Power Queen 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Review

Power Queen 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery









  • Battery capacity efficiency is perfect, and even a little bit better
  • Comes with four post bolts and has a great build
  • LiFePO4 battery that can for 4,000+ charge cycles
(Last Updated On: August 12, 2023)

Deep cycle LiFePo4 batteries are a great way to have a reliable power source. The use case of a deep cycle battery can differ for many people; however, using them as a power station is the most reliable. All I do is connect an inverter, and I’m able to power devices, and the better part is that these batteries are a lot lower cost than equivalent capacity power stations. Even adding on the price of an inverter usually has a deep cycle battery being the lower cost option.

I’m looking at this Power Queen 50Ah LiFePo4 battery in this review. This is what I would consider a mini battery, and that’s fine because as long as the powering capabilities fit your needs, this is a reliable power source.

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What’s in the Box

What you get in the box with this Power Queen 50Ah battery are four post bolts, a negative and positive rubber covering for the post bolts, the manual, and a piece of paper that gives you a decent amount of info about the dos and don’ts when it comes to using this battery. Overall, what you get in the box with this battery is standard, but know you don’t get inverter cables.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of this Power Queen 50Ah battery in terms of Watt Hours is 640Wh, which is a decent amount of power that can run certain appliances for a long time. That said, I’m most concerned about the battery capacity efficiency, basically how much of the 640Wh capacity I can use. That is why I ran a direct DC load test to see if I could pull 640Wh; the load tester continuously pulled about 120W of power until the battery was fully depleted. After about 5.5 hours, the load tester turned off, and I had a 649Wh capacity. Hence, this battery has a 101% capacity efficiency if you pull power directly from it. I can confirm that it has a bit more Watt Hour capacity than it says.

I also wanted to test out the AC capacity for this battery, which is me using an inverter with the battery and powering an appliance until the battery reaches 0%. When using an inverter, the battery capacity efficiency will be lower since the power is being translated through the inverter.

I used an Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave inverter with the Power Queen battery and ran a crockpot on a 250W load. Once the battery fully depleted, the watt meter I used read that I used 570Wh, which is also 89% efficient. This is a good AC capacity efficiency, better or the same as most other power stations.

Output Power

When it comes to using this Power Queen 50Ah battery, I mainly use these types of batteries with an inverter. This inverter that I used was an Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave inverter. Since this is a 640Wh battery, it can supply 640W and input 640W. The first appliance that I ran via the inverter from the battery was a Lasko heater, and I placed the heater on its low setting, which was pulling about 800W; after a few minutes, the inverter shut off because the Power Queen battery could not continuously supply 800W, which is completely fine. After all, that is way over the max output. So I would consider this battery to have a 640W output limit.

I could run a crockpot from the inverter until the Power Queen battery was fully depleted during my AC capacity test.

Size and Weight

This Power Queen 50Ah battery has a 7.7-inch length and a width of 6.6 inches. The weight of the battery is 11 pounds. So it’s more lightweight than a 1280Wh battery and smaller, too. You don’t have much of a problem moving this battery around.

Power Queen 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Specs
Usable capacity50Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Max. Continuous Charge Current50A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current50A
Max. Continuous Load Power640W
Cycles≥4000 times
Waterproof LevelIP65
Battery Cell CompositionLithium-Phosphate
Terminal TypeM8
Weight10 lb
Dimension 6.53 x 7.79 x 6.69 inches


Overall, I recommend this Power Queen 50Ah battery if the capacity and the powering capabilities fit your needs. It sure does have a power output limit of 640W, but that’s what you get with a 640Wh battery in general, and the battery capacity efficiency of this Power Queen battery is excellent, and you get what you pay for.

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