Review: LEPOWER 15,000 Lumen 150W Flood Light

10% Off Code: HiLepower | Use at Whether you need it for work, leisure, or security, a flood light is a versatile light source because of its insanely high brightness. With so many types of flood lights on the market, it can be challenging to know which one to get; most of them are very … Full Post

Autel MaxiCharger Home Level 2 EV Charger

Autel MaxiCharger Home level 2 EV charger, 40 amp, with separate holster Original Price: $559 – SALE [Aug 1st- Aug 7th ] $447.20 ($111.80  20%off) Autel MaxiCharger Home level 2 EV charger, 40 amp, with in-body holster Original Price: $559 – SALE [Aug 1st- Aug 7th ] $475.15 ($83.85  15%off) If you’ve heard of Autel, … Full Post

Remote Work 4 Reasons To Utilize Solar Energy

Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is capable of providing limitless energy that can sustain the world’s energy needs. They won’t suffer from shortages and are entirely a renewable energy source, which is why many households, industries, and factories are shifting to solar power usage in recent years. Going solar can be a sound decision if … Full Post

Review: UGREEN 3-Port Nexode 65W GaN USB C Charger

USB-C wall chargers are practically the standard type of charger at this point because so many devices we use are now compatible with charging via USB-C. Now you can use a single charger to charge multiple devices, and that includes being able to charge a laptop, phone, and tablet at the same time. This review … Full Post

TogoPower Launched The Worlds Lightest 1000W Portable Power Station

Los Angeles, May 25th, 2022. With the rapid development of technology, believing “technological innovation” as the core competitiveness, TogoPower has launched the most competitive portable power station TogoPower Advance 1000, with the world’s lightest weight of only 8.5KG (lighter 2Kg+ than others). TogoPower A1000 broke the ultimate limit of the mass-to-volume ratio with the world’s … Full Post