Review: Anker PowerCore+ Mini

Anker PowerCore+ Mini











  • Very Small Size and Lightweight
  • Uses Panasonic Battery Cells that make the conversion rate better and the battery is able to last longer
  • Design is very easy to use


  • Slow Charging and Recharging
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

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Small portable power banks are the most used power banks and for good reasons too. These kind of power banks allow us to have as much freedom as we want because they’re really small and pack a whole lot of power.

This is what the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is able to achieve for whoever uses it. The PowerCore+ Mini is a power bank that is basically the precedent of what a power bank should be.


Power Capacity:

Just Enough Power Capacity to charge your Smartphone to Full Power

The power with the PowerCore+ Mini reaches the standard of what it means to have a great product with the power bank of its size. With a capacity of 3350mAh, the power bank is able to achieve great lengths when it comes to charging devices in terms of the capacity it has.

With 3350mAh, the PowerCore+ Mini can charge most smartphone devices to 100% and still have extra battery life left.

PowerCore+ Mini CapacityPhone CapacityLeft Over Capacity for PowerCore+ Mini
iPhone SE3350mAh1624mAh1726mAh
iPhone 63350mAh1810mAh1540mAh
iPhone 6 Plus3350mAh2915mAh435mAh
iPhone 6s3350mAh1715mAh1635mAh
iPhone 6s Plus3350mAh2750mAh600mAh
Samsung Galaxy S63350mAh2550mAh800mAh
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge3350mAh2600mAh750mAh
Samsung Galaxy S73350mAh3000mAh350mAh
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge3350mAh3600mAh0mAh
For the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be charged all the way, you'd need a power bank with 250mAh more power.

The best option would be a 5000mAh Power Bank.

As you can see, the PowerCore+ Mini, although small in capacity, can still charge many phones to their fullest capacity and still have some left. Even though devices like the Galaxy S7 Edge won’t be charged to 100%, the power bank makes a near perfect effort to charge the Galaxy S7 to its limit. The capacity of the power bank is really meant for charging a single device and it shows that it is quite capable of doing just that.

It’s a power bank that makes an effort to make the most of what it’s made for and that is to charge a device and give the possibility of even more charging.

Output Charging:

The charging speed of the PowerCore+ Mini is 5V/1.0A and that’s not exactly a fast charging speed; but for a Mini power bank such as this one, it’s just fast enough. This is because most power banks that are the same size as the PowerCore+ Mini has eve slower charging than 1 Amp. Even though most newer smartphones have a fast charging speed than 1 Amp, it’s still good enough.

Input Charging:

The PowerCore+ Mini has the same recharging speed of 5V/1.0A which is quite common on lots of Mini power banks. We recommend Anker’s very own USB wall charger, the PowerPort 2. As it has two USB ports which each have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A which will be able to recharge this PowerCore+ Mini at its max speed.

Also, take a read of the review for the PowerPort 2 Wall Charger.


Anker PowerCore+ Mini offers some of the Best Portability

The design of the PowerCore+ Mini is what you can expect from many other power banks of its size and capacity because many other power banks have the same design and it’s for a great reason. The size of the PowerCore+ Mini is great with it being a cylindrical shape, with a small height and a small circumference and because of its small dimensions, the power bank is compared to be lipstick-sized.

Size and Weight:

Fitting into the palm of a hand very easily, the PowerCore+ Mini can be taken anywhere without worrying about whether it will fit in some place. The size of the power bank is so small that it can even fit easily in any pocket and this means that you can very well put the Mini and your phone into the same pocket and have your phone being charged as you walk the streets.

The length of the PowerCore+ Mini is 3.7 inches and it has a width/thickness of 0.9 inches.

Functional Components:

The Mini’s feature design points are aspects that Anker has aced. The power button, charging port for phones and the Micro USB port to recharge the power bank are all on one side. It’s great to have everything on one side because there’s no confusion about what goes where and it’s just a straightforward design to use the power bank.


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Structure and Material:

The quality that you’re able to get with the PowerCore+ Mini is really great with its Aluminum case outer shell that provides great quality protection. The protection that you’re able to get is fall protection and some alright dust protection with the parts of the power bank that doesn’t have openings, which is about 90% of the power bank. Overall, the power bank is really well structured and sturdy to give quality assurance that it won’t give into damage easily. Except for water, make sure the power bank is far from water and this basically goes for nearly every power bank.


The Mini also features quite a lot of protection tech that is able to provide surge protection and that means that your devices are able to stay safe just in case the charger acts up with the amount of energy that it sends out to your device.

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The reliability of the Mini is what you’d expect with something as portable and efficient as it; It’s great, with the charger being easily accessible and because of that, the PowerCore+ Mini is a device that you can always return to with full confidence.

PowerCore+ Mini is good at what it does because it was built for what it was made for, performing at a standard, the power bank is continuously able to provide its purpose of charging nearly any device that connects to its USB port. It’s the simplicity that make the PowerCore+ Mini a reliable device and that can’t really be said about all power banks within its class, since some companies try to take shortcuts with low capacity power banks and think that the user really won’t notice an “okay” product from a “Great” one.

Charger Harbor is here to confirm that the PowerCore+ Mini power bank has earned its way into the category of Greatness.

Here’s the gist of the review:



For what it’s meant to do, the PowerCore+ Mini can charge many devices to their limits and still have power left over. The power bank also features Anker’s smart tech charging, PoweriQ.


The PowerCore+ Mini is exactly what it’s called, it’s really miniature. The main facets of the power bank are all on one side which makes using it a completely blissful experience. The size allows you to fit it completely into a pocket.


Build quality for something this small can be worrisome, but the Mini is solidly built with an Aluminum shell that can take falls and protect from dust. Protection for your devices is an aspect that is also covered with surge protection.


This power bank is built on reliability. The Mini is able to charge, serve and go with you anywhere you need, anytime you need it.

Specs of the Anker PowerCore+ Mini:

  • Capacity: 3,350mAh
  • Output: 5V / 1.0A
  • Input: 5V / 1.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Size: 3.7 x 0.9 x 0.9in
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Price: $12.99
  • 18-month warranty

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