Review: BESTEK Cube Power Strip with 3 Outlets and USB-C Port

BESTEK Cube Power Strip with 3 Outlets and USB-C Port









  • Has a very small form factor
  • Feature four charging ports, with one being a USB-C port
  • Comes with a 3M sticky pad


  • The USB-C port does not feature Power Delivery

A power strip is a common household appliance, not really something that you think about when it comes to its form factor or what it has to offer. Well, that’s changed in recent years, because there are now power strips that aren’t just a strip anymore and come in different shapes and what they have to offer.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this BESTEK Cube power strip that features three USB-A ports and a USB-C port. Yes, it’s actually in the shape of a cube so let’s what it’s like to use it when it comes to its powering capabilities and design.


Output Charging:

There are a total of three AC outlets on this power strip, and the max power that’s capable of outputting is 1625W. So it’s your standard output that most power strips would have, and with it, you’re able to power all sorts of appliances from fridges, to printers, blenders or TVs. All the power is there, so don’t let the small form factor of this power strip fool you.

USB Ports:

There are a total of four charging ports to use. There are three USB-A ports that all share a 12W output. The USB-C port on this power strip does not use Power Delivery, it’s just a standard USB-C port that has a 15W charging speed. As a result, you won’t be able to charge USB-C laptops with the USB-C port as there’s not enough power, but you can always connect a Power Delivery wall charger to an AC outlet and charge your laptop that way.

That said, the USB-C port on this power strip is still helpful for charging smartphones, though.

The max output of the USB portion is 25W, so you can still use the full power of the USB-C port while still charging another three devices with the USB-A port.


Size and Weight:

Since this power strip is a cube with three outlets, it’s very small.

The width and length of the power strip are 3.4 inches, while the height if 3.1 inches. The weight of the power strip with the base connected is 1.2 pounds. So you can easily move the power strip around as you like, and you can also place it in most places around your house, especially places where you don’t want it to be seen.

Functional Components:

When it comes to using this BESTEK Cube power strip, there area few things to know.

First thing is that two parts make it complete, and that would be the bottom base and the top portion which is the actual power strip itself. Using the base is the best choice when it comes to using the power strip because without the base, the AC outlet portion falls over and is not able to stand up-right.

There’s an AC outlet on each of the three sides, while on one of the sides is where you’ll find the power cord that is 1.5 meters long.

At the top is where the USB ports are, and it’s also where the power button is. The power button is used to turn the power strip on and off, and this includes the USB ports and the AC outlets. When you turn it on, the power button has a blue light that turns on.

One more thing is that you can mount the power strip to surfaces either by screwing it in or you can use the provided 3M sticky paper that comes with the power strip. The cube form factor does make it easier to plug in appliances if you’re placing it on a table.


Structure and Material:

The build of this BESTEK appliance is on par with the brand’s other products and that means it holds up well. The power strip is made of plastic of course, but it’s all solid, and fire-resistant, too.


Even if you’ve got three appliances connected to this power strip and you’re using the USB ports, the power strip does not heat up. If you’re going over the powering capabilities then the power strip automatically turns off to prevent damage to itself and your devices.


If you’re searching for a power strip that has more than three AC outlets, then this power strip may not be the most reliable.

That said, if you don’t have many appliances to connect to in a designated area, then the cube power strip can be very useful, due to its small form factor and ease of use. The use of a power button makes it a lot easier to just shut all things off, instead of having to unplug the entire strip. The part that finalizes their reliability is its charging ports, especially the use of the UBS-C port.

The only downside to the USB-C port is that it doesn’t use Power Delivery for charging USB-C laptops. If it did feature Power Delivery then this power strip would be even better.



The power output through the AC outlets is great and enough for powering most appliances, whether small or large. The use of the USB charging ports is also helpful in charging smartphones and tablets, rather than using a wall charger to take up space with an AC outlet.


The size of this power strip is tiny, and it’s also easy to use as it takes just a press of a button to turn it on and off.


The build quality of this power strip is solid, with no loose parts, the AC outlets hold on strongly to whatever appliance you place into them.


The reliability of this power strip is great if you want a simple, lightweight and small power strip to power your appliances and to charge your devices, too. Not the best if you want to power more than three devices at once, though.


This BESTEK Cube power strip is a pretty neat appliance to have, mainly because of its form factor and use of four USB ports with one being a USB-C port. Its included 3M sticky paper is a very welcome thing to have as many power strips never have such things included with them.

BESTEK Power Strip with USB, Vertical Cube Mountable Power Outlet Extender with 3 Outlets, 3 USB & 1 Type-C Ports, 5-Foot Extension Cord and Detachable Base for Easy Mounting

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  • Space saving design: 3 outlets on different directions with safety shutters to make full use of This power strip, right angle/flat Plug
  • Easy USB charging: Three 2.4a ports identify devices intelligently and output the most suitable power; One 3a Type-C (15W) port and LED power switch, press the button to activate the USB ports
  • The USB-C Port DOES NOT Work For Macbook, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Pixel 3/3 XL or Other Devices With Power Higher Than 15W
  • Usage scenarios expand: Our power strip is compact and portable,you can either use the screws or Glue (provided) to fix it on or under desks, wall or any other surface you want
  • Your safety guard: featured with overvoltage, short circuit, overload, over current protection, and FCC authentication

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