Baseus 160W 3 Port Car Charger Review

Baseus 160W 3 Port Car Charger









  • Each of the ports is able to deliver its max power even when charging multiple devices at the same time
  • 100W of Power Delivery available via USB-C 1
  • Comes with USB-C to USB-C charging cable
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2023)

Car chargers are nothing new, they go into the cigarette lighter port inside your car, and you can charge devices from them. Nothing complicated about them. However, with the rise of Power Delivery, car chargers can now fast charge your laptop while driving. These types of car chargers can also be useful for fast charging multiple devices at the same time while you drive.

So car chargers may be nothing new. However, the more powerful ones are impressive. I’m looking at this Baseus 160W 3 port car charger in this review. Yes, this car charger has a very high max output, so let’s look closer.

Charging Power

So this is one of the most powerful car chargers you can get, and this will probably be the only car charger you will ever need. This Baseus car charger has three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port.

The USB-C 1 port can output 100W, the USB-C 2 port can output 30W, and the USB-A port can output 30W. It doesn’t matter how many devices you’re charging simultaneously; each of the ports can output its max charging power, and I found that very surprising because when it comes to chargers in general, when charging multiple devices, the charging output of the ports changes.

With the max output of the car charger being 160W, you can potentially use each port simultaneously at their max power. However, the car socket you use to power the charger must be powerful enough to provide 160W. That’s because, for my testing, I used the car socket on my River 2 power station. I was able to charge my Excitrus power bank at 100W from the USB-C 1 port, and then I plugged in my Baseus power bank to the USB-C 2 port, but it could not charge because the car socket on the River 2 power station was not able to supply enough power to the car charger.

So I can at least confirm that USB-C 1 port can output 100W to my Excitrus power bank, and I was also able to charge my Excitrus power bank at nearly 20W when charging it alone via USB-C 2.

I also did some dual charging testing, charging my Baseus power bank from USB-C 1 and having it charge at 65W and having my Excitrus power bank charge at 20W from the C-2 port.

Then for three port charging testing, I could charge my Lenovo laptop from the USB-C 1 port, fast charge my Galaxy Note 9 from the USB-C 2 port, and fast charge my LG G7 from the USB-A port.

This confirms that you can fast charge a laptop and fast charge two other devices at the same time with this car charger.

Even though I could not charge another device while using the total 100W from USB-C 1, I don’t think there will be many instances where a laptop will use the total 100W of Power Delivery from the USB-C 1 port. Overall, charging power is impressive and fits most charging needs while driving.

Also, this car charger does feature PPS super fast charging for Samsung phones via USB-C 1, but not from USB-C 2.


There isn’t much to say about the design of this car charger, as you have to place it into your car socket, and then it’s ready to use. A blue LED power light turns on around the charging ports to show that it’s powered, making it easier to see the charger at night.

A USB-C to USB-C charging cable is included in the box.

Baseus 160W 3 Port Car Charger Specs
USB-C 1 Port100W
USB-C 2 Port30W
USB-A Port30W
Max Output160W
InputDC 12-24V
Size3.03 x 1.69 inches
Weight1.59 ounces


The Baseus 160W 3 port car charger will be the only one you will likely ever need. Each port doesn’t have limits, and you can use the total 160W when charging multiple devices. That said, the limit on how much power this car charger can provide is based on how much power your car socket can provide. In my testing, I could fast charge a laptop and two phones with no problems.

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