ORICO Travel Power Strip with three USB ports and two AC Outlets Review









  • Features three USB-A ports for charging devices while you also power appliances
  • Tiny size with a power cord that you can wrap around the power strip for easier portability


  • Should have Quick Charge or USB-C ports for fast charging
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2023)

Power strips are very commonly used in households, and I honestly don’t need to go into detail about how they’re used and what they feature. That said, the type of power strip you need depends on how you want to use it; for example, a small one would be a good choice if you want a power strip for travel.

In this review, I’m taking a look at this ORICO travel power strip that is incredibly small and features charging ports and a form factor that lets you wrap the power cord around the power strip. Let’s take a closer look.

Output Power

This ORICO power strip has a 1250W max output on the AC outlet side. So you’ll be able to power most appliances from it; that said, some appliances that go way beyond 1250W aren’t what I recommend using with this power strip. Also, there is a single three-prong outlet and a single two-prong outlet, so AC outlets are minimal on this power strip to make it as small and portable as possible.

The charging ports of this power strip could use some improvement as there are only three USB-A ports, each of which can output 12W, and the max output of the charging port section is 15.5W. It would have been an improvement to have a Quick Charge port and possibly a USB-C port to meet more modern charging standards.

I powered a heater and charged my laptop via a wall charger for testing. I used a watt meter with the top three-prong AC outlet to power the heater. Then for the two-prong outlet on the side, I powered a wall charger to charge my laptop.

I first set the heater to its low setting and pulled about 800W, which worked great; then I set it to its high setting, pulling about 1350W. Even with the heater using 1350W and the power strip rated for 1250W, the power strip kept supplying power without any problems. This was all while charging my laptop at about 30W from the other AC outlet.

I then quickly switched to testing the charging ports with my laptop charger plugged into one of the AC outlets and charging my Note 9 from one of the USB-A ports.

Overall, this power strip performed how it was supposed to, and it exceeded expectations because the heater could be powered at its high setting. The only thing I would change on the power output side is the charging ports; having more powerful ports is what I expect to see on most devices, even a power strip.

Size and Design

This is a great power strip for traveling because it only has a 3-inch length and a 1.5-inch thickness. The power cord is 3.7 feet long, so not exactly too long, but it gets the job done as long as the wall outlet that you’re plugging it into is close enough to you; also, the power cord has to be short enough to wrap around the power strip itself.

There is a compartment for the power strip to wrap around, and a rubber piece holds the power cord in place. It’s a neat design for the power strip, and that keeps everything in a small size.

The only real flaw that I could see with the power strip is the lip around the side that’s meant for storing the power cord; the reason why the lip is a problem is that you can’t fully plug in some things because the lip gets in the way of the two-prong AC outlet.

Build Quality

Structurally speaking, this power strip has a good build, and even when I was powering the heater, the power strip only got a little warm, which is to be expected considering that I was pulling 1350W.


The ORICO travel power strip with a 1250W AC output and three charging ports is a good option for traveling because it’s tiny and has what most people need regarding charging and powering. If you want a more permanent power strip solution, I would recommend a more full-fledged power strip, but this one is good for going places.

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