Review: BigBlue Nintendo Switch 10,000mAh Battery Case

BigBlue Nintendo Switch 10,000mAh Battery Case









  • Provides an ample power capacity that keeps you gaming for many hours, an 18W Power Delivery charge rate and a USB-A port to charge another device
  • You can charge your Switch in either handheld mode or on the kick stand
  • Comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable


  • The plastic build is okay, but don't expect a premium feel; the Joycons definitely have a better grip with their attachments though

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles currently, and it’s the fact that it’s a fully-fledged gaming console that lets you play triple AAA games no matter where you are. Most people didn’t think it would be possible to play Dark Souls, Skyrim, or Doom Eternal on a handheld console, but here we are. Since the Switch can be taken anywhere and you’re able to play these high-end games, doing so depletes the Switch battery considerably quickly.

If you’re someone that uses your Switch as more of a handheld console, rather than docking it and playing it on your TV, then you should consider using a power bank to charge it. In this review, we’re taking a look at this BigBlue Nintendo Switch battery case. This is a portable charger for your Switch that may be more reliable to use because it fits over your Switch, acts as a stand, and comes with covers for your Joycons.


Power Capacity:

This BigBlue Switch battery case has a 10,000mAh power capacity, and the Nintendo Switch has a 4,210mAh battery size. You can get at least one full power recharge from this battery case with those two things considered. However, if you’re playing your Switch while also charging it, your Switch might be losing power while gaming; this is a possible scenario as the console uses a lot of energy to run games.

Regardless of the power capacity, though, 10,000mAh is an excellent amount for a battery case as it ensures that the charger is not too large or heavy while still providing ample power for you to the game for many more hours than if you didn’t have it.

Output Charging:

Surprisingly, this Switch battery case uses two output ports for you to charge from. The main one you’ll be using would be the USB-C connector that you place inside your Switch; the other charging method is a USB-A port that can be found at the back of the battery case.

The USB-C connection for the Switch has an 18W Power Delivery charging speed, which is a great charge rate to have for the gaming console and the battery case. The reason for that is it’s able to charge the Switch even when you’re gaming, and it’s not such a high charge rate that it heats the battery case. They could have gone with a faster charging speed, but that could be less safe. In our test, we charged the Switch while playing Super Mario 3D World and had great results with the console charging.

The USB-A port at the back uses Quick Charge, and it also has an 18W charging speed. This port can fast charge most Android smartphones.

Input Charging:

To recharge the battery case, you have to use the USB-C input port at the back. We recommend using an 18W USB-C Power Delivery or Quick Charge wall charger to recharge the battery case. That’s the max recharging speed of the case. Included in the box is a USB-C to USB-A cable. However, you don’t get a wall charger.


Size and Weight:

Including the Joycon attachments and the battery case center, the entirety of this product is the size of a Switch but just a bit larger because it’s a case. It does add about a pound to the Switch, so that’s something to know if someone holds the console while gaming and is portable with it.

Detaching the Joycons from the console and using the battery case’s stand feature is a better way to use the battery case because you’re not dealing with the extra weight.

Functional Components:

To place your Switch inside the battery case, you have to lift the top place holder and slide your Switch into position, making sure that the USB-C connection goes inside the USB-C port of the console. You do have to push down on the Switch to ensure that the USB-C connection is inside; as our first time placing it inside, we found that the Switch wouldn’t charge because the connection was inside the console.

Once Switch is secured and you close the place holder, you can then press the power button at the back of the battery case. The USB-C input port, USB-A port, and four blue LED power capacity indicators are also at the back of the battery cases. You can also find the kickback stand at the back that goes down to a 60 degrees angle.

The attachments for the Joycons don’t have any moving parts, and all you have to do is place your Joycon inside of them. That said, it does take some snapping in to get them secured, but once they’re in, we found the attachments for the Joycons incredible.

The back of the attachments is better contoured to hold it in your hands than just the plain Joycons.


Structure and Material:

The entirety of the battery case is made of plastic, and it feels alright. We’re not going to say that it feels super-premium because it doesn’t, but it works well enough. The place holder for the Switch holds the console in place to make sure that it doesn’t move around once it’s secured. Also, there are openings where there should be heat to escape on the Switch.


The battery case doesn’t use a fan, but at the same, we don’t think it needs one. The charging speed of the battery case isn’t so high that it generates enough heat for there to be a problem.


If you’re someone that plays your Nintendo Switch in its portable form and often worry about having to stop gaming because you’re low on battery power, then this BigBlue Switch battery case is for you. You can either play with your Switch with the entire case on, or you can have everything separate with the Switch battery case stand and the Joycons being separate.

You can get many more hours of gaming with a 10,000mAh power capacity that the battery case has, and you can even charge your phone while you’re gaming because it has a USB-A port. The Joycon attachments of the case improve your handling because they make it feel like you’re holding an actual controller.



A 10,000mAh power capacity is enough to charge your Switch to full power or give you many more hours of gaming. Charging speed is excellent, with an 18W Power Delivery charge rate for your Nintendo Switch and a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port at the back. You can recharge the battery case at 18W via the USB-C PD input port.


The case can either be used while you have everything connected or separate. The battery case center even has a kickstand, just as the Nintendo Switch has on its back. So your experience with using the Switch doesn’t change much at all when using the battery case.


The build quality is okay, as the battery case is made of plastic, but it’s good quality. The important part is that the battery case doesn’t overheat.


Instead of getting a portable charger, a completely separate device from your Switch, this BigBlue battery case for the Switch integrates itself with the console, so you don’t have to worry about separate belongings.

 BigBlue Nintendo Switch 10,000mAh Battery Case Specs
USB-C Switch Connection18W
USB-A Port18W
USB-C Input18W
Size11.65 x 5.67 x 1.65 inches
Weight1.17 pounds


This BigBlue Nintendo Switch 10,000mAh battery is a great way to keep your Switch charged up if you’re on a road trip, traveling, or like to have portable power that is made for your Switch because you enjoy the flexibility of gaming on the go while still being able to play the best games on the market.

[Upgraded] BigBlue 10000mAh Battery Charger Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con Grips, Dual USB-C(18W PD Quick Charging), Portable Backup SwitchCharger with Kickstand & Game Card Slot
  • ⚡【10000mAh Battery Extends Playtime】BigBlue Switch Battery Charger adds 10+ hours playtime to your Switch with the built-in 10000mAh rechargeable battery. Use this switch battery charger also with your smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other devices anywhere, anytime.
  • ⚡【Dual 18W Power Delivery 3.0】Both the battery for Switch and the dual-function backup battery support PD3.0 fast charging. Intelligent battery management system of this nintendo switch portable charger ensures charging with entire safety, 4 LED Lights indicates battery levels for a convenient use.
  • ⚡【Ergonomic Design Detachable Grips】Curved palm design reduces hand fatigue and provides you with ultra comfortable experience, detachable Joy-Grip is perfect for extended, high-stress gaming sessions. Allows you to play for longer.
  • ⚡【Kickstand Function & Additional Card Slot】You can deploying at different playing angles with the kickstand in 3 different adjustable angles.The card slot of this nintendo switch battery pack allows you to store extra game cards in the Joy-Con Grip.
  • ⚡【Safety First & Reliable Services】Intelligent Safety Protection of this switch charger supports over-charged, over-discharged and short circuit protection, more safe to use. BigBlue offer 18-month warranty and lifetime customer service support.