EBL 65W Power Delivery Charger with 2 AC Outlets Review

EBL 65W Power Delivery Charger with 2 AC Outlets









  • 65W to 45W of Power Delivery available depending on if you're chargnig one or multiple devices at the same time
  • Features two three prong AC outlets that are able to output 1625W, letting you power appliances while you charge devices
  • Small size and uses a 4.9 foot power cord


  • Does not come with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable
(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

A charger and a power strip combo are among the best chargers. You can fast charge multiple devices simultaneously while also powering appliances. Also, these types of charging port power strips use a power cord that makes placement of the charger a lot easier.

This review looks at this EBL 65W charging station with two AC outlets. This charging port power strip is incredibly reliable with its powerful ports and outlets; the most surprising part is its size.

Charging Power

The power out of the two AC outlets combined is 1625W, and this is very good as it practically matches up to full-sized surge protectors so that you can power nearly any appliances in your home. I tested one of the AC outlets with a heater while charging three devices simultaneously. I’ll get into what devices I was charging and the total wattage output I used in just a second. Also, another great plus is that the two outlets are three-pronged.

The charging ports on this EBL charging station are good and will meet most charging needs. When it comes to charging a single device at a time, you’re able to use each of the ports at their max power; this means that USB-C 1 or 2 can output 65W of Power Delivery, the USB-A 1 port can output 30W, and the USB-A 2 port can output 5W if you’re only charging one device at a time from this EBL charger.

For my testing, I started by charging my Excitrus power bank from the USB-C 1 port to see if I could use the total 65W of Power Delivery, which charged at 65W.

For the next test, I kept charging my Excitrus power bank from the C-1 port and charged my UGREEN power bank from the C-2 port. With two devices charging simultaneously, the Excitrus power bank charged at 45W, and the UGREEN power bank charged at 20W.

Then, for three devices charging simultaneously, with the two power banks still charging, I plugged in my Galaxy Note 9 to the USB-A 1 port. After plugging in my Note 9, the Excitrus power bank continued to charge at 45W, while the UGREEN power bank charged at about 12W, and my Note 9 standard charged.

With these three devices charging simultaneously, I also plugged in my Lasko heater, set it to its high setting, and powered it while charging the three devices without any problems. Also, while powering the heater, I changed the Excitrus power bank to charge my Lenovo laptop, which could charge at about 30W.

Overall, the charging ports are great; 65w or 45w of Power Delivery available from the USB-C 1 port means fast charging of most USB-C chargeable laptops and charging another three devices simultaneously. The charging station performed well, with three devices being charged, a heater being powered, and 1400W being pulled.

Size and Design

The size of this charger is surprising because it has a length of 4 inches, a width of 1.8 inches, and a height of 1.5 inches. The power cord on the charging station is 4.9 feet long, so you have more freedom on where you want to place the charger than you would with a wall charger.

EBL 65W Power Delivery Charger with 2 AC Outlets Specs
USB-C 1 Port (single device charging)65W
USB-C 2 Port (single device charging)65W
USB-A 1 Port (single device charging)30W
USB-A 2 Port (single device charging)5W
AC Output1625W
Size4 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches
Weight1.8 Pounds


If you want a low-cost laptop, tablet, phone charger, and power strip, this EBL 65W charger with two AC outlets is a great choice. The charging power is optimal for fast charging most devices, and you can power nearly any appliance from it, and that comes as a surprise because this charger is so small.

EBL 65W Wall Charger with USB C Charger, 6-in-1 Port GAN Fast Charger (2 Hours Charging) Power Strip for Smartphone, Tablet, Home More
  • 🔋【6-in-1 USB C wall charger & 6 Devices Simultaneously 】This USB C charger with 2 AC Outlets(1625W Max) , 2 USB-C Ports(65W), 2 USB-A Ports. Only need a USB charger, making the desktop more clean and tidy, less charger crowding or cable entanglement!
  • 🔋【Fast Charging - Full charge an iPhone in 2 hrs】The USB-C1/USB-C2 ports can deliver a maximum output power of 65W. EBL USB-C charger can full charge an iPhone and other smartphones in 2 hrs. EBL charger 2 times faster than ordinary chargers!
  • 🔋【The New GaN Charger】EBL charging station using a new semiconductor material (GaN) process and powerful chips to increase charging efficiency by 95%, which has a thicker wire core for higher safety. Engineered to completely guard against overheating, over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit issues to deliver a safe performance.
  • 🔋【Compact & lightweight】EBL charger station with a compact body measuring 4*1.8*1.4 inches and lightweight design(0.97lb). It is very convenient for you to put in your bag and suitcase. Equipped with a 4.92 ft extension cord, it is not restricted by distance and can be charged without restraint. Ideal for desk, nightstand, living room, bedroom, etc.
  • 🔋【Vast Compatibility】This multiple USB charging station supports QC4+,PD3.0, QC3.0, QC2.0, SCP, FCP,AFC, PE+ and other features. 2 AC sockets can supply power to most household appliances, such as TVs, computers, air circulation fan, hair dryers, etc., the USB C/USB A ports can fast charge laptops, Macbook and phones ect.
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