Review: Foxpeed 2500A 21,000mAh Portable Jump Starter

Foxpeed 2500A 21,000mAh Portable Jump Starter









  • Has a 1000A Start current and a 2500A Peak current, and able to jump-start vehicles thirty times
  • Comes with many accessories that enable you to use the power bank right out of the box
  • Feature a Quick Charge port, a 15W USB-C port and a digital screen that displays charging stats
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2020)

Portable chargers are among the most useful types of chargers that you can use. They can feature the same things that a wall charger has, and you’re able to go anywhere with a power bank. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at this Foxpeed 2500A 21,000mAh portable car jump starter.

The jump starter can jumpstart a wide range of vehicles, on top of that, it also has three charging ports, a DC port that can be used for charging or powering appliances, and a handy flashlight for when you need it. This may very well be one of the most reliable types of portable chargers on the market because of what it features, so let’s take a closer look.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this Foxpeed portable jump starter is 21,000mAh, basically, just the right amount that this jump starter needs when it comes to its capabilities. With a 21,000mAh power capacity, you’re able to charge most smartphones on the market to full power about three to four times. The power capacity can also be useful for charging tablets to full power about once or twice.

However, more than charging devices to their full power, the high power capacity of this portable jump starter also enables you to jump-start vehicles thirty times with a full charge. That’s what makes this power bank so reliable for charging your own portable devices and for jump-starting your car.

Output Charging:

The charging from this Foxpeed portable charger is great. There are three ports to charge from, with two USB-A ports, and a single USB-C port.

One USB-A port features Quick Charge 3.0 so you’re able to fast charge Quick Charge compatible Android smartphones with it. We were able to fast charge an LG G7 via the Quick Charge port. The other USB-A port is a standard 5V/2.1A port.

The USB-C port on this power bank has a 15W charging speed and does not feature Power Delivery, so it won’t be able to charge laptops, but it does very well at fast charging smartphones. We were able to fast charge a Google Pixel with the USB-C port.

The one other output port is a DC port that you might be able to charge from if you have DC chargeable laptop. The other way that you’re able to use the DC port is with a 12Volt DC adapter that’s included in the box. With the adapter, you’re able to power appliances that can be powered via a 12Volt port just like the one that’s found in your car.

Jump-Starting Vehicles:

The jump-starting capabilities of this Foxpeed power bank are great, and that’s because it’s capable of jump-starting 8.0L gas vehicles or 6.5L Diesel vehicles. The starting current of this jump starter is 1000A and the peak current is 2500A, so this Foxpeed jump starter competes well with other top ones on the market such as NOCO Boost Plus car jump starters that have the same current power, but this Foxpeed one comes in at a lower price.

Input Charging:

Recharging this portable charger is done through the USB-C port, and it has a 5V/3.0A recharge speed, which is the same as the output. The great thing is that this power bank comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and a USB-C to USB-A cable included in the box.


Size and Weight:

The size of this Foxpeed portable jump starter is large, larger than regular 20,000mAh power banks that don’t have jump starting capabilities. The charger has a length of 7.6 inches, a width of 3.4 inches, and a thickness of 1.4 inches. The weight of the power bank is 2.6 pounds. So it’s a bit hefty, and this isn’t exactly the type of portable charger that you’ll want on yourself all day.

You could have it in a purse or a backpack though, in case you want to charge your devices though. That said, it’s clear that this portable charger is more meant for storing in your car or house in case you ever need to use it.

Functional Components:

The charger is easy to use, but there are a few features that it has that you’re not going to find on quite a few other portable chargers.

The USB-A ports, jump-starter ports, and an LED flashlight are found on the same side, then on another side is where you’ll find the DC port and the USB-C port. On top of the power, the bank is where the power button is located, and the digital screen.

The digital screen on this Foxpeed portable charger shows the remaining power capacity, the charging ports that are currently being used, and also the charging speed of the ports. Something that many other power banks don’t do.

When it comes to jumping starting your car with this power bank, it’s simple. The power bank comes with the jumper cable adapter, and you plug the adapter into the jump starter ports. Then you attach the clamps to the battery, and you’re ready to crank the car and start it. Once your car is started, take the jumper cables off the battery.

