Review: Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case









  • Protective build with a strong bumper and raised bezels for top-tier protection
  • Non-Yellowing clear case, so it always looks fresh
  • Fitted design that doesn't make it feel cumbersome to have on your iPhone 14 Pro, and wireless charging still works with the case on
(Last Updated On: October 27, 2022)

Cases are a vast market. Every year when a new phone is released, manufacturers rush to create their cases because most consumers own cases for their phones, so their thousand-dollar belonging doesn’t end up with a shattered screen. Most likely, many will go with some well-known brands, such as Otterbox, which is valid, but their cases are steeply-priced.

In our opinion, at this point, most phone cases are built identically, and you don’t have to drop nearly as much cash as you think. Just take this Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro clear case as an example; this case has a solid build and aesthetic, and it’s at a great low price. Let’s take a quick look at this case to see why you may want to consider the simplicity and affordability of this Mkeke over the ocean of competition.

Build Quality and Protection

One of the first things you’re going to be looking for is just how much protection your iPhone 14 Pro will have with this Mkeke case, and we’re glad to say that case has military-grade protection. What does that even mean? In this case (pun intended), the bumpers over the screen protect the phone from damage. Over the front of the case, there’s a 1.9mm raised bezel, and at the back is a 3.5mm raised bezel; a raised bezel is vital for keeping the screen and the cameras at the back from breaking in the event of a fall, and thankfully, this case has both.

When you have the case on your iPhone 14 Pro, it feels well-fitted onto the phone and doesn’t move around.


The case we’re reviewing has dark black borders, which could pass for an Apple product. The other parts of the case are clear and let you still appreciate the beauty of the iPhone 14 Pro. The button indentation placements are accurate and responsive for hitting the buttons on the iPhone.

Perhaps one of the best parts about this Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro case is that it’s Non-Yellowing. Clear cases are known to eventually yellow over time, making consumers resent their case, and eventually, it ends up in the garbage. This case doesn’t yellow and stays clear and crisp so that you can stay looking at the original color of your iPhone.

This case also isn’t very bulky and lets you easily slide your phone into your pocket. Also, the case is slim enough that wireless charging still works with it on.


At this point, there’s not much to say about phone cases, and that’s fine. If you’ve got an iPhone 14 Pro and need a clean and protective case, this Mkeke case will serve you well. It hits all the right marks you could ask for with its protective build that will make your iPhone safe from falls, and it has a design that lets you still embrace the beauty of your phone. Best of all, it comes at a low price that won’t make you think twice about buying it.

Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear, [Military Grade Drop Protection] [Not Yellowing] Durable & Shockproof Slim Case for Apple iPhone 14 pro Black Bumper & Clear Back
  • [ For Apple iphone 14 pro case ]: Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro released in 2022, Crystal transparency shows off the brilliant colored finish for iPhone 14 pro, precise cut-out holes allow all the functional ports easily accessible.
  • [Military Drop Protection]: The back of the case is made of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, Its slim form slides in edges to create tough protection for iPhone 14 Pro.
  • [Camera Protection]: Raised bezels prevent the screen and camera from drops & scratches.Your Camera lenses and the screens have raised corner lips on the back and this provides comprehensive protection.
  • [Comfort Grip] : The Case offers minimal bulkiness and maximum extra protection. It is designed for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 Inch fits into your pockets effortlessly and makes using one hand easy. The processed TPU frame provides a secure non-slip grip designed for texting, gaming, and taking selfies. 
  • [Mkeke Mission] : Sturdy, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant: Like every Mkeke designed case, this case undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process. So not only does it look great, but it’s built to protect for iphone 14 pro from scratches and unfortunate drops.