iOS 17 StandBy: Optimize Your iPhone’s Efficiency

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2024)

iOS 17 introduces StandBy Mode, transforming iPhones into smart displays while charging. This guide is designed for both new and experienced iOS users, detailing how to activate and make the most of this new feature.

Activation and Customization of StandBy Mode

StandBy Mode is activated when your iPhone is connected to any charger (MagSafe, wireless, or wired) and placed horizontally. The lock screen becomes a customizable interface, displaying time, date, battery level, and widgets.

Continuous Operation on Specific Models

For iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro models, StandBy mode remains active continuously during charging. Other models will have the StandBy screen time out after a period of inactivity.

Setting Up StandBy Mode

To use StandBy Mode, ensure it is enabled in your iPhone settings. Then, simply place your iPhone horizontally while charging. This feature is available on all iPhones that support iOS 17.

Customizing the StandBy Screen

Customization is straightforward: press and hold a widget to enter edit mode, where you can add or remove widgets and navigate through different categories.

Notifications in StandBy Mode

Incoming notifications appear at the bottom of the StandBy screen and can be expanded for more details. To exit StandBy Mode and return to the regular lock screen, lift your iPhone off the charger or press the side button twice.

Conclusion: Enhancing iPhone Experience

StandBy Mode in iOS 17 enhances your iPhone’s functionality while charging. It requires a specific orientation and a charging source, making it ideal for those who frequently leave their phone on a bedside table or office desk.

FAQs about StandBy Mode

  • Compatibility: All iPhones upgradeable to iOS 17 support StandBy mode.
  • Always-On Display: StandBy mode stays on continuously only for iPhone models with an always-on display feature, like the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro.
  • Charging Dock Compatibility: StandBy mode works with MagSafe-certified chargers, traditional Qi-enabled wireless chargers, and wired chargers.
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