Foxtheon iGo3600 3600Wh 2500W Power Station Review

Foxtheon iGo3600 3600Wh 2500W Power Station









  • Massive 3600Wh battery capacity that has great efficiency; the power station has a 2000W AC recharge rate
  • 2500W Pure Sine Wave AC Output that can power nearly any appliance you own
  • E-ink easy to read screen. The batteries are removeable, allowing you to use them as a power bank for charging and you can remove an empty battery and insert a full charged battery in a matter of seconds
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

At this point, the power station market is very similar to the PC or smartphone market because there are many things to consider before purchasing power stations. Such as the capacity, power output, the type of batteries the power station uses, what the design is like if it has app compatibility, and many other things. Just a few years ago, power stations were not this interesting, but now they are.

In this review, I’m looking at one of the most intriguing and powerful power stations, the Foxtheon iGo3600 3600Wh 2500W power station. This unit has a massive capacity and power output; the design is awesome, with removable and replaceable batteries. Let’s take a closer look to see just how iGo3600 performs.

What’s in the Box?

What you get in the box with this Foxtheon iGo3600 power station is a large carrying bag for the power station itself; you also get two separate carrying cases for the batteries. There is an accessory carrying case, too. You also get an AC charging cable, a car socket charging cable, an EC5 to car socket adapter, and a car battery charging cable.

The car battery charging cable is one of the more unusual accessories. Still, it’s cool to see because you can recharge this Foxtheon power station directly from a car or deep-cycle LiFePO4 battery. You do get a manual in the box, too. Overall, what you get in the box is optimal. However, the surprising thing is that there is no solar charging cable. An EC5 to MC4 charging cable would have been nice.

Battery Capacity

So the Foxtheon iGo3600 has a 3600Wh battery capacity; as the name implies, the power station has a 3600Wh battery capacity. The amazing part about this Foxtheon power station is that it has two separate removable batteries with an 1800Wh capacity that add up to the full 3600Wh. You can eject either or both batteries and use them individually with the charging ports.

Semi-solid state NMC batteries are being used with the Foxtheon power station. This is good, but I would have rather had the power station using LiFePO4 batteries. In this case, the batteries can get 1500+ charge cycles and maintain 80%+ battery capacity efficiency.

Now, the 3600Wh capacity of this power station is a lot; it’s one of the highest capacities I’ve ever seen in a power station. However, what matters most is how much capacity you can use, so I have tested the power station’s AC and DC capacity efficiency.

For the DC capacity testing, I used the included car socket outlet adapter that came with the power station with the EC5 DC output port. I then used my DC load tester to run a continuous 120W power load from the car socket outlet; I ran the load tester until the power station went from 100% to 0%. After 26 hours, I fully depleted the power station and ended up with a 3,167Wh DC capacity, which gave me an 87% DC capacity efficiency. This is a very good capacity efficiency, much higher than I expected, so you can use most of the initial capacity this power station offers on the DC side.

For the AC capacity test, I powered a heater from one of the AC outlets on the power station and used a watt meter to measure the watt-hours. I ran the heater until the power station went from 100% to 0%. After about 3 hours, the power station was fully depleted, and I had a 3,600Wh AC capacity efficiency. An 86% AC capacity matches up with the DC capacity, and this is nearing excellent territory simply because 3,100Wh of usable power is a lot.

In terms of runtime, well, I ran the heater on its high setting during the AC capacity test, and it was pulling about 1400W, and I could run it for about 3 hours. So, you can realistically run 1000W or slightly higher appliances for a couple of hours; even 500W appliances can run for many hours. That can’t be said about too many other power stations because most other high-capacity power stations have a 2000Wh capacity.

Also, as I mentioned with my DC capacity test, a 120W power load made the power station run for 26 hours, so this Foxtheon iGo3600 power station can have a long runtime, depending on what you want to power.


There are three ways to use this power station: the AC outlets, the DC car socket outlets, and charging ports.

It would help if you used the included EC5 to car socket outlet adapter for the power station’s car socket outlet. It is kind of strange that they didn’t just have the car socket outlets built into the power station, but it works fine in this case, and it seems like this lets you use the EC5 output port on the power station in a more customizable way.


The adapter has two car socket outlets, and each of the outlets has a 120W output, and the max output is 200W. I didn’t have any appliances to power with the car sockets, but I could pull 120W via my DC load tester.

Charging Ports


The charging ports are pretty good on this Foxtheon power station and are located on the removable batteries on the unit. Each battery has a standard USB-A 15W port, a USB-A Quick Charge port, and a 60W Power Delivery USB-C port.

That said, the charging port section has limits because you can’t use the full power of each port simultaneously. The charging ports are located on the removable batteries on the power station. With the batteries still inside the power station, I tested charging from USB-C ports and got a 60W recharging speed while charging my UGREEN power bank. However, with the power bank still plugged in, I started charging my Note 9 from the USB-A Quick Charge port. The power bank’s charge rate slowed to about 5W, and my Note 9 standard charged only. I then unplugged the power bank from the USB-C port, and my Note 9 could fast charge from the USB-A Quick Charge port.

