iPhone SE Wireless Charging: What You Need to Know

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2024)

Apple’s iPhone SE series represents a commitment to offering affordable yet powerful smartphones. The journey began with the original iPhone SE in 2016, followed by the second-generation model in 2020 and the third generation in 2022. These newer iterations stand out for their incorporation of wireless charging capabilities, a feature that the original iPhone SE lacks.

Wireless Charging Capabilities in iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 models support Qi wireless charging, allowing for cable-free charging. However, they do not feature Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging, a more advanced technology introduced with the iPhone 12 series. The Qi wireless charging in these models is limited to a maximum speed of 7.5W.

Choosing the Right Wireless Charger for iPhone SE

When selecting a wireless charger for the iPhone SE, several factors should be considered:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the charger is Qi-certified to guarantee safety and efficiency.
  • Charging Speed: Choose a charger that supports 7.5W speed or higher.
  • Design and Form Factor: Select a design (pad, stand, multi-device station) that suits your usage habits.
  • Safety Features: Look for chargers with overcharge protection, foreign object detection, and temperature control.
  • Compatibility with Other Devices: If you have other wireless charging devices, consider a multi-device charger.

Wireless Charging: A Modern Convenience in iPhone SE

Wireless charging in the iPhone SE series marks a significant upgrade from earlier models, aligning with the trend seen in both premium and affordable smartphones. Compatible with the Qi Universal Charging Standard, the iPhone SE 2 and SE 3 can be charged using various Qi-certified chargers available in the market.

How to Charge the iPhone SE Wirelessly

Charging the iPhone SE wirelessly involves:

  1. Connecting the charger to a power source.
  2. Placing the charger on a level surface.
  3. Positioning the phone on the charger.
  4. Ensuring no magnetic objects or RFID chips are between the phone and the charger.
  5. Remember that wireless charging will not work if the phone is connected to a USB charging source.
  6. Considering the case material and thickness, some cases might interfere with the charging process.

MagSafe Charging and the iPhone SE

Despite its advancements, the iPhone SE series does not support MagSafe, which is exclusive to newer iPhone models like the 12, 13, and 14 series. MagSafe offers faster charging and magnetic alignment, features not available with the iPhone SE’s standard Qi wireless charging.

In conclusion, the iPhone SE’s adoption of wireless charging is a notable feature, enhancing the convenience and functionality of Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone line. While lacking MagSafe technology, the Qi wireless charging capability in the iPhone SE 2 and SE 3 models still offers users the modern convenience of wireless charging.

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