UGREEN DigiNest Cube 7 in 1 Power Strip Charging Station Review

Power strips have become more capable than just powering appliances, as many of them now have charging ports, and at this point, it’s best to get the ones with charging ports. A power strip with ports means you don’t have to use an AC outlet for a wall charger, making things more convenient. Ensure that … Full Post

Review: NTONPOWER Power Strip with 45W USB-C PD Port

Power strips are one of the most common household appliances you can have, and you have to wonder why you’d need to consider purchasing a certain one. However, at this point, many power strips now come with charging ports built into them, and you may want those as opposed to power strips that only have … Full Post

Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip 3 with 3 USB Ports with Switch Control Review

Review: Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip 3 with 3 USB Ports with Switch Control

When it comes to power strips, we mostly think of an appliance that’s flat and has many AC outlets that we use to power many appliances at the same time. However, that has changed over time and that’s definitely the case with this Anker PowerPort Cube power strip. Of course, as you could tell by … Full Post

Review: BESTEK Surge Protector with 8 Outlets and 2 USB Ports

Surge Protectors are used a lot within households and they’re not something new. That said, just like most electronics, they can still be improved. There are lots of Surge Protectors on the market that use power buttons for each of their AC Outlets and many have also implemented USB charging ports so you can charge … Full Post

Review: ORICO 4 Outlets Surge Protector with 5 Smart USB Charging Ports

Surge Protectors are used a lot today and that’s mostly because we have so many appliances that we want to power at the same time. That said, Surge protectors have been through quite a lot of phases and one of the most recent phases is that they’re starting to use USB ports that are built … Full Post