7 Essential Travel Items for Gamers

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2021)

Long gone are the days of only being able to game at home. Considering you have access to the internet almost anywhere you go, and everywhere from hotels to libraries and even trains have power outlets, you can game wherever you are.

If you are traveling and want to prepare for any possible future gaming, you will need a few things. Here are seven essential gadgets every serious gamer needs when traveling.


The first thing you are going to need is a backpack or gaming bag. Backpacks are the most common as they can almost always fit your console and even your computer and monitor if it is big enough.

The Guardians Pro XP, however, is the ultimate gaming travel bag. The suitcase features absolutely everything you need for gaming on the go, packed with additions and features that you might not even have in your home setup.

It comes with a built-in 24-inch monitor, speakers, USB ports, audio ports, ports, and mounts for accessories such as webcams, as well as ample storage for keyboards, extra cabling, or controllers.


You will also need headphones, in particular, noise-canceling headphones if you are planning on gaming while on a plane, in the car, or on a train. You aren’t going to hear a thing unless you have some headphones plugged in.

You will also want to ensure that the headphones are comfortable. There are so many models out there that promise high-quality audio, and while they might deliver on that, the headphones sometimes end up being so uncomfortable you have to take them off after an hour.

You will also need headphones if you are planning on playing games in public spaces. While you may not find the noises annoying, there will be many people around you who will get very annoyed very quickly.

Universal adapter/charging cables

Something that is often overlooked or forgotten is a universal charger or adapter. If you are traveling overseas, you are more than likely to encounter a plug point that is different from the power cable of your PC or console.

There are so many different options for adaptors out there that allow you to plug into one specific outlet, or they have multiple options that will enable you to plug into any foreign outlet or even a two-prong outlet.

If you are taking a portable device, you should also remember to pack spare charging cables. You can also purchase third-party charging cables that often charge your devices quicker, which is excellent if you need a quick charge at the airport or station.

Power bank 

A power bank can be a life-saver while you are traveling. You also don’t need to settle for a small one that will charge your phone a couple of times, and many options on the market have more than enough power to charge more than just your phone.

There are power bricks that can store enough energy to recharge your laptop, for instance. They also recharge very quickly, meaning you never have to be too worried about not having power or not having enough time to recharge your brick.

If you don’t have a power bank, or there isn’t one that fits your budget, you can buy cables that plug into a car’s USB system or lighter that you can then use to charge your phone or handheld console.

Portable SSD/external hard drive 

SSD’s are becoming more and more popular and widely available as people recognize how useful they are at storing data and transferring data at high speed. SSDs are particularly useful for those with laptops.

Considering laptops are pretty challenging to upgrade compared to their PC cousin, an SSD can be plugged into the laptop or integrated into the system. The user will have access to far more storage space and much faster data transfer speeds.

SSDs, even portable and lower-end ones, can still be expensive, but on the other hand, a hard drive, even the bigger 1TB and 2TB ones can be very budget-friendly and have more than enough space to store the games you want to take.

Data hotspot

While you can access the internet almost anywhere you go nowadays; sometimes you just can’t connect to it because you have to pay for something similar. Other times, it’s probably just too slow to allow for gaming.

A hotspot, or WiFi dongle, will ensure you always have a fast and reliable internet connection no matter where you are. It may seem like overkill, but hotels, resorts, or wherever you are, don’t have internet for gaming.

Your own personal hotspot can be a bit pricey, especially if you are using it all the time and not just when the internet is below par. However, it is well worth it as it will transform your gaming experience while you are away.

Carrying cases

Carrying cases are essential when traveling. They are needed for organization and protection if you will be traveling by airplane or train, and there is a chance your bags could be rolled around a bit.

If you are taking video games, such as PlayStation discs or Nintendo Switch games, the cases they come in aren’t that sturdy, and they are easily broken and cracked. Many third-party protective cases will protect your games no matter what.

You will also need protective cases for your hardware. While gaming bags and backpacks come with built-in protection, most other bags don’t. Investing in a protective carry-case for your console, laptop or PC is a must.

Final thoughts

There are so many items in the world of gaming that you should have for traveling, but these are easily the most essential. They will ensure you have the best and smoothest gaming experience while on the road. Many of them aren’t just for traveling either; you can use them almost every day when you are at home as they are incredibly useful and just as versatile.

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