UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh Power Bank Review

UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh Power Bank









  • The power bank has a 145W max output, with 100W and 45W of Power Delivery being usable at the same time
  • 25,000mAh battery capacity can last long and can charge phones multiples and can charge laptops or tablets to full power at least once
  • 65W and 45W recharging is available and pass through charging is possible with this power bank
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2023)

Power banks come with various capacities, charging power, and sizes. At this point, it’s probably best to go with a high capacity and high power output power bank because most phones now use large batteries and are compatible with some sort of fast charging technology. The same can be said for laptops, with most modern laptops being able to charge via USB-C using Power Delivery.

I’m looking at this UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh power bank in this review. This is an all-around type of power bank that will be great for charging phones, tablets, or laptops. It’s a bit on the higher price side, but this is the only power bank you will need for a while.

Battery Capacity

The 25,000mAh battery of this UGREEN power bank is a high one, and you’ll be able to charge most phones to their full power about three times if that’s the only device you’re charging with the power bank. For charging tablets and laptops with larger batteries, you’re going to fair either one full charge or 1.5 total charges.

The battery capacity will serve you well, regardless of what you’re charging. Of course, if you’re charging multiple devices simultaneously, you can expect to use less capacity for each device. That said, if you want a couple of days of power usage, this can fit your needs.

Output Charging

This UGREEN power bank has two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. The max output of the power bank is 145W, which is impressive, and so is the single port charging.

Regarding single port charging, the USB-C 1 port can output 100W of Power Delivery, and if you’re charging only one device at a time from USB-C 2, it outputs 45W of Power Delivery. The USB-A port can output 18W if you’re charging a single device at a time.

So as I mentioned before, since this power bank does have a 145W max output, this means that you can still fast charge multiple devices at the same time. For example, if you’re charging from USB-C 1 and 2 simultaneously, the C-1 port will output 100W, and the C-2 port can output 45W; this makes it possible to fast charge two laptops simultaneously with this UGREEN power bank. Most power banks are not able to do that.

Charging from the C-1 and the USB-A port results in the C-1 outputting 100W of Power Delivery, while the USB-A port outputs 18W. That said, if you’re charging from the USB-A and the C-2 port simultaneously, both ports will share a 15W max output, which is odd as that’s much lower than the other charging configurations.

Charging from all three ports simultaneously results in the USB-C 1 port outputting 100W, while the C-2 and the USB-A ports share a 15W output. So no matter what, you can always get 100W of Power Delivery from C-1, which is excellent because 100W of Power Delivery can fast charge nearly any laptop.

For my testing, I could charge my Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop at 35W – 40W from the USB-C 1 and the C-2 port when charging it alone.

With my laptop still charging from USB-C 1, I also plugged in my Note 9 to the USB-C 2 port, and it was able to fast charge my Note 9 while my Lenovo laptop continued to fast charge at 40W.

For the final output charging test, I plugged in my LG G7 to the USB-A port, and this caused my Note 9 and the LG G7 to standard charge while the Lenovo laptop continued to charge at 40W.

So overall, charging power for this UGREEN 140W power bank is incredible; you can continuously fast-chare a laptop and plug in other devices simultaneously without any compromises.


Recharging this UGREEN power bank can be done from either the USB-C 1 or 2 ports; however, I recommend that you use the C-1 port for recharging because it has a 65W input speed, but you have to use a 65W Power Delivery wall charger, and that does not come with the power bank. The C-2 recharges the power bank at 45W.

Also, if you’re wondering, this power bank does feature pass-through charging; I could charge from C-1 and recharge the power bank from C-2 at 45W. However, the USB-A port stopped charging my LG G7, so it seems that during pass-through charging, the USB-A port is disabled.


This UGREEN power bank has a 6-inch length, a width of 3 inches, and a thickness of 1 inch. The charger weighs about 1 pound. So you can easily take it anywhere you want to; you can hold it in your hand or even place it into your pocket if you have a big enough pocket.

You’ll find all the charging ports at the front of the power bank, and off to the sides is where you’ll find the capacity display and the power button. Included in the box is a USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

The overall design of this power bank can best be explained as beautiful, mostly silver with black accents; UGREEN does it again by being a masterclass at designing great chargers.

UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh Power Bank Specs
USB-C Port 1100W
USB-C Port 2 (Single Port charging)45W
USB-A Standard Port (Single Port charging)18W
USB-C 1 Input65W
USB-C 2 Input45W
Size6.3 x 3.18 x 1.05 inches
Weight1.11 pounds


The UGREEN 140W 25,000mAh power bank may be the only one you will need for a while. Its high power output will be able to fast charge most devices, and its 25,000mAh capacity will be able to charge up many devices to full power multiple times. You can even charge two laptops simultaneously if you want to, which is not true about most power banks.

UGREEN Power Bank 25,000mAh 145W Laptop Portable Charger, Nexode 3-Port USB C PD Battery Pack, for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, iPhone 15/14/13, Galaxy S24, Steam Deck, AirPods, and More
  • 145W Fast Charging: Equipped with PD3.1,QC3.0, and capable of 145W of fast charging speed! 30mins charge a 16" Macbook Pro 0-56%
  • 25000mAh Gigantic Capacity: Ugreen's portable charge power bank comes with a massive 25,000mAh battery and a total power output of 145W! Completely recharge laptops up to 1.3 times and mobile devices up to 5.2 times
  • Two-Way Fast Charging: Easily recharge this 25,000mAh power bank in 2 hours with a 65W PD charger (not included). With our bi-directional technology, fast charge devices while fast recharging this portable charger
  • Smart Digital Display: LED digital display shows remaining power bank battery. Know exactly how much power is in portable power bank so you can step out with confidence
  • Wide Compatibility: The portable charger is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Dell XPS 15/13, HP Spectre, iPad Pro, iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus/iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/12, Galaxy S24/S23/S22/S21, Switch, DJI Mini 3 Pro,Steam Deck and More. Note:For the first usage after receiving it, please fully recharge the power bank, drain it out afterward, and then fully recharge it without interruption
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