Bluetti AC70 1000W Power Station Review

Bluetti AC70 1000W Power Station









  • 1000W Max output that can be upgraded to 2000W using Power Lifting feature
  • Uses LiFePO4 batteries which is the standard at this point, battery capacity can be expanded and features fast AC recharging, along with fast 500W Solar recharging
  • Bluetooth app compatibility that lets you control the power station remotely and access certain features; the power station can act as a UPS


  • Initial battery capacity of the power station could be a bit higher, such as 1000Wh
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2023)

In the world of portable power stations, the Bluetti AC70 has emerged as a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the E70S. This power station stands out for its impressive technical specifications, design, and user-friendly features. As we delve deeper into its capabilities, it’s clear that the AC70 is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of power needs, whether for outdoor adventures or as a reliable backup at home.

Design and Build Quality

The Bluetti AC70 sports a unique and practical design. The fixed handle on its right side makes it easily portable, a crucial feature for a device on the move. The build quality feels robust, reassuring users of its durability. A standout feature is its large, easy-to-read screen that displays separate DC and AC outputs, enhancing the user experience by making monitoring power usage and status easy.

Battery Capacity and Efficiency

At its core, the AC70 boasts a 768W capacity, powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries known for their longevity and safety. The efficiency of this power station is impressive, with an 83% battery capacity efficiency and 84% AC capacity efficiency.

This efficiency level ensures users get the most out of the stored power. Furthermore, expanding the battery capacity adds a layer of versatility, allowing users to scale up as their power needs grow.

Charging Options and Port Availability

The AC70 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to charging options. It features two 100W Type-C PD ports, two 12W Type-A ports, and a 1000W max output pure sine wave inverter, catering to various devices.

Its solar recharging capability is particularly noteworthy. With a 500W solar recharging speed, it stands out in the market, though high-quality solar panels are required to maximize this feature.

The fast AC recharge capability is another highlight, offering a recharge time of nearly an hour from 0 to 100% at up to 850 watts, which is incredibly efficient for a power station of this size.

Functionality and User Experience

Bluetti has integrated several user-centric features into the AC70. The compatibility with the Blue app allows users to remotely control and monitor the power station, adding a layer of convenience and modernity. The power station also offers customizable modes and advanced settings for adjusting power output and recharge speed, catering to the specific needs of different users. While the absence of a wireless charging pad might be a downside for some, the overall functionality of the AC70 compensates for this.

Performance and Reliability

In terms of performance, the AC70 is stable and reliable. It functions efficiently even with unstable electrical grid voltage, a significant advantage for areas prone to voltage fluctuations. The powerlifting mode is beneficial, enhancing the power station’s ability to handle high-wattage devices. However, it’s important to note that it struggles with multiple high-powered devices simultaneously and does not work with the UPS feature.

Environmental Considerations

The AC70 aligns with eco-friendly practices, emphasizing solar recharging and reduced carbon emissions from PV generation. This aspect particularly appeals to environmentally conscious users looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Bluetti AC70 1000W Power Station Specs
TypeLiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Life Cycles3,000+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Shelf-lifeRecharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months
Management SystemMPPT Controller, BMS, etc.
AC Outlet2×120V/8.33A, 1,000W in Total
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Surge Power1,500W
USB-C2 × 100W Max.
USB-A2 × 5VDC/2.4A 12W in total
12V DC Outlet1 × 12V/10A (Car outlet, regulated.)
AC Input950W Max.
Solar Input500W Max,12V-58VDC, 10A
Car Input12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Weight22.5 Pounds
Dimension12.4 × 8.2 × 10.1 inches


The Bluetti AC70 Power Station is a versatile and efficient power solution. Its fast recharging, expandable battery capacity, app compatibility, and various recharge modes make it a top contender in the portable power station market. The requirement for high-quality solar panels for optimal solar charging and the mismatch between wattage output and power capacity are minor drawbacks compared to its overall functionality and performance. With its unique features like a fixed handle design, customizable modes, and environmental consciousness, the AC70 is undoubtedly a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable and versatile power station.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC70, 768Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 2 1000W AC Outlets (Power Lifting 2000W), 100W Type-C, Solar Generator for Road Trip, Off-grid, Power Outage (Solar Panel Optional)
  • [Power for All Essentials] - With a capacity of 768Wh, 1000W inverter and 2000W power lifting, this power station is the ideal solution to power all your important devices and devices during a trip.
  • [1.5 Hours AC Charging] - No bulky power adapter, a single cable is enough to charge it with a maximum of 950W; 0-80% in just 45 mins and 0-100% in 1.5 hours with AC input.
  • [Up to 500W Solar] - Fully charge the AC70 solar generator in 1.9-2.4 hours with max. 500W clean, environmentally friendly, renewable solar energy.
  • [APP Remote Control] - BLUETTI APP allows you to monitor AC70 status, set charge/discharge mode and update battery version on your phone. Smart management is easy to achieve.
  • [What You Get] - BLUETTI AC70 portable power storage, AC charging cable, car charging cable, solar connection cable, user manual, 5 year warranty and friendly customer service.
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