LOKITHOR ApartX Jump Starter Tire Inflator Review

LOKITHOR ApartX Jump Starter Tire Inflator









  • Works has a jump starter and an air compressor for tires
  • Features a 60W Power Delivery USB-C port and an 18W USB-A port
  • Great desing with buttons and a screen that shows air pressure settings, battery voltage and wattage input and output


  • Included base battery is a bit weak but can get the job done in most cases
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2023)

The LOKITHOR ApartX Jump Starter Tire Inflator represents a significant advance in automotive emergency equipment with its cutting-edge detachable battery technology. This product distinguishes itself in the market for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, ApartX’s capability to exchange batteries prolongs its service life. It enables users to achieve considerable savings by obviating the need to replace the entire unit upon battery depletion. This approach is in harmony with eco-friendly practices, mitigating electronic waste and emissions and facilitating up to a 70% cost saving on battery replacements relative to the initial cost.

What’s in the Box

Included with the LOKITHOR ApartX jump starter are jumper cables, an inflatable hose, four nozzle adapters, a USB-C to USB-A cable, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a large storage bag, a small storage bag, and a manual.

Size and Jump Starting

The dimensions of the LOKITHOR jump starter are practical, with a length of 10 inches, a width of 4 inches, and a height of 5.5 inches, weighing approximately 3 pounds. The front of the device houses the power screen, buttons, the port for the jumper cables, and the charging ports. The handle and flashlight button are atop the unit, while the left side features a 400-lumen flashlight with steady, flashing, and SOS modes. The removable battery and tire inflator port are on the jump starter’s right side.

Removable Battery and Jump-starting The ApartX jump starter is equipped with a detachable battery, facilitating swift replacement for immediate recharging if a spare is on hand. The included LO-LIPO 12,000mAh battery is capable of a 1500A peak current, sufficient for jump-starting vehicles with 7L – 10L gas and 4L – 8L diesel engines.

The option to upgrade the battery is available for those requiring more power. The ApartX is compatible with LOKITHOR’s LO-LIFE and LO-LIPOX batteries, which offer higher capacities and peak currents for jump-starting larger, more powerful vehicles. For example, the ApartX jump starter is compatible with the LO-LIFE and LO-LIPOX battery variants that LOKITHOR sells. The LO-LIFE battery has a 23,000mAh capacity and a 2000A peak current, and the LO-LIPOX has a 26,500mAh capacity and a 4000A peak current for jump-starting larger and more powerful vehicles.

The jump-starting procedure is straightforward: connect the jumper cables to the unit and attach the clamps to the car battery’s positive and negative terminals. The display shows the voltage of the battery being jump-started, and once the green light is on, you can start your vehicle.

Air Compressor and Charging

Tire Inflator The ApartX features a robust, smart digital cordless inflator with a turbocharged core capable of more than 200 watts, delivering 150 PSI and 40 liters per minute of airflow for quick and reliable tire inflation. The front panel buttons allow for cycling between PSI, KPA, and BAR units, and the compressor automatically shuts off when the tire reaches the preset pressure.

In my test, inflating a tire from 22 PSI to 40 PSI took approximately 3 minutes with the ApartX.

Charging Power The charging ports on the LOKITHOR ApartX are commendable, including a 60W Power Delivery USB-C port and an 18W USB-A Quick Charge port. In my tests, I could charge my Lenovo Flex 5 at its maximum speed of about 35W. I could also simultaneously charge my laptop and my Galaxy Note 9, though charging two devices simultaneously reduces the maximum output to 20W, resulting in a charging speed of approximately 12W for my laptop. Nonetheless, it was impressive to see it handle simultaneous charging.

For recharging the ApartX, a 60W PD wall charger is recommended for optimal speed. I used a 140W charger, which, although excessive, proved to be effective. Additionally, the screen on this jump starter displays output and input wattage, similar to that of a power station, which is a thoughtful design feature when charging or recharging the device.


In conclusion, the LOKITHOR ApartX Jump Starter Tire Inflator is a comprehensive emergency tool that marries practicality with sustainability. Its modular battery system adds to the device’s longevity and promotes an eco-conscious approach to technology. The inclusion of powerful jump-starting options, a highly efficient air compressor, and versatile charging capabilities make it a valuable asset for any vehicle owner. Its user-friendly design, coupled with the potential for substantial cost savings and environmental benefits, positions ApartX as a leader in its class. Whether preparing for a routine commute or planning for unexpected roadside emergencies, the LOKITHOR ApartX ensures you’re equipped with a reliable, future-forward device that stands the test of time and use.

LOKITHOR ApartX Multi-Functional Vehicle Emergency Device, Car Jump Starter for 7.0 to 10.0 L Gasoline and 4.0 to 8.0 L Diesel Engines, Battery Booster with 150 PSI Tire Inflator and USB Power Bank
  • The world's first reusable & multifunctional emergency jump starter device: ApartX allows user replacement of the battery instead of purchasing a completely new device. Save up to 70% on the cost of replacing batteries over the original purchase price. This saves energy, reduces e-waste and emissions all while reducing environmental impact.
  • Cartridge Battery Tech: An exchangable cartridge style battery provides additional backup power. By swapping a discharged battery with a freshly charged unit, the cartride style battery will keep ApartX functions in service longer maximizing efficiency.
  • Detachable Battery Device: The concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction is achieved using a cartridge style battery. This allows extended use of the main unit and aligns with a sustainable development strategy. ApartX durability is typically longer than the lifespan of a single battery cartridge. Using a replacable cartridge style battery maximizes the utilization of the main unit.
  • Choose a battery type for ApartX car starter & air pump: LIPO (1500A): 7.0L gas, 4.0L diesel engines.
  • Smart Digital Cordless Inflator: The ApartX Smart Inflator is equipped with a turbocharged core exceeding 200 watts, providing stronger and more stable power while reducing noise. The unit delivers a pressure of 150 PSI and an airflow of 40 liters per minute, ensuring quick and efficient inflation. Additionally, this inflator supports tire pressure detection, preset inflation stop value, and unit switching (BAR, PSI, KAR).
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