Best Fast Charging USB-C Power Delivery Compatible Smartphones

When it comes to moderns smartphones, sure they all have the latest specs, they’re made of high-quality materials and they look pretty cool with some phones no longer having a notch.

That said if there’s something common with nearly all phones these days is that almost all of them make use of some sort of fast charging tech.

There are many Android smartphones on the market that make use of Quick Charge, as most Andriod phones have a Snapdragon processor and so using the proprietary charging tech from Qualcomm is just an easier thing to do.

While there are phones like the OnePlus 6 and others in the lineup that use Dash Charging which is even faster but only used with OnePlus phones.

However, if there’s one charging tech that makes the most sense to use with phones, it would have to be USB-C Power Delivery charging.

Power Delivery is fast charging tech, and the fact that it’s universally usable with the standard of USB-C, which many devices are now using, means that you can use the fast charging tech for many types of devices.

In this guide, we’re going to be going over smartphones that use Power Delivery, so can use the same USB-C Power Delivery wall charger to charge both your smartphone and your laptop.

Google Pixel 2  – Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 are phones that are most known for using Power Delivery. Each of them has the same Power Delivery charging speed, which is 18W.

So if you want to fast charge them, you have to use an 18W Power Delivery charger or higher.

It’s definitely one of the fastest growing phones on the market and it makes sense, as Google’s marketing has bought the Pixel to the forefront of smartphones.

The two phones make use of an AMOLED screen, and even though the Pixel 3 has quite a huge notch that’s been receiving a lot of criticism, the whole package is a good one.

iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone XS / XS Max /  iPhone XR

Even though the iPhone does not use a USB-C port, and still makes use of Apple’s very own Lightning port, from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS, are all Power Delivery compatible,

So how on earth do you actually fast charge the iPhones with the USB-C port?

Well, you have to use a USB-C to Lightning charging cable, and then you fast charge an iPhone. It’s pretty cool that even though the iPhone doesn’t use a USB-C port it still makes use of a universal fast charging tech.

That said, it could be very soon that Apple will place a USB-C port onto the iPhone. With the new iPad Pro now using a USB-C port and also the MacBook has been using a USB-C port for a few years now.

The only problem with Power Delivery charging for the iPhone is that none of the models come with a Power Delivery wall charger. So you can’t fast charge it out of the box.

Instead, a $1,000 phone still comes with a 5W slower wall charger.

Essential PH-1 Phone

A less known phone on the market, the Essential Phone also makes use of Power Delivery.

The phone made a pretty big statement when it was released and that was mostly because of its extremely small bezel at the top. In fact, we still think that the Essential Phone’s bezel is one of the best on the market.

Rather than the larger bezels that are still present on iPhone XS, Pixel 3, or the LG V40 ThinQ.

Also, the build quality of the phone is still one of the best on the market without being made of Titanium and it has a ceramic back too.

Of course, the phone wasn’t without faults, even though it was supposed to have everything essential, the phone doesn’t make use of a headphone jack. It also lacks wireless charging.

The use of USB-C Power Delivery charging with an 18W charger or higher, is still essential though, as it’s a more universal way of charging.

Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S8

Most might think that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8 are only Quick Charges compatible, well, that would be half correct.

The S9 and S8 are Quick Charge 2.0 compatible and they are also USB-C Power Delivery compatible.

These are very well-known flagships on the market and chances are, if you’re reading this then you might own one. So to fast charge either of them you can use a Quick Charge charger, and even though nearly all Quick Charge chargers on the market make use of Quick Charge 3.0, it’s backward compatible and therefore can fast charge the S8 and S9.

However, many tests have shown that USB-C Power Delivery charging is actually faster with negotiating the fastest charging speed with the Samsung phones.

So if you do want to a Power Delivery smartphone, then the S8 or S9 is one of the options as they both feature some great specs. With one of the best-looking screens on the market, they use a headphone jack which is disappearing across the board and their build quality is great.

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