RAVPower 100W GaN 2 Port USB-C Wall Charger Review

At this point, high-wattage Power Delivery chargers are pretty normal. A few years ago, 100W PD chargers were rare and incredible, but more portable devices becoming compatible with USB-C charging developed more high-wattage chargers. If you’re searching for a high-powered USB-C charger, I’m looking at the RAVPower 100W 2 port USB-C wall charger in this … Full Post

Bluetti PV68 68W foldable Solar Panel Review

Solar panels come in different sizes and with different charging power. The higher the wattage, the more expensive the solar panel will be; of course, you have to consider what you will use the solar panel for. A 300W solar panel wouldn’t make sense with a mini power station with only a 100W max solar … Full Post

MOMAX 100W 4 Port Desk USB-C Charging Station Review

A desktop charger may be the only charger you’ll need because of how accessible it is with a power cord and because it features powerful charging. Sure, wall chargers with a built-in AC adapter can be more convenient, but you almost always have to have a long charging cable to comfortably use your phone or … Full Post

Growatt VITA 550 Solar Portable Power Station Review

If you’re searching for a portable power station to purchase, you’re in luck. There has never been a better time to get a power station because they’re going through many advancements. Many power stations are now converting over to using LiFePO4 batteries, some are compatible with a Bluetooth app on your phone, and their overall … Full Post

EwinRacing Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

20% off code: Chargerharbor Use at: EwinRacing.com When it comes to gaming or office chairs, there are thousands of brands to choose from, making it challenging to select a chair for your needs. For the most part, many consumers have been choosing gaming chairs for all their working needs simply because these chairs offer nearly … Full Post

ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W Portable Power Station Review

Searching for a power station is like searching for a laptop; you must ensure that the specs and the price work for you. Power stations have improved drastically in recent years with all sorts of specifications you need to consider before purchasing one. Some have different battery types, capacities, power output, ports they feature, and … Full Post

Powerful UGREEN Chargers on Sale!

Many charging electronic brands are on the market, and it’s best to go with well-known brands to get top-quality products. Over the years, I’ve reviewed UGREEN chargers, and I have to say they have made a name for themselves and become a leading competitor offering powerful chargers while being less pricy. The great news is … Full Post

Powdeom 158Wh Mini Portable Power Station Review

There are a range of power stations, which is excellent because you can choose one specifically for your needs. Some power stations can potentially last for weeks and power nearly any appliance; however, for some consumers, that can be too much on the power and price sides. If you want a power bank that still … Full Post