Review: Aukey USB-C Wireless Charging Hub Adapter CB-C70

Aukey USB-C Wireless Charging Hub Adapter CB-C70









  • Uses two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and a USB-C Power Delivery port that takes 100W
  • Features 10W Wireless charging for Samsung phones, other phones will charge at 5W
  • Made of Zinc Alloy at the bottom
(Last Updated On: April 28, 2020)

The number of devices that use a USB-C port for charging and connectivity is widespread now. This is because the USB-C port is capable of delivering some powerful charging through the use of Power Delivery, and it can transfer files faster. When it comes to laptops that use USB-C ports, many are doing away with full-sized USB 3.0 ports and are only using USB-C ports.

The problem with only having a USB-C port or having a USB-C port and few USB 3.0 ports is that you’re limited to the number of devices that you can connect to your laptop.

That is why we’re here to review Aukey’s CB-C70 wireless charging USB hub adapter. It’s a neat hub adapter that allows you to plug a few more devices that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect to your laptop.


There are a total of five ways to use this USB-C HUB adapter.

USB-A 3.0 Ports

Two USB 3.0 Ports

Once you connect the adapter to your computer with its USB-C cable, you’ll be able to use the two USB 3.0 ports. In this review, we’re using this Aukey USB-C adapter with a Surface Go, which is a Microsoft computer with a tablet form factor. The Surface Go does not have any full-sized USB 3.0 ports, and only makes use of a USB-C port, so it’s a perfect device for using with this Aukey adapter.

A Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel connected to the USB 3.0 Ports. Note 9 is connected for file sharing and wirelessly charging at the same time.



These ports are perfect for connecting a USB flash drive, and you can also connect a few phones to the ports. By doing so, you can share files with your computer. In our case, we were able to connect an LG G7 smartphone to one of the USB 3.0 ports and share files easily.

Another two things that we tested out with the USB 3.0 ports are connecting a Bluetooth receiver for a wireless mouse and the mouse worked flawlessly. Along with the mouse connected, we also connected a wired keyboard which also worked.

Receiver for Wireless Mouse (left) and Wired keyboard (right)


The USB-C adapter also has an HDMI port and a USB-C Power Delivery port. The HDMI port, in this case, would help transfer your screen onto another monitor, and this can be done with either an HDMI to HDMI port, or in our case, we used an HDMI or VGA adapter.

USB-C Power Delivery Port

USB-C cable connect to Power Delivery port on adapter

The USB-C Power Delivery port on this Aukey adapter allows you to connect a Power Delivery charger to the USB-C port and it’s able to charge the device that you have connected to the Aukey adapter. We connected Aukey’s very own Power Delivery wall charger to the USB-C PD port and were able to charge the Surface Go.

Power Delivery wall charger from Aukey

Another function that the USB-C PD port has, and the function of the hub adapter has as a whole is that it’s a wireless charger. By connecting the PD charger to the USB-C port, it enables wireless charging on the adapter, and you can place a Qi Wireless charging smartphone on top of the adapter for charging.

We placed a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on top of the adapter it was able to fast wirelessly charge at 10W. Which is faster than the standard 5W wireless charging speed.


Size and Weight:

The size of the adapter HUB is small and it won’t be taking up much space at all. The HUB itself without accounting for the cable is a square with all of its sides measuring to be 3.6 inches, and it has a thickness of 0.6 inches. The weight of the adapter is 5.5 ounces.

Functional Components:

Using the adapter is simple, and all you have to do to start using it is simply plug it into the USB-C port of your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone to start using it. There’s no need to install any software at all.

Once it’s plugged in, there there is a Green LED light at the bottom that turns on to indicate that it’s ready for devices to be plugged in. When you connect a PD charger, there is a LED light at the top that turns Red to indicate that wireless charging is available, but nothing is charging at the moment.

Fast wirelessly charging a Galaxy Note 9

When a smartphone is wirelessly charging the light at the top turns green.

As for all the ports on the adapter, you can’t see them at all when looking at the adapter from the top, and you have to turn the adapter sideways to find the port and plug in your device.


Structure and Material:

The build of this adapter is great. At the top where it’s black, the material is made of ABS. Then at the bottom where it’s silver, it’s made of Zinc Alloy. This adapter won’t fall apart for years, and even after a few years, it will be in great condition.


Since you’re able to connect quite a few devices to the adapter, and especially with wireless charging being a factor, the adapter does heat up. This is mostly due to the wireless charging though, as wireless chargers alone still generate a good amount of heat.


An adapter meant to be reliable as it allows you to connect many devices at once, and this Aukey CB-C70 USB-C adapter is no different. It allows you to connect two devices, a display, a charger, and wirelessly charge from it. There are very few hub adapters that double as wireless chargers.

That said, one factor that would make this adapter more reliable it by using more USB 3.0 ports.



Even though we’re not exactly reviewing a charger here, the adapter does have a charge feature. Like how it’s able to accept 100W of Power Delivery charging through its USB-C port and also how it can output 10W of wireless charging for Samsung smartphones.


The adapter is small and easy to use, as you only have to plug it into a device that you want to use it with. One main flaw with its design is the USB-C cable for the adapter is quite short.


The build is solid, and won’t be breaking apart for years to come. It does warm up if you’re wirelessly charging from it, while at the same time having other devices connected to it.


An adapter is meant to be reliable, and this Aukey adapter gives you the ability to connect multiple devices, connect a display, charge your connected device, and wirelessly charge from it.


Aukey’s CB-C70 USB-C adapter is a great addition to use for your USB-C laptop or tablet, allowing you to connect more devices at the same time, still being able to charge your device and even wirelessly charge your phone.