Are Blackweb Portable Chargers and Wireless Chargers Worth Buying?

Knowing about quality products should be your goal as a consumer, on the other hand, knowing about low-quality products should also be an objective. This way, you don’t put your money towards a product that might break or doesn’t meet your standards after purchasing it.

Here at Charger Harbor, we focus mostly on chargers that are sold online because that’s where the most quality is. What about chargers that sold in physical retail? Blackweb Chargers are Walmart’s brands of portable chargers and wireless chargers.

That said, are Blackweb chargers worth getting? Most of the time, these types of chargers are not high quality because they’re mainly meant to be impulsive purchases for someone walking around in a store.

Blackweb 7x 20,100mAh Portable Charger

So, we’re going to start with the strongest portable charger in the BlackWeb lineup and that would be this BlackWeb 7x power bank.

The charger has a high power capacity of 20,100mAh. So it can charge smartphones to full power many times and can charge tablets and laptops to full power, too.

One thing that we did not expect from this power bank is its use of a 30W USB-C Power Delivery port. Nearly every physical retail power bank does not use Power Delivery or even a USB-C port, but this is a rare exception.

The other two ports are standard USB-A ports that have a 5V/2.4A charging speed.

Overall, this is one of BlackWeb’s most valuable power banks that you can buy.

BlackWeb 5,000mAh Power Bank

Other Blackweb portable chargers aren’t exactly up to the same standard as the Power Delivery power bank we mentioned. Such as the above power bank.

This BlackWeb charger has a 5,000mAh power capacity, which is mostly meant for charging smartphones to full power only once, with a little bit of capacity left over. It only uses a single output USB-A port with a 2.4A standard charging speed.

The input port is a Micro-USB input port.

BlackWeb 6,000mAh Slim Dual USB Port Power Bank

This Blackweb power bank has a 6,000mAh power capacity, which is only 1,000mAh higher than the other charger that we mentioned. So it’s still really only useful for charging smartphones to full power about once or twice.

That said, there is an addition of two USB-A ports but they only share a 2.4A charging speed. The power bank also uses a Micro-USB input port to recharge from. The size of the power bank is one of the best parts because it’s small enough to place into your pocket, also this charger has a digital display to show the remaining power capacity.

Are BlackWeb Portable Chargers Good?

Blackweb portable chargers are mediocre, is the simplest way to rate them. Their power banks don’t hold much value beyond being able to charge your smartphone to full power may once or twice because many of their power banks have lower power capacities. The only exception being the first 20,100mAh PD power bank.

Also, the charging power that you would find with many power banks on Amazon, such as Quick Charge, Power Delivery, Wireless charging power banks and GaN chargers are not present at all with Blackweb chargers, all of which can fast charge a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

There are better brands to purchase portable chargers from, and that would be from brands such as Anker, Aukey, RAVPower or Jackery. All of them have proven to deliver high-quality products and there are plenty of reviews to prove that. Also, purchasing from these more well-known brands is helpful because they have great customer service support if you ever have a problem with your charger. Blackweb, on the other hand, does not.

Are Blackweb Wireless Chargers Good?

Wireless chargers are a useful charging electronic for when you don’t want to plug any cables into your phone. Wireless chargers have also come a long way, as they now provide fast charging for iPhones and Samsung phones. Along with that, some even offer dual wireless charging, to wirelessly charge two smartphones at once.

Blackweb 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Blackweb’s wireless chargers quality, because they feature fast charging. This charger has a 10W fast charging speed for Samsung Qi wireless charging smartphones. However, it does not use fast charging for iPhones which would be 7.5W. For all other phones that you charge with this Blackweb charging pad, they will get a 5W charging speed.

Also, this charging pad uses a Micro-USB input port to be charged from. While most other wireless chargers on the market are converting over to the more common USB-C port.

Blackweb Dual 7.5W / 10W Wireless Charging Pad 36W

Dual wireless charging pads are quite rare, and that’s what makes this Blackweb dual wireless charger impressive. So you’re able to charge two smartphones at once with this charger. What’s better is this charger also features 10W fast charging for Samsung phones and 7.5W fast charging for wireless charging iPhones.

This is one of Baclkweb’s best chargers because of its innovation, however, what is not innovative is its use of a DC input port and an included AC adapter that powers the wireless charger.

Nearly every popular wireless charger on the market, especially ones sold by popular brands such as Anker or Aukey, uses a Micro-USB or USB-C port to be powered from. Using a DC port is a terrible design choice because if you lose the AC adapter that comes with the wireless charger, then you can’t use it. Whereas a wireless charger that uses a Micro-USB or USB-C will always have an easily replaceable cable.

Other Wireless Chargers from Different Brands

Blackweb wireless chargers are useful, but they drop the ball with a few points here and there. For example, their single charging pad uses a Micro-USB input port, and only has 10W fast charging for Samsung phones, but not for iPhones.

The Dual wireless charger is great, but its use of a DC input port doesn’t make any sense because you can’t easily replace the cable that you would use to power the charger.

Like we mentioned before, some brands do have wireless charging pads that have fast wireless charging for Samsung phones, iPhones and also for LG phones. They also have dual wireless chargers that use USB-C ports to be powered from that makes it easier to replace a cable to power the charger with.

Blackweb wireless chargers are behind the times, and there are better options out there.

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