How to charge your Apple Pencil

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Charging your Apple Pencil is straightforward, and here’s how you can do it for both generations:

For First-Generation Apple Pencil:

  1. Access the Charger: Remove the cap at the top of the Pencil to expose the Lightning connector.
  2. Direct Connection: Plug it directly into the iPad’s charging port.
  3. Using an Adapter: Alternatively, use the Lightning adapter provided with the Pencil. Connect the Pencil to the adapter, then attach a Lightning cable to the adapter and plug the other end into your iPad. This method allows you to charge the Pencil without it protruding from the iPad.

For Second-Generation Apple Pencil:

  1. Wireless Charging: Simply attach the Pencil to the magnetic connector on the side of your iPad for wireless charging.
  2. iPad Cover Compatibility: Some iPad covers include a dedicated space for the Pencil, ensuring it stays connected for charging.
  3. Charging Indicator: A charging icon on the iPad screen will display the charging progress.

Note: While the magnetic connection is secure, it’s not foolproof. Handling the iPad roughly might cause the Pencil to detach and potentially get lost or damaged. Charging times are quick, taking as little as 20 minutes for a significant boost.

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