LOKITHOR JA3000 LiFePO4 Jump Starter Air Compressor Review

LOKITHOR JA3000 LiFePO4 Jump Starter Air Compressor









  • Features LiFePO4 batteries that are able to last for more charge cycles and are more stable for high temperature storage
  • Doubles as a jump starter and an air compressor
  • 60W Power Delivery input and output USB-C charging


  • Does not come with a 60W wall charger
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

What’s in the Box?

The LOKITHOR JA3000 comes well-equipped straight out of the box. Alongside the main unit, you’ll find jump-starting cables, USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables, an air hose, various air nozzle connectors, a user manual, and a convenient carrying pouch for the accessories. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need for jump-starting and air compression tasks.

Jump Starting Power

The JA3000’s jump-starting power is impressive, boasting a starting current 1500A and a peak current of 3000A. This allows it to jump-start vehicles with up to 9L gas or 7L diesel engines, which is quite a range. The 57Wh battery can deliver up to 50 jump starts on a full charge, offering reliability and peace of mind.

The user interface is straightforward: connecting the jumper cables to a vehicle’s battery displays the voltage, and a blinking green light indicates readiness. Including LiFePO4 batteries is a significant advantage, offering over 2000 charge cycles compared to the 500-1000 standard Lithium-Ion batteries. This extends the device’s lifespan and assures performance stability, especially in high-temperature environments.

Air Compressor

The air compressor feature is versatile, ranging from 10 to 150 PSI. It’s user-friendly, allowing you to toggle between PSI and BAR and set the desired pressure for automatic shutoff. In practical use, it efficiently filled a tire from 20 to 40 PSI in about 3 minutes – a commendable performance for an integrated feature in a jump starter.

Charging Power

The JA3000 also doubles as a power bank, featuring a 60W Power Delivery USB-C port and an 18W USB-A Quick Charge port. These ports provide sufficient power to charge devices like laptops and smartphones efficiently, though charging multiple devices simultaneously can split the power output. The jump starter can be recharged at nearly 65W using an impressively fast and convenient charger.


Regarding design, the JA3000 aligns with the LOKITHOR brand’s aesthetic and functionality. It sports a clear screen displaying vital information such as battery power, voltage, and air pressure settings. The 400-lumen LED flashlight with multiple settings (constant, flashing, SOS) is a thoughtful addition, enhancing the unit’s utility in emergencies.


Overall, the LOKITHOR JA3000 is a robust and versatile tool, ideal for anyone who values preparedness on the road. Its powerful jump-starting ability, reliable air compressor, efficient charging capabilities, and durable design make it a top contender. The extended life and stability offered by the LiFePO4 batteries are particularly noteworthy, ensuring that this device remains a reliable companion for many years.

LOKITHOR JA3000 Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 3000Amp 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Car Starter Battery for Up to 9.0L Gas or 7.0L Diesel, 150 PSI Tire Inflator with Digital Screen
  • Powerful Car Starter: The JA3000 battery starter equipped with 3000A Peak current and can instantly start 12V vehicles up to 9.0 liters gasoline or 7.0 liters diesel engine.
  • Compact Air Inflator: Digital cordless air compressor can provide maximum pressure of 150PSI and airflow of 40L/Min, support tire pressure detection, preset stop and unit switching (BAR/PSI).
  • PD 60W Two-Way Fast Charging: With 60W USB-C power delivery input and output, the battery pack completely recharges in 75Mins;2350mAh portable power bank is also enough to power your laptop, mobile phone and other USB-C devices.
  • LiFePO4-Tech: JA3000 LiFePO4 jump starter live more than 2000 cycles at 100%/8000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge, without decreasing in performance. The average lifetime of a lead-acid starter batteries is about two years (500 cycles) at just 50% discharge; the average lifetime of Lithium starter batteries is about 1000 cycles (MAX). This basically means that a LiFePO4 jump starter will last at least 5 times longer than a lead acid battery and 2 times longer than a lithium starter, which effectively reduces the overall cost.
  • Extreme Safety: Made from 100% safe, not hazardous energy, JA3000 LiFePO4-Tech battery starter has higher chemical stability, it is not prone to thermal runaway and will not overheat or catch on fire even if punctured.
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