Review: BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh

BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh









  • Features a 100W USB-C Power Delivery port, four USB-A ports, Four AC outlets, two DC ports and a Cigarette lighter port
  • 700W max output of power, 537Wh power capacity and a large handle to make portability easier
  • Includes AC adapter, car charger cable and Solar charging cable


  • May not be able to power certain appliances because of its 700W max output

Portable power stations are a niche category of portable power because even though power stations have tons of power to offer, they’re large, heavy, and on the higher price side; this is in comparison to a simple portable charger that is much smaller, lightweight and comes at a low price. Of course, as we said, potable power stations are capable of so many things that are great for owning for your needs, such as going camping, hiking, or going on a road trip, which could be incredibly beneficial.

This review looks at this Bluetti EB55 portable power station with a 537Wh power capacity and a 700W total output.


Power Capacity:


This Bluetti EB55 power station has a 537Wh power capacity. That’s a lot of power, as a power station is supposed to have. With a 537Wh capacity, you can charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops to full power many times; we’re talking about charging most phones over 20 times and charging tablets or laptops over ten times. This EB55 power station can last for many days or even weeks, depending on how you use it. 

Most appliances can last for a few hours, but there is a 700W limit for the appliances you can use with this EB55 power station. The higher the wattage appliance you use, the fewer hours you get for the appliance as more battery power is used.

Output Charging:


Charging and powering from this Bluetti EB55 power station is excellent as there are so many options available to power appliances and charge your devices.

Depending on whether you’re using them, there are certain sections on the EB55 power station that you turn on and off. There are two DC Output sections, with one of the DC Output sections featuring one USB-C Power Delivery port and four USB-A ports, while the other DC Output section has two DC 5521 ports and a Cigarette Lighter port. The other output section is the AC Output on the power station which features four AC outlets, and there are two three-prong AC outlets and two standard AC outlets.

When it comes to the DC Output section with the USB ports, the single USB-C Power Delivery port has a 100W output. With a 100W Power Delivery charging speed, you can charge most USB-C devices with the USB-C port on this power station. In our test, we could easily charge a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 at its max charging speed with the USB-C port. Each USB-A port has a 5V/3.0A charging rate, so none feature Quick Charge, but they can charge phones quickly. We charged a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, an LG G7, and a Galaxy A51 with the USB-A ports; none fast charged, but they did charge fast enough.

We didn’t have any devices to charge or power from the DC port section with the DC 5521 ports or the cigarette lighter port. However, if you own a laptop that charges from a DC port, you can use the DC 5521 port with the correct DC cable to charge your laptop with it.

When it comes to using the AC outlets, your options of powering appliances are just wide enough, but not entirely too large. We used the AC outlets to connect a light bug zapper that kills mosquitoes outdoors, a wall charger used to recharge an AC10 power bank, and a fan. So all of the devices connected to the EB55 fit under the 700W range and had no problems functioning as usual. You could also power mini-fridges, a CPAP machine, electric can openers, and any other appliance that falls under the 700W range.

We connected a Lasko heater rated at 1500W and turned it on to see what happens, and the EB55 turned off automatically after about five seconds. No damage was done to the EB55 unit, and the unit turned off simply because it couldn’t handle the wattage of the Lasko heater.

There is wireless charging at the top of the EB55 that features up to 15W fast wireless charging for compatible smartphones.

Input Charging:

When recharging a power station, you always want to make sure that you use the fastest recharging method. Thankfully, you can use a few options in the box to recharge the power station. In the box, you get an AC adapter power brick that you can use to connect directly into an outlet and recharge the power station at 200W. By far, AC outlet charging is the most convenient way to charge the EB55, with the AC charging being able to fully recharge the EB55 to full power within about 3 hours.

The other two options that you can use to recharge the EB55 power station are a Solar panel or the included car charging cable; included in the box is a solar charging cable connector that you would connect to a solar panel.

You can use AC and Solar recharging simultaneously to recharge the EB55 at 400W and get it back to full power within 2 hours.


Size and Weight:

This EB55 power station is large and quite heavy. The EB55 has a length of 10.9 inches and a width of 7.8 inches. The weight of the EB55 is 16.5 pounds. It’s not one of the largest power stations, but it’s large and heavy enough that you’re not going to want to carry it for too long. The size and weight are manageable, and you can easily take this for camping or beach trips as it doesn’t take up much space in your car.

Portability is made more accessible using a handle at the top of the unit.

Functional Components:

Even though the EB55 holds tons of power and has many charging and powering options, it’s easy to use. Nearly all of the functional parts are at the front of the EB55.

There’s a LED screen at the front of the unit that shows the Output and Input wattage for the power station, and there’s a battery meter that shows how much battery power is remaining.

