.99

Coupon Code: XDAUKEY5

Discount Price: $8.49



You should at quickly with these great deal. They all end on 11:59 PM PDT on September 16th, 2016.

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Deal: Anker [6-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB Cable Combo


Charging cables are the core part of charging, so why not have a bundle of them? This Anker bundle include 6 Micro-USB cables that follow Anker’s PowerLine cable construction that feature a Kevlar construction within the cables; This makes the cables extremely strong from the inside. Additionally the Micro USB cables have Hard and Soft PVC on the Micro-USB head for a very long bend life so the cables won’t tear open easily even after long-term use.

Here’s the lengths of the 6 cables within this bundle.

Two – 1 Foot

Three – 3 Foot

One – 6 Foot

You get 6 Micro-USB charging cables that are PowerLine strongly built at a price of $14.99. Individual charging cables cost near this bundle pack, if not as much, but in this case you’ll have a charging cable for nearly any situation. We think this is a deal well done.


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Deal: Anker Giveaway and Coupon Codes


We’ll start with the Giveaway. Below is where is you can find the the iPhone 7 accessories and charging products that are discounted with coupon codes.

With the announcement of the iPhone 7, Anker is having a iPhone 7 giveaway and along with the iPhone 7 comes iPhone 7 accessories. Here’s how you enter the giveaway.

1. Register on Anker.com. Simply make an account on Anker’s website

2. Specify what country you’re in. Either the United States or United Kingdom

3. Share the giveaway on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

4. After all that’s done, you’re now entered to win the iPhone 7 along with accessories.

In total there will be 3 winners.

Products with Discount Coupon Codes:


1. Clear Shell for iPhone 7


A clear case for the iPhone 7. It’s got all the functional areas for the the iPhone 7, a slim design, the ability to not discolor and is extremely thin at 0.65mm. If you want to display the beauty of your iPhone 7, then this clear case is for you. Get it with the coupon code below.

Original Price: $9.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEA

Discount Price: 7.99


2. Glass Guard for iPhone 7


A screen protector for the iPhone that is able to protect your iPhone 7 from scratches, and smudges. Along with the case comes installation instructions, alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth and dust removal sticker. You get the whole screen protection package so you can truly take advantage of this highly protective case.

Original Price:  $9.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEA

Discount Price: 7.99


3. Glass Guard for iPhone 7 Plus


A screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus that features the same great quality from the iPhone 7 Glass Guard screen protector. It comes with installation instructions, alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth and dust removal sticker. You get the whole screen protection package so you can truly take advantage of this highly protective case.

Original Price: $9.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEA

Discount Price: 7.99


4.PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (3ft)


If you’re in need of a new Lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad, then we recommend getting this Lightning charging cable now, because it has braided Nylon exterior wiring, a interior Kevlar construction and a strong bend life with a durable PVC placement at the head of the cable. This is a charging cable that will keep you charging for a long while before you need another one. It has all the right qualities that a great charging cable should have and provides a long length to make it very usable.

Original Price: $14.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEX

Discount Price: $12.74


5. PowerPort 2 & Lightning-to-USB cable

powerport-2The PowerPort 2 is a all around great 2-Port wall charger that takes takes the best a wall charger could offer and puts it all into one. The two ports are able to charging at 5V/2.4A max charging speed. The size of the wall charger is very compact with retractable plugin pins. Along with the wall charger comes a 3-Foot Lightning cable that you can use to charge your iPhone 7 with.

Take a look at our review of PowerPort 2 to know what make this minimal wall charger so great.

Original Price: $18.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEY

Discount Price: $16.14


6. PowerCore Slim 5000


The PowerCore Slim is a 5,000mAh power bank that brings a awesome design to the power bank space. Its slim design makes it easy to carry and put into your pocket along with your smartphone. The exterior material is soft -silicone that won’t damage your devices and the functional areas of the power bank are exceptionally placed and clearly designed. The 5,000mAh capacity will allow you to charge your smartphone 1 time and maybe even twice depending on what smartphone you have.

Keep a look out for our review on the PowerCore Slim 5000, in the future.

Original Price: $22.99

Coupon Code: 7IPHONEZ

Discount Price: $17.99


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