UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

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MINIX P4K Dock Charger Hub Review

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UGREEN Nexode 100W MagSafe USB-C Charger Review

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INIU I622 45W Dual USB-C PD Wall Charger Review

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EBL 65W Power Delivery Charger with 2 AC Outlets Review

A charger and a power strip combo are among the best chargers. You can fast charge multiple devices simultaneously while also powering appliances. Also, these types of charging port power strips use a power cord that makes placement of the charger a lot easier. This review looks at this EBL 65W charging station with two … Full Post

UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN Fast Charger Review

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) chargers have come a long way. First, it started with the standard USB-C port that could output 15W, then that was upgraded to 18W, and over time there were 30W wall chargers. Eventually, PD chargers started to use multiple USB-C ports that would allow you to charge many USB-C chargeable devices … Full Post

Baseus 140W 3 Port Power Delivery 3.1 Wall Charger Review

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Oraimo 120W USB-C Charging Station 2 AC Outlets Review

Charging station power strips are the all-in-one solution for powering and charging your devices. You get the use of a power cord, too, so you have easier placement on where you have your devices while you’re charging them, and the AC outlets are still able to supply tons of power that you can likely use … Full Post