Review: BougeRV 100W Solar Panel Charger with DC, Power Delivery and Quick Charge

BougeRV 100W Solar Panel Charger with DC, Power Delivery and Quick Charge









  • Has a max power output of 100W that enables you charge multiple devices at the same time, provided that the solar panels are getting enough sun exposure
  • Can charge a USB-C laptop via its USB-C Power Delivery port
  • Included a DC cable that has two ends and can be used to charge laptops and portable power station | easy to be portable with as it has large handles and only weighs 10 pounds


  • Does not come with a USB-C to USB-C cable to use with the USB-C PD port
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2021)

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Solar charging is one of the best ways to charge your portable devices when you’re out in the wilderness. Sure, having a portable charger or a power station with you when you’re camping or hiking is very useful, but those are devices that eventually lose power. The solution is to use a solar charger, which can rely on sunlight to charge your devices directly, or you can use it to recharge your power bank and power station.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this BougeRV 100W solar panel charger that features quite a few ways to charge from it. You may want to consider owning one if you want a more flexible power source when you’re out in the wild.


Output Charging:

The first thing that we need to make clear is that this BougeRV solar charger does not hold any power as it doesn’t have batteries. Instead, the solar charger takes sunlight from the panels and directs that power into charging devices that you have connected to it.

You can find all the ways to charge from this solar charger on the connected adapter, and it includes a DC5525 port, a USB-C Power Delivery port, two USB-A ports, and an XT60 solar port used with an adapter that the solar charger comes with. The included adapter is used to connect to the XT60 port, and it has a DC7909 end and a DC5525 end; you can use either one, depending on what device you need to charge.

In our case, we used the included DC adapter cable with the XT60 port to recharge a RAVPower 252Wh power station, and we used the DC5525 connection on the adapter cable. 

Since we’re talking about charging already, how is the charging performance from the solar panels? Well, it’s almost required that the solar panels are getting direct sunlight for this solar charger to work. At least, this was our experience. If lots of sunlight are hitting the panels, then you’re going to end up with constant start-stop charging. However, when the panels are getting plenty of sun, and we’re talking full coverage, this BougeRV solar charger works incredibly well. Cloud coverage will affect the charging performance.

USB-C Power Delivery & Quick Charge

The USB-C Power Delivery port has a 45W charging speed, and you may be able to charge USB-C laptops with the PD port, but remember, you need full-on sunlight exposure on those panels.

We were able to charge a Microsoft Surface Go tablet via the Power Delivery port. It got a 10W charging speed, which is pretty good considering this is coming from solar power.

Charging speed for Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop

We also charged a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 with the Power Delivery port and that was also able to charge at about 10W, and we found that incredibly impressive as you truly can take this solar charger camping and be able to charge your laptop. Of course, when it comes to charging a laptop with a solar charger like this one, you must make sure that panels are getting tons of sunlight exposure for max efficiency.

You’re also able to fast charge many Android smartphones via the Power Delivery port and iPhones too. You will need a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge iPhones, though.

One of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge, and the other one has a standard 5V/3.0A (15W) charging speed, but under the port, it says 5V/2.4A (12W), so there might be a labeling issue going on right there. Regardless, the Quick Charge port was able to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Charging Multiple Devices

Charging multiple devices at the same time is doable. However, solar power is split, and charging devices simultaneously might result in stutter charging as the solar panel may not be able to charge as many devices as you’d like. If that’s the case, disconnect the device that you’re not too worried about charging, and let the priority one take full advantage of the solar power charging.

The max power output of the BougeRV solar charger is 100W, with a 20% cell efficiency.

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Size and Weight:

This is a larger solar panel charger than a regular one that is just made to charge phones. When the panel is folded, it has a length of 24.88 inches, a width of 21.33 inches, and a thickness of 0.43 inches. When unfolded, the panel has a width of 42.36 inches and a thickness of 0.21 inches. The weight of the solar panel is 10 pounds. So it’s a hefty device that you can still take with you on camping or hiking trips, but you have to plan accordingly when it comes to being portable with it on foot.

The larger size and heavier weight aren’t a problem because of the large and more helpful the solar panels are compared to much smaller solar panels. The bigger the panels, the better. The charger does have handles that are very useful when carrying it around.

Functional Components:

The back of the solar panels are kickstands used to hold up the solar panel and help take in sunlight. BougeRV recommends that you keep the panels at a 35-degree angle, and we, of course, suggest that the boards get a full blast of the sun.

Also at the bank of the solar panels is a zipper compartment where the charging adapter with all the ports is; this is also where you find the included DC adapter, and it’s an overall great place to put your devices while they charge if you’d like.

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Structure and Material:

The build quality of this BougeRV solar charger is incredible. There is no bend to the panels, and the handles are large and built to last. The solar panel has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, which means it can withstand water splashing no matter the direction. That said, it is highly recommended to make sure that the panels are kept away from water and that the solar charger is not submerged into the water because that will incur damage.


There is not much to be said about the technical build, as the solar charger is meant to get hot as it will be in direct sunlight. The main part of being careful is that the charging adapter is not exposed to water as the ports are.


Suppose you’re always outdoors, such as hiking, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity that takes a long duration of time, and you rely on a portable power station and power banks as a power source. In that case, you may find this BougeRV solar panel charger to be reliable. It’s not a heavy power source. Instead, it takes the sunlight that is immediately around you to charge your devices. If your power bank or power station is low on power, this BougeRV solar charger can recharge those devices and makes them reliable to use again.

You cannot access an outlet in the wild, but this solar charger is the next best thing.

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Charging power is wide and varied, with the solar panel featuring a TX60 port, two fast-charging USB-A ports, and a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port.


The solar panel charger is significant because it uses large solar panels to make it more reliable. It’s still easy to be portable, as it has a manageable weight and large easy-grip handles.


It’s best to keep the solar panel charger away from the water, even with its IPX4 water-resistant rating.


It’s a very reliable piece of charging equipment for those that spend long durations in the wilderness, as you can set your devices directly or recharge your portable power stations and power banks to make them reliable again.

BougeRV 100W Solar Panel Charger with DC, Power Delivery and Quick Charge Specs
Peak Power100W±5%
Cell Efficiency20%
Open-Circuit Voltage21.12V
Working Voltage17.6V
Short-Circuit Current5.96A
Working Current5.68A
USB-1 Output5V/3A, 15W
USB-3.0 Output Quick Charge9V/2A, 18W
USB-C PD Output15V/3A, 45W
Parallel Max Output200W
Folded Size24.88 x 21.33 x 0.43inches
Unfolded Size24.88 x 42.36 x 0.21 inches
Weight10.4 Pounds


The BougeRV 100W solar panel charger is a larger step of reliability when it comes to solar charging when you’re out in the wilderness as it can take in more power to deliver you more power. Sure, it’s not able to store power, but it’s your outlet in the wilderness.

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