Review: Acekool MC1 660W 7.5Qt Stand Mixer

Acekool MC1 660W 7.5Qt Stand Mixer

Features 10.0
Design 10.0
Build 8.5


  • Comes with accessories, and a 7.5Qt bowl that ensures that you ingredients stay in place
  • Powerful performance with ten different speed settings, and the dial to adjust the speed is easy to use
  • Has a left mechanism for the arm of the stand mixer


  • The outer shell is made of plastic which may put some consumers off, but it does make the stand mixer more lightweight
(Last Updated On: July 20, 2021)

At this point, there are many stand mixers on the market, and if you’re looking to purchase a new one, then you may be looking at one of the larger brands such as KitchenAid or Cuisinart. However, the price of stand mixers from these larger brands is a lot higher than what you can get from smaller brands. What’s even better is that the performance, features, and accessories that come with stand mixers from smaller brands are what you can find from the larger ones.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this Acekool MC1 660W 7.5Qt stand mixer that basically has everything you would need from a high-end stand mixer but at a very affordable price.

Features and Design

Since this is a stand mixer, it has many of the features that you’d expect any other stand mixer to have. The mixing head is attached to a tilting arm mechanism that lets you take the rotator attachment out of the bowl to have easier access to place things inside the mixer bowl, and it’s easier to take out the bowl. To lift the arm of the stand mixer, there is a lever to the side that you have to lift, and it releases it up and away from the bowl. It works well. However, it does take getting used to if you’re more accustomed to the manual lift mechanism.

Also to the side of the stand mixer is the speed dial, and around the speed dial is where you’ll find a blue LED light that turns on when the stand mixer is powered. When the mixer is spinning, the LED light starts flashing. The unit has 10 speeds, and the dial design works well, and it’s effortless to go faster or slower depending on your mixing needs. When we say that the speed change is instant, we mean it, and we think that a dial design for speed changing is best for stand mixers.

Setting Up  and Included Accessories

There isn’t too much to know when it comes to using the stand mixer, but it’s best to know what you are getting yourself into. The stand mixer comes with a wire whisk already attached to the rotator head straight out of the box. Included in the box separately, you’ll find the flat beater, dough hook, dust cover, and bowl cover. This is all you really need for basic usage of a stand mixer, as these are basically the attachments that you will find from any other brand.

If you want to remove an attachment from the stand mixer, you don’t have to remove the bowl as you have to tilt back the arm. To actually remove the attachment, you have to press up, twist, and then remove; to place an attachment into the stand mixer, it’s the same steps. You should also ensure that the 7.5Qt bowl is placed correctly because the last you want is your attachment scraping inside the bowl. To set the bowl correctly, you place it into its hole and rotate to the right until it’s tight.

The 7.5Qt bowl is not the largest bowl that you can find that comes with the stand mixer. However, it’s still larger than most on the market. We found it a perfect size that made sure that nothing would leave the bowl during the mixing. If you’re still concerned about your ingredients flying everywhere, then you can attach the bowl cover.

Build Quality

The quality of this Acekool MC1 stand mixer is pretty good, and if you’re considering the low price you’re getting it for, it’s great. The entire outside of the stand mixer is made of plastic, and even though some users may find that to be on the “cheap” side, we think it’s one of the better ways to cut costs on the product to sell it for less; another benefit of the plastic build is that the Acekool stand mixer is lightweight.

All of the attachments are metal, though as they should be. The stand mixer does have suction pads at the bottom that make it stay in place, which is pretty nice if you’re using it at higher speeds and don’t want the stand mixer to rock around.

What we used the Stand Mixer for

Well, you can basically use this Acekool stand mixer to make anything you want as long as it applies to using a stand mixer. In our case, we used the stand mixer to make one of the simplest things that you can, and that would be chocolate chip cookies. We combined Light Brown sugar and white granulated sugar; then, we used the whisk attachment to mix them. Then while whisking the mixed sugar, we added the melted butter.

After the butter, while the stand mixer was still running, we added some salt and two eggs. Once all those ingredients are done mixing, we stopped the stand mixer, changed the attachment to the Flat Beater, then added flour and started mixing again. Once the flour is mixed, we were done with the stand mixer, and then added some chocolate chips to the batter, mixed and placed the cookie dough in the fridge for an hour; after an hour, we made golf ball-sized circles out of the cookie dough, placed it onto a cooking tray, they went into the oven and voila, we had cookies.

That we totally forgot to take photos of…

Acekool MC1 660W 7.5Qt Stand Mixer Specs
Bowl Size7.5Qt
Size of Stand Mixer12.7 x 6.9 x 13.9 inches
Speed10 Speed Control with Dial
Included AttachmentsBowl Cover
Flat Beater
Dough Hook
Wire Whisk
Dust Cover


Overall, if you’re looking for a lower-priced stand mixer that has the power, features, design, build, and accessories that most stand mixers come with, then this Acekool MC1 stand mixer is one of the best to get. It even comes in a Red color that really pops and adds some more character to a rather simple kitchen appliance.

Stand Mixer, 7.5QT 660W Electric Dough Mixer, Kitchen 10-Speed Tilt-Head Food Mixer for Baking&Cake, with Stainless Steel Bowl, Whisk, Dough Hook, Beater, Splash Guard(RED) MC1
  • 【7.5Qt Bowl With Handle】A big mixing 7.5Qt-bowl offers enough capacity for your family. This stand mixer has a handle that is more convenient to hold. Our electric mixer for baking comes with a dough hook, flat beater, whisk, and Splash-proof cover to meet your different needs. All of the accessories are dishwashers available, you can just throw them in the dishwasher, feel free to clean quickly.
  • 【660W Power Motor】This portable, compact stand mixer equipped with a 660W high-performance pure copper motor, the powerful motor can whip, beat, or knead dough and better-kneading result. This dough mixer can effortlessly for a variety of food, ranging from pasta to ice cream, egg whites to bread dough. Definitely one of the best appliances in your kitchen.
  • 【10-Speeds Options】The Acekool cake mixer using for mixing bread dough, thick batters, meringues, and whipping cream,1-3 Speeds for dough hook(Heavy mixtures-Bread, Pizza, Spaghetti),4-7 Speeds for beater (Medium-heavy mixtures-Salad, Cookie, Crepes),8-10 Speeds for a whisk,(Light mixtures-Cream, Egg, Cake, Sauces)
  • 【Tilt-head & Anti-slip Design】 The tilt-head design mixer allows access to install or uninstall bowl and accessories easily. 6 Anti-slip silicone suction cups and solid connecting rod design can reduce vibration and noise, even will keep the machine steady in place while working. When you lift up the top half of the stand mixer which will stop working to ensure your safety during the kneading process.
  • 【Ideal Gift & 3 years Guarantee】The electric mixer is a perfect gift idea for your family and friends. Three attachments are easily secured to the shaft allowing you to cook at great ease and convenience. We offer a 3-year guarantee for replacement or refund. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you.
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