Charging Your Apple Watch Overnight: A Simple Guide

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Is Overnight Charging Safe for the Apple Watch? Yes, it’s safe to charge your Apple Watch overnight. Apple designs its watches to fast charge up to 80% and then switch to a slower trickle charge for the remaining 20%. The newer Apple Watch Series 7, 8, and 9 models charge faster, making overnight charging convenient but not mandatory.

Nightstand Mode and Battery Health Apple’s Nightstand Mode, which turns the watch into a bedside clock when charging, suggests that overnight charging is expected. Plus, Apple hasn’t indicated that overnight charging damages battery health. However, frequent overnight charging isn’t necessary due to faster charging speeds introduced with Series 7 and later models.

Charging Options and Heat Concerns You can’t overcharge your Apple Watch, and it’s fine to use a charging station compatible with the device. It’s normal for the watch and charger to get warm during charging. To use Nightstand Mode, go to the Settings app on your Watch, then General > Nightstand Mode.

Considerations for Sleep Tracking If you’re using the Apple Watch for sleep tracking, you’ll need it on your wrist at night. In this scenario, find alternative times to charge, like when you’re showering or watching TV.

Apple Watch Charging Speeds and New Features Since the Series 7, Apple has reduced charging time to 45 minutes for an 80% charge. The Series 8 and watchOS 9 introduced a low-power mode that extends battery life by limiting certain functions. These improvements mean you can get a lot of charge in a short time, making overnight charging more of a choice than a necessity.

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