Review: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo









  • Two of the charging spots features fast wireless charging for Samsung smartphones
  • Comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and uses a USB-C input port
  • Makes use of Air Vents and Fans so overheating is not a problem


  • Does not feature fast wireless charging for iPhones
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

Wireless charging isn’t the fastest way to charge your smartphones because of the use of fast charging technologies such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge that many smartphones are now compatible with. However, wireless charging is one of the most convenient ways to charge a smartphone as you can just place the device onto a charging stand or pad and forget about it. There’s no need to fiddle around with a charging cable. However, when it does come to wireless charging though, there is one flaw and that would be that most of them are only able to charge a single device at a time.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at Samsung’s very own Wireless Charger Duo. The charger makes use of two wireless chargers and places them into one. So let’s see if it’s worth getting.

Similar Types of Dual Wireless Chargers:


Output Charging:

So there are two charging coils used with this charger, one is used with the standing part and one is with the pad. So the best part is not only that you’re able to charge two Qi-compatible smartphones at the same time, but it’s also the fact that each of the two charging parts can supply fast wireless charging.

The first reason for this is, of course, is because it’s a Samsung product and so the Wireless Charger Duo comes with a 1-port Quick Charge wall charger and a USB-C cable that you can use to power the Duo. Oh yeah, another great plus at least from our perspective is that this charger is powered through a USB-C port rather than a Micro-USB input. The reason that we’re glad that this is the case is that most wireless chargers on the market are still powered with a Micro-USB input port, and so this is a step in the right direction just like their smartphones.

Each wireless charging methods on his charger are capable of fast wireless charging so long as you’re powering it with a Quick Charge wall charger. What we mean by “Fast Wireless Charging” is that all Qi-compatible Samsung smartphones can charge at 10W, rather than a standard 5W wireless charging rate.

As for fast wireless charging for the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XR, well those are not able to fast wireless charge from this Samsung charger. Also, for other Qi-compatible Android smartphones, they will charge at a 5W wireless charging speed.


Size and Weight:

The size of this charger is quite large since it makes use of two wireless chargers put into one. The charger has a length of  8.5 inches, a width of 3.5 inches, and the thickness of the charger in terms of the bottom is about 0.5 inches.

Overall, the size of the charger is pretty good as you can place it onto a surface without taking up too much space at all. Of course, this charger is not made for traveling purposes and is mostly just meant for placing in a single spot.

Functional Components:

Using the charger is basically like using any other wireless charger. With the USB-C port being to the back and once the charger is powered, you can place a smartphone on either the pad or the stand section to charge your smartphone. Once a device is charging, Red light will turn on next to the charging location to show that the device is charging, and once the device is fully charged the Red LED light turns off.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of the charger is one of the best that you’ll find in terms of a dual wireless charger and this is mostly because it comes from one of the largest tech companies, Samsung. Well, most of the charger is made of plastic, but they basically implemented their singular chargers into one and even though that might sound like a short-cut, it does well with the way that the charger is built.


Most wireless chargers on the market get warm and you would think with the usage of two charging coils and having two smartphones charging, that this charger would overheat. That’s not the case though, and that’s because this charger makes use of three fans that turn on when you’re using the fast wireless charging and so things stay cool.


Okay, so the ability to charge two Qi-compatible smartphones at the same time is very reliable if you and someone that you live with own those types of smartphones. That said, this Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is mainly meant for those that own a Qi-compatible Samsung smartphone and we say that because of its use of fast wireless charging for those phones. Fast wireless charging will not be available for iPhones or other Android smartphones and they will charge at a regular 5W wireless charging rate.

So to justify the price of this charger, you should be purchasing it if you intend to at least charge a single Samsung smartphone with it.



The charging power is great for Samsung Qi-compatible smartphones as fast wireless charging is available for them.


The design is simple and useful with the use of LED power indicators to show charging and the use of a stand so that you can use your smartphone while it charges.


The build quality of this charger is great with it coming from Samsung and it makes use of a fan and a few vents to keep itself cool.


The charger is going to be most reliable for those that own Qi-compatible smartphones as they’re able to receive fast wireless charging.

Specs of the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo:

  • Output:

Each Wireless Charger Pad: 10W

  • Input: 18W with Quick Charge wall charger
  • LED Power Indicator: Red Charging Indicator
  • Size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces


We love this Samsung Wireless Charger Duo as you can make use of wireless charging in a more useful manner, rather than have it be a single-use type of charging method. The best part is that you still get fast wireless charging which is a great plus for Samsung Galaxy S and Note users.

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