Best Wireless Chargers for Google Pixel Buds

With the release of the AirPods a few years ago, other brands followed Apple’s example of no longer using a headphone jack with their smartphones. A drastic change that many people found odd, and criticized. However, looking around now, most phones don’t have the headphone jack and have released their very own earbud lineup. There … Full Post

Best Power Banks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Smartphone gaming has become a lot larger over the years, mainly because phones have become so much more powerful, and feature better specs such as better looking screens, higher refresh rates and there are even gaming smartphones that are meant specifically for gaming. One of the newest and most popular gaming apps is Harry Potter: … Full Post

Best Chargers for OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus has always been a brand about speed, and this has been the case ever since their first phone. Every year their smartphone would be able to compete against flagship brands such as Samsung phones and Apple’s iPhones. Of course, their phones would have the latest processor, but more than that, the amount of RAM … Full Post

Review: PowerAdd 18W Power Delivery Mini Wall Charger

Power Delivery chargers come in all sorts of sizes, with different charging power and a different amount of ports. Some of them have a single port, while some Power Delivery chargers have multiple USB-C ports and a few USB-A ports. One of the most common types of Power Delivery chargers on the market are ones … Full Post