Each charging/powering section of the EB55 has a power button that you have to press to activate; once a section is activated, a green light turns on to show that the section is powered and ready to use.

There is wireless charging at the top of the EB55 that is turned on via the USB section of the power station. At the back of the power station is a large LED flashlight that is also operated via its power button; the flashlight has three modes low power constant, higher power constant, and SOS mode.

Also, coming back to the front, the two input ports are under a covering labeled “Input.”


Structure and Material:

The build quality of the Bluetti EB55 is good, as it can be without adding more to size, weight, or price. The entire build is plastic, but it’s very sturdy and does not display any brittleness in its structure. The unit is not waterproof and not shock-resistant against falls. So please keep it away from water and don’t expect it to survive a tumble off a cliff.


The EB55 power station has two fans on both sides that keep the unit cool. Also, the included AC charger has a fan that keeps it cool. As we said previously, we did plug in a Lasko heat that went over the 700W threshold of the power station. As a result, the power station automatically turned off.


If you’re searching for an intermediate power station that can provide tons of power capacity and just enough to power plenty of appliances, this EB55 is an excellent choice. It won’t be able to power high wattage heaters, power tools, or blenders, but it does provide enough wattage to power lower wattage appliances.



The charging and power that the EB55 has to offer are pretty great. It doesn’t sit at the apex of what power stations offer, but it still provides plenty of charging and powering options that can be incredibly useful.


The EB55 is large and heavy, but larger and heavier power stations are there. This power station isn’t something that you’re going to want to hold for very long, though, but portability is made easier with a large handle.


The build quality of EB55 is strong, and it has two powerful fans that keep the unit cool. However, the power station is not waterproof and not shock-resistant against long and heavy falls, so be careful with those two things.


There are plenty of ways to rely on this EB55 power station that range from charging a few laptops to powering a few appliances, and the best part is that you can do all those simultaneously with the EB55.

 BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 700W/537Wh Specs
Power Capacity537Wh
Lifecycle2500+ Full Life Cycles
Management ProtectionBMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection
4 AC Outlets100-120V, 700W (1400W Surge) , 50Hz / 60Hz, Pure Sine Wave
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/3A | 20V/5A (100W Max)
4 USB-A Ports5V/3A
2 DC Ports12V/10A, 5.5mm x 2.1mm
1 Wireless Charging Pad5W | 7.5W | 10W | 15W
InputAC Adapter: 2.5-3 Hours

1*BLUETTI PV200 (200W): fully recharge from 0-100% in 4-5 hours.

1*BLUETTI PV120 (120W): fully recharge from 0-100% in 6-6.5 hours.

12V Car Adaptor: 12V port, in 6 hours/24V port,in 3 hours (0-100%)
Max Output700W
Size10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 inches
Weight16.5 Pounds


The Bluetti EB55 portable power station strikes an excellent balance for powering quite a few appliances and charging most of the devices that you own. It all comes packaged in a relatively okay size and weight that makes adventuring with the power station possible in most situations.

BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station, 700W/537Wh Solar Generator with 4 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, 2 100W USB-C, Wireless Charging, LiFePO4 Battery Backup for Camping Outdoor Trip Power Outage
  • 【4 x 110V/700W AC OUTLETS】With the built-in 700W (Surge 1400W) strong inverter and 4 * 110V Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, EB55 is capable of powering most essential appliances for both indoor and outdoor, such as laptop, drone, projector, TV, coffee maker, and more.
  • 【537Wh PREMIUM LiFePO4 BATTERY】The ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery chemistry combines with the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) create multi layers of protection, while offering BLUETTI EB55 solar generator 2500+ charge cycles before reaching its 80% capacity.
  • 【400W INPUT, FAST RECHARGING】With 200W AC input + 200W PV solar input, this EB55 accepts up to 400W of input power, making it take less than 2 hours to get fully recharged. You can also get the 400W of max power by using dual AC adapters (the 2nd adapter needs buying separately).
  • 【POWER 13 DEVICES SIMUTANEOUSLY】1 * 100W USB-C port is designed for super-fast charging, 1 * Regulated 12V/10A DC car port combined with 2 * 12V/10A DC outputs provide robust power for DC appliances such as mini-fridge, car vacuum cleaner. 4 * 5V/3A USB-A ports and 1 * 15W wireless charging pad are also equipped.
  • 【ALL IN THE PACKAGE】1 * BLUETTI EB55 700W/537Wh Portable Power Station, 1 * 200W AC Adapter & Charging Cable, 1 * Solar Charging Cable (MC4 to XT60-F), 1 * Car Charging Cable (Car to XT60-F), ), 1 * User Manual, 1 * 24-Month Warranty.