Charge Directly from your Deep Cycle Battery with Timeusb Battery Socket Outlet

Timeusb Battery Socket Outlet Max 40A Current









  • Features 9 ports to use that includes USB-A ports, USB-C PD ports, cigarette lighter socket and DC 5521 ports
  • Easy to use by just connecting to a battery, press the button and you're ready to use; the socket outlet has a screen that shows remaining battery capacity and voltage
  • Comes with screws for wall mounting and a 15 foot 11AWG cable


  • My Lenovo laptop was not able to charge faster than 5W from the 45W USB-C port for some reason
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2022)

I’ve mentioned a few times already how good deep-cycle LiFePO4 batteries can be and how it can be a better investment to get a deep-cycle battery rather than a power station. Also, the flexibility with the way that you’re able to use deep cycle batteries is great because sometimes you can use a direct connection depending on what you’re powering, you can use an inverter, and in this case, I’m using a Timeusb battery socket outlet with a battery.

So what is a battery socket outlet? In this case, this new product from Timeusb can be connected to a deep-cycle battery and primarily be used for charging devices. Let’s take a closer look to see how it performs and if you want to take a look at a video review for this Timeusb battery socket outlet, check it out here.

What’s in the Box?

You get the socket outlet in the box, a 15-foot cable with negative and positive O rings to the Anderson connector, an extra Anderson connector, four screws, and the manual. The reason that this socket outlet comes with screws is that it can be wall-mounted. You get everything you need to start using the socket outlet, other than the battery; as long as you’ve got a battery to connect it to, you’re ready to use it.

Output Charging

For my testing, I used Timeusb’s 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 battery. I have done a review article and a video review of the 50Ah battery. I connected the positive and negative terminals of the cable to the battery and plugged the Anderson connector into the battery socket. Once the socket outlet was connected to the battery, I pressed the power button and turned it on.

This is just an overview of what ports the socket outlet features: four USB-A ports, two USB-A ports have a 12W output, and the other two USB-A ports feature Quick Charge with an 18W output. There are two USB-C ports that each have a 45W Power Delivery output. There is also a 12/24 10A cigarette lighter port and two DC 5521 12V/24V 5A barrel ports. It’s not just for charging devices; this socket outlet can also power certain appliances that use the cigarette lighter port.

In my testing, I charged a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and an LG G7 from the two USB-A Quick Charge ports, and they could fast charge. I also charged an Excitrus power bank and a Lenovo laptop from the USB-C Power Delivery ports. The Excitrus power bank was able to charge at about 35W, which is pretty good considering that the power bank has a 100W max input and charges from a 45W port. However, the Lenovo laptop was only able to charge at about 5W; not sure why, as the Lenovo laptop should be able to charge at about 25W when I charge it from a 45W USB-C port.

Other than that, the charging ports on this Timeusb socket outlet performed well. I then connected my load tester to the cigarette lighter port, which automatically set to 12V/7A; running the load tester and charging devices from the ports ran perfectly. I was going to run a full-on test by having the load tester run and keep the devices charging until the Timeusb battery was fully depleted of its capacity. I made the mistake of turning the Amperage on the load tester too high, which blew a fuse on my cigarette lighter adapter.

I will release another video to show this socket outlet charging devices and powering the load tester until it fully depletes the battery.

So do I think this Timeusb battery socket outlet is useful for using a battery? Yes. It’s just another way you can utilize power from a battery; in this case, this socket outlet is best for charging your devices and possibly powering some appliances that use a cigarette lighter port or DC 5521 ports. I think a socket outlet like this would best be used with 50Ah batteries or even slightly lower capacity batteries simply because you’d want to have your 100Ah batteries used for higher wattage needs.

Size and Weight

The socket outlet is not large. It has a length of 3.5 inches, a width of 2.4 inches, and a height of 6.6 inches. It weighs 1.3 pounds. So whether you want to wall mount it or place it wherever you want without wall mounting, it won’t take up much space; this can be very helpful if you’re using it on a road trip in your car or RV.