The helpful part about this Foxpeed jump cable adapter is that it has a Voltage reader directly on the adapter, so you’re able to know the voltage of your battery in real-time.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this Foxpeed portable jump starter is great, but it’s not shockproof or waterproof. However, it’s built very well and can take bumps and light falls. The portable charger does come with a carrying case that can protect the jump starter very well. So well, that you can just place the charger in the carrying case, place the case in your trunk, and forget about it.


The only time that you should be worried about this Foxpeed portable charger heating up is when you’re using the jump-starting feature and cranking your car. The solution to making sure that you don’t break the portable jump starter is what you shouldn’t crank your car more than three times in a row, and you should give about 2-5 minutes of a break between those continuous cranks. This way the batteries in the power bank have a chance to cool down.

In terms of giving you info, the jumper cable adapter can tell you when your battery is low or too high.


This is one of the most reliable portable car jump starters that you can get. It has enough power to jump-start a wide range of vehicles, from ATV, motorcycles, sedan cars, to large trucks. The jump starter also comes with many accessories. In the box, you’ll find a portable jump starter, a tough carrying case, the jump cable adapter, and clamps, a 12Volt adapter that you can connect to the DC port, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a Quick Charge wall charger.

It comes with everything that you will need to use the jump starter right out of the box.



The portable charger has enough power capacity to jump-start cars about thirty times when it’s at full charge. It also has a Quick Charge port and a 15W USB-C port. The starting current is 1000A and the peak current is 2500A, powerful enough to jump-start a wide range of vehicles.


The portable charger is large but still portable. Still, you won’t be able to be as portable with it as a regular power bank. It’s also easy to use with the charger using a digital screen and when it comes to jump-starting your car.


The charger can overheat if you do more than three cranks continuously. It’s best to give the portable charger a few minutes to cool down.


This Foxpeed portable jump-starter comes with everything that you need to use it. We mean everything.

Foxpeed 2500A 21,000mAh Portable Jump Starter Specs
Power Capacity21,000mAh
USB-A Quick Charge port18W
USB-A Standard Port10W
USB-C Port15W
DC Output12V/10A
Start Current1000A
Peak Current2500A
USB-C Input5V/3.0A
Size7.6 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches
Weight2.6 Pounds


There are many portable car jump-starters on the market, but there are too many like this Foxpeed portable jump starter. This one comes in at a lower price but still has the same power for jump starting vehicles. On top of that, you can some powerful charging via its Quick Charge port and USB-C port.

Foxpeed G29 Jump Starter 2500A 21000mAh 12V Car Jump Starter for up to 8L Gas, 6.5L Diesel Engine with LED Display USB QC3.0 Portable Car Booster Pack for Various Vehicles
  • 【Super Powerful and Actual Battery Capacity】FOXPEED G29 car jump starter with real 2500Apeak current and upgraded 3rd Gen QDSP technology, can start the vehicles up to 8.0L Gas 6.0L Diesel engines. A single charge can achieve 50 times jump start.
  • 【Sturdy Clamps and Long Enough Cables】Heavy duty cables with upgraded advanced wire clamps provide dual-assurance for G29 jump starters. Over 9 types of protection, free your worries of sparks. The hard outer shell and stable internal structure are sufficient for drops of up to 3 meters. Long enough cables to easily start all kinds of new and old vehicles.
  • 【High Quality Battery】A high quality battery with a tough protective case for fast charging of your device. The feature of overcharge protection will automatically stop charging the device’s battery once it’s full, which will extend the battery’s lifespan. (NOTE: The new upgrade version includes USB charger adapter!!!)!!!)
  • 【More than a Jump Starter】It's also a 21000mAh portable battery bank for charging your device. Meanwhile, the 3 modes flashlight is a perfect emergency auto tool in your life.
  • 【Quick and Considerate Customer Service】FOXPEED Jump starter can offer a 2 YEAR QUALITY PROMISE. We have been doing our best to improve your experience and suggestions. If you have any problems during use, please contact us, we will solve it for you within 24 hours.