For the second charging test, I removed the batteries from the power station and tested charging, and it worked the same way.

AC Outlets

The main reason that you’re getting this Foxtheon iGo3600 power station in the first place is because of the capacity and the AC outlets. The power station has four three-prong AC outlets with a 2500W max Pure Sine Wave output. So you can power nearly anything in your home with this power station.

For my testing, I could easily power a single heater on its high setting that was pulling about 1400W; I powered that heater from the power station from 100% to 0%. I could also easily power two Lasko heaters simultaneously on their high settings, and technically, the two heaters have a 2800W max output. However, this Foxtheon power station could still power the two heaters simultaneously.

I could also power a microwave from the Foxtheon power station, so nearly anything in your home can be powered by this unit, which accomplishes that perfectly. After the microwave test, I could also power my Kenmore Intuition vacuum, which was pulling about 850W.



Input Charging

The recharging speed of this Foxtheon power station is fast; at least, the AC recharging is. The AC recharging maxes out at 2500W, and that is very fast. You may want to use the full 2500W of AC recharging occasionally, but maybe not always because it can be hard on the batteries. The great part is that you can adjust the AC recharging speed via the screen on the power station; the AC recharge rate can be adjusted from 200W to 2500W.

The solar recharging maxes out at 400W, and the car recharging maxes out at 100W to 200W, depending on if you use a 12V or 24V car socket.

Size and Design

The Foxtheon iGo3600 power station has a 17-inch length, a width of 9 inches, and a height of 13 inches. The weight of the power station is 51 pounds. So, size-wise, this power station is pretty small, but the weight is what you will notice the most. Thankfully, it has two large handles at the top, making moving it around and picking it up easier.

This power station’s functions are at the front, including the charging ports, screen, AC outlets, and the E-Ink screen. The E-Ink screen is one of the most notable parts of this unit, with it being easy to read even if you have the power station outside on a sunny day, and it still has a backlight.

The screen on the power station shows the estimated runtime battery capacity remaining and other useful stats that other power stations tend to feature. Also, with the screen, you can access the settings menu; in the settings menu, you can access a range of features, such as changing the AC recharging speed, the auto shut-off feature for the power station, and many other options.

Also, via the screen, you can eject the removable batteries. You have to double-tap the power button, and the prompt shows up on the screen to eject the battery; the left battery is the first to eject if you have both installed. The ejection process takes a second, and it pops out the battery a little so you can take it out.

The removable batteries make this power station heavy, and if you want to be more portable with this power station, removing the batteries is a good idea, and installing them back inside when you need to use the power station. That is one of the main reasons this unit has a separate carrying case for the power station and the batteries.

As awesome as it is to cycle through options on the power station directly, and I’ve said many times in my reviews that I wish power stations had a direct way to interact with them, cycling through the options on the iGo3600 can be tedious. App compatibility would have been better, in my opinion.

Foxtheon iGo3600 3600Wh 2500W Power Station Specs
Battery Capacity3600Wh
Battery TypeSemi-solid state lithium battery
Life Cycles1500 cycles to 80%+ capacity
AC Outlets *4Pure Sine Wave, 2500W Total
USB-C *260W Each
USB-A Quick Charge *218W
USB-A Standard Port *215W
Car Socket120W Each (200W max)
AC Input200W - 2000W
Car Recharging100W - 200W
Solar Recharging400W
Size17 × 9 ×13 inches
Weight51 Pounds


Overall, the Foxtheon iGo3600 power station is an incredible one. 3600Wh battery capacity is a lot of power and incredibly efficient, meaning you can use most of the battery capacity. The 2500W AC output ensures that you can power nearly anything, and the removable battery design is genius, allowing you to pop in a full battery and recharge the battery in seconds. That said, if you are willing to purchase a separate battery. A few improvements I would make are having the power station use LiFePO4 batteries and having app compatibility with the power station rather than having the screen as the only way to access options.

Portable Power Station 3600Wh,with 2 200W Solar Panel,Lightweight Solar Generator, Removeable Battery, Protective Cover included, 2H to Full Charge, 4 AC Outlets, for Home Use, Outdoor RV, Emergency
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  • MULTIPLE CHARGING METHODS: The rechargeable generator can be charged from 0 to 80% in 1 hour and can be fully charged in less than 2 hours using a wall socket. The battery management system is also very safe. It also supports charging with a car/solar panel/generator/electric vehicle.
  • OUTSTANDING BATTERY: The portable power box adopts the world's leading semi-solid state battery, which has an energy density 42% higher than traditional lithium batteries. It also offers excellent stability and lower safety risks. With our battery management software, the battery life can last for 10 years or more.
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  • WHAT YOU GET: Foxtheon iGo3600 power station host & station protective cover, BAT-1.8 removeable battery*2 & battery protective cover*2, AC 15A charging cable, car charging cable, Alligator clip connector, EC5 to Cigarette Lighter Socket cable, User manual, Qualification certificate. worry-free 2-year warranty and 24-hour friendly service to provide you with a risk-free purchase.