Functional Components

As I mentioned, all you have to do to start using this battery socket outlet is connect the cable to the battery you’re using and input the Anderson connector to the battery socket Anderson port. Once the socket outlet is connected to the battery, you can turn it on by pressing the power button.

When the socket outlet is turned on, at the front is where you’ll find the display that shows a visual of the battery capacity and the voltage of the battery. The lower the voltage, the battery on the screen loses its bars. The socket outlet screen is great because it tells you how much capacity you have left to use.

Also, at the front of the socket outlet are all the ports. You can find the mounting holes at the back of the unit.

Structure and Material

The build quality of this socket outlet is good, but it’s not exactly breaking any records because it’s just made of plastic which I don’t have any problems with. The 15-foot cable is more impressive because it’s an 11AWG cable and lets you pull 20A through it. To pull the full 40A from this Timeusb battery socket outlet, you must use an 8AWG cable or a 10AWG cable for a 30W draw.


On the technical side, I didn’t notice any faults with this socket outlet.


This Timeusb battery socket outlet is most reliable for those that want to charge their devices with a deep cycle battery. This product isn’t meant to be used for powering appliances like an inverter, but you may be able to power certain appliances via the cigarette lighter port. Considering the low cost of this product and how it would be most beneficial to use this with a 50Ah battery or lower, it’s just another way that makes deep cycle batteries more reliable.

Timeusb 40A Current Battery Socket Outlet Specs
Case MaterialABS
Anderson Input / Output40A
Standard USB-A Ports12W
Quick Charge Ports18W
USB-C Ports45W
Cigarette Lighter Socket12V/24A | 10A
DC 5521 Barrel Ports12V/24V | 5A
Size3.5 x 2.4 x 6.6 inches
Weight1.3 Pounds


The Timeusb battery socket outlet is an innovative new product, and I’m honestly not sure if there are other products like this, but for what it is, I find it to be very useful. If you’ve got a battery that you want to use to mainly charge devices, connecting and using this battery socket outlet is a very simple way.

Timeusb 12V/24V DC Battery Socket Outlet with Multi Ports, Max. 40A Current with QC3.0 Fasting Charging, Mini Body and Portable, Perfect for Outdoors RV Camping Travel Hunting Fishing Emergency
  • 【Works Perfect with Lithium Battery】With the features of easy installation, place and use at your will, Timeusb DC Battery Socket Outlet works perfect with the battery. It can adjust voltage output accordingly with 12V and 24V, delivering a tailored, optimized charge.
  • 【Portable and Flexible Using】The Size of the Socket Outlet is similar to a small milk box and only weigh around 1.32lb, it is handy. Equipped with a 5 meters extension cables makes it flexible use. Connect the Battery Socket Outlet with the battery, which is ultimate companion of traveling indoor emergency.
  • 【Simultaneous Charging at the Same Time】The Socket Outlet has 2*2.4A USB, 2*QC3.0 USB, 2* TYPE C, 2* DC12V/24V sockets and 1*cigarette socket. It can charge over 8 devices at the same time; Such as phones, tablets, headphones, fans, small cooling machine and more.
  • 【Fast Charging & Superior Safety】 Certificated with CE/RoHS, Timeusb DC Battery Socket Outlet provides all-round protection for you and your devices. Built-in smart chip will intelligently detect your devices and charging devices at optimal current. The QC3.0 fast charging can charge compatible devices up to 2 times faster than conventional charging. What’s more, supporting through Max. 40A discharging current meet the needs of your large power appliances.
  • 【2-7 Workdays Delivery & Unrivaled Customer Service】Timeusb provides 1-year warranty for the Battery Socket Outlet and 2-7 workdays delivery from US-based warehouses. From a professional technical support team, any of your questions will be responded within 24 hours. We go out of our way, all for a worry-free purchase experience on your end. We'll always stand by you as your loyal help and support.