Why Owning a Portable Power Station and a Solar Panel is Important

Whether for camping, hiking, emergencies, or just general usage, having a power station handy can make a world of difference. Portable power stations have been around for quite a bit, but only recently has there been an emergence of many brands competing in this power source space, and for good reasons. Power stations are slowly … Full Post

Review: RAVPower Pioneer 20,000mAh 60W PD Power Bank

Even though there are many power banks to choose from, I will almost always recommend getting a power bank that uses Power Delivery. Most portable devices we use daily are compatible with a USB-C port. If it charges using USB-C, there is a good chance that it’s also compatible with Power Delivery for faster charging. … Full Post

Fossibot Launches F2400 Solar Generator with 2400W High-power and Super Fast Charge

Fossibot, a portable power station brand from China, is releasing its first solar generator in the US & Japan. Focusing on large capacity, high-power, and super fast charging, Fossibot aims to offer a portable and renewable energy solution. The first product Fossibot F2400 is characterized 2048Wh large capacity, 2400W high-power, and super fast charging within … Full Post

New Autel 12KW 50 Amp Level 2 MaxiChargers

[SALE ENDS 11/20/2022] Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $499) Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $499) Autel Maxicharger AC Lite 50A Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $459) Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $459) After conquering the … Full Post

Review: LEPOWER 15,000 Lumen 150W Flood Light

10% Off Code: HiLepower | Use at LEPOWER.com Whether you need it for work, leisure, or security, a flood light is a versatile light source because of its insanely high brightness. With so many types of flood lights on the market, it can be challenging to know which one to get; most of them are very … Full Post