Review: UGREEN HiTune X5 True Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds

UGREEN HiTune X5 True Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds


Sound Quality







  • Features great sound quality with 10mm Dynamic Drivers and Superbass Enhancement Technology
  • Bluetooth 5.2 for faster pairing and lower latency
  • Comes with charging cable, charging case and three different sized earbud tips in the box
(Last Updated On: July 13, 2021)


The Bluetooth earbud market is flooded with many brands, and if you’re not searching to buy from the flagship brands such as Samsung or Apple with their own earbuds, then you’re likely searching for a smaller brand. This is a smart move because smaller brands can be just as good as the larger ones; they come at a fraction or even less than what you’d pay for from the larger brands.

In this case, we’re reviewing these UGREEN HiTune X5 True Bluetooth wireless earbuds. UGREEN is responsible for creating quite a few other Bluetooth earbuds, and we’ve done reviews for their other earbuds, too. They’ve done a great job at delivering quality Bluetooth earbuds, and with the HiTune X5, we think they are the best yet.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is one of the main reasons you’re going to purchase earbuds in the first place, and we have to say these are some of the best affordable earbuds we have ever used. One of the major things missing from smaller brand earbuds is bass; basically, that punch in music or videos you get with speakers; with earbuds not featuring powerful bass, you usually end up with an inaccurate audio experience.

These iTunes X5 have two main features that make sound quality incredible, and that would be the usage of 10mm Dual dynamic drivers and Superbass Enhancement technology. These two features enable the bass on these earbuds to provide that punchiness that you expect from higher-end earbuds.

We listened to Sunrise by Fred v Grafix and You can Get It by Arkells; both songs have notes that carry the song, and without them, the songs really don’t have the same feel. Listening to both of the mentioned songs with the HiTune X5 earbuds provides the same feeling that you would get from speakers that actually have large drivers. Lyrics were also not muddled.

Another part that makes the sound quality from these earbuds exceptional is the enclosed design that offers passive noise canceling. This passive noise canceling works basically the same way as similarly designed earbuds, with most of the sound around you being blocked out. So even though these earbuds don’t feature active noise canceling when you’re listening to music or videos, passive noise canceling is great for most users.

That said, when it comes to being on a phone call, these HiTune X5 earbuds do have 4 Mics ENC and CVC 8.0 Noise cancellation. Both of these technologies can block out all loud noises that would overtake your own voice; this results in the person you’re talking to clearly hearing you despite those loud sounds. This makes talking on the phone with these earbuds a great hands-free experience.

In terms of latency, these earbuds use Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm aptX; this makes it, so there’s barely any noticeable latency from what you’re listening to or watching to the earbuds. Also, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity to the device you have the earbuds connected to is faster than older versions of Bluetooth.

Connectivity Controls

Another common feature that earbuds share across different brands is the controls, which are tap controls that you have access to on each of the earbuds. Tap controls can be difficult to get accustomed to; however, the tap controls on these HiTune X5 earbuds are easy with frequent use. Since there are quite a few features that you have access to on your phone, you can use many different tap controls on the earbuds.

Play/Pause: Single Tap on L/R Earbud

Next Track: Triple Tap R Earbud

Previous Track: Triple Trap L Earbud

Volume Up: Twice Tap R Earbud

Volume Down: Twice Tap L Earbud

Answer / End Call: Single Tap L/R Earbud

Decline a Call: Press and Hold L/R Earbud for 2 Seconds

When connecting the earbuds to your phone, you first need to make sure that your earbuds are charged up. Once the earbuds are removed from the case, they automatically turn on and pair to each other. Turn on Bluetooth with your phone, let it search for devices, and you should look for “UGREEN HiTune X5”; press the earbud selection, and the earbuds connect to your phone.

Design and Fit

The second best part of these UGREEN earbuds is they’re very comfortable to wear. They’re small, lightweight and they use earbud tips. Open-designed earbuds do have their place; however, most of the time, you’re worried about them falling out if you move too much. The HiTune X5 stays in place and comes equipped with medium tips; however, included in the box are three other-sized tips that you can use that best fit you. The closed earbud design allows the earbuds to stay in place, making them great to use at the gym or other athletic activities.

Build and Accessories

The HiTune X5 has a solid build. We honestly don’t think you’ll find much of a difference in terms of build between Galaxy Buds or AirPods compared to these HiTune X5 earbuds. That said, one setback is that these earbuds do not have a water-resistant rating.


In the box, you’ll find a magnetic charging case for the earbuds that use a USB-C port to be recharged from, three different sized earbud tips, and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. There is also a detailed user manual.


If you’re looking for earbuds on a budget with great quality, these UGREEN HiTune X5 Bluetooth earbuds are the ones to go with. They offer all the tech you expect from higher-end brands, with just a few missing things. That said, what these earbuds are lacking is not nearly noticeable and is definitely worth the price to performance.

UGREEN X5 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2, in-Ear Wireless Earphones with 4 Mics, CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling for Clear Calls, AptX HiFi Stereo Adaptive Bluetooth Earbuds, 28h Playtime, Touch Control
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.2 Tech: UGREEN X5 Wireless Earbuds design with advanced Bluetooth 5.2 and powered by Qualcomm QCC3040 for CD-level audio quality and stable connection.
  • Noise Reduction Talking Mics: Total of 4-Mic of ENC environmental noise reduction microphones combine with the latest version of Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture CVC 8.0, the Bluetooth Earphones separate your voice from surrounding noise for outstanding call clarity.
  • Long Playtime and Quick Charge: The X5 Bluetooth wireless earphones offer 7h playtime from a single charge. With a high-capacity charging case, the playtime of wireless HiFi sound earbuds is up to 28 hours. 10min charge = 1 hour playtime.
  • Fast Pairing: Features with true wireless mirroring technology, Ugreen X5 wireless earbuds will connect with your smartphone automatically once you take the earbuds out of the charging case and allow you to seamlessly swap between the earbud connected to the smartphone and the earbud that mirrors the connection.
  • IPX5 Waterproof: UGREEN X5 Bluetooth earphones are designed to boost your efficiency of workouts. With IPX5 waterproof, the wireless earbuds perfectly handle sweat, rain, and even water immersion. No worries when you are sweating at the gym or experiencing rainy weather.
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