Methods to Cap Battery Charging at 80% in Windows 11

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2023)

To help your laptop’s battery last longer, it’s good to avoid charging it to 100% all the time. Windows 11 doesn’t have a built-in feature to limit battery charge, but many laptop brands offer their own solutions. Here’s how to set a 80% charge limit for different brands:

HP Laptops

  1. Restart your laptop while holding the Shift key.
  2. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware settings.
  3. In BIOS, choose either:
    • Adaptive Battery Optimizer (usually on by default).
    • Battery Care Function, set it to 80%.

Lenovo Laptops

  1. Open the Lenovo Vantage app (available on Microsoft Store).
  2. Go to Device > Power.
  3. In Battery settings, set the charge limit to 80%.

Dell Laptops

  1. Open Dell Power Manager (download from Microsoft Store if needed).
  2. Under Battery Information, go to Settings.
  3. Choose ‘Primarily AC Use’ or set a custom limit to 80%.

Surface Laptops and Tablets

  1. Use the Surface app (available on Microsoft Store).
  2. Make sure Smart charging is on.
  3. For some models, check BIOS for ‘Enable Battery Limit Mode’ to set a 50% limit.

Asus Laptops

  1. Open the MyAsus app (downloadable from Microsoft Store).
  2. Under Customization, set Battery Health Charging to Balanced mode for an 80% limit.

Acer Laptops

  1. Launch Acer Care Center (download from Acer’s website).
  2. Go to Checkup > Battery health.
  3. Turn on Battery Charge Limit.

MSI Laptops

  1. Open Dragon Center app (download from MSI’s website).
  2. In the toolbox, select Battery Master.
  3. Set Battery health to Balanced or Best for battery for a 60% limit.

LG Laptops

  1. Use the LG Smart Assistant app.
  2. Click the Power setting icon.
  3. Enable Extend Battery Life.

For Other Laptops If your laptop brand isn’t listed, you can use apps like Battery Limiter. These apps alert you when your battery reaches a set level, like 80%, so you can unplug your laptop manually.

These methods will help manage your laptop’s battery health by preventing it from charging beyond 80%.

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