EwinRacing Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

20% off code: Chargerharbor Use at: EwinRacing.com When it comes to gaming or office chairs, there are thousands of brands to choose from, making it challenging to select a chair for your needs. For the most part, many consumers have been choosing gaming chairs for all their working needs simply because these chairs offer nearly … Full Post

Is A Power Manager Worth It A Guide To Home Theatre Systems

If you enjoy spending time indoors, home theatres are a great addition to your home. This way, you can comfortably watch your favorite TV shows and movies at home. But home theatres are susceptible to damage caused by power outages or electrical fluctuations. So, it’d help if you safeguarded this equipment from possible damage. This … Full Post

Why Owning a Portable Power Station and a Solar Panel is Important

Whether for camping, hiking, emergencies, or just general usage, having a power station handy can make a world of difference. Portable power stations have been around for quite a bit, but only recently has there been an emergence of many brands competing in this power source space, and for good reasons. Power stations are slowly … Full Post

Review: RAVPower Pioneer 20,000mAh 60W PD Power Bank

Even though there are many power banks to choose from, I will almost always recommend getting a power bank that uses Power Delivery. Most portable devices we use daily are compatible with a USB-C port. If it charges using USB-C, there is a good chance that it’s also compatible with Power Delivery for faster charging. … Full Post

Fossibot Launches F2400 Solar Generator with 2400W High-power and Super Fast Charge

Fossibot, a portable power station brand from China, is releasing its first solar generator in the US & Japan. Focusing on large capacity, high-power, and super fast charging, Fossibot aims to offer a portable and renewable energy solution. The first product Fossibot F2400 is characterized 2048Wh large capacity, 2400W high-power, and super fast charging within … Full Post

New Autel 12KW 50 Amp Level 2 MaxiChargers

[SALE ENDS 11/20/2022] Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $499) Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $499) Autel Maxicharger AC Lite 50A Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $459) Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $459) After conquering the … Full Post