Review: AlphaESS 200W Foldable Solar Panel SP200

AlphaESS 200W Foldable Solar Panel SP200









  • 200W output that gives you a noticeable recharging speed and can compete with AC charger as long as you have great sun exposure on the panels
  • Included in the box are two types of Anderson 78 inch cables and two DC adapters that lets you recharge a wider range of power stations
  • The panels have a IP65 water-resistant rating
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2022)

Solar recharging a power station may seem like an afterthought because it’s one other product to purchase; however, using a solar panel to recharge a power station can make the most sense. Sure, using an AC charger or a car charger is great, but you need a power source to plug them into, while a solar panel lets you recharge a power station nearly everywhere as long as you have sun exposure. You also have to consider your electricity bill when recharging at home, while using a solar panel lets you use the sun for free for recharging.

In this review, we’re looking at this AlphaESS 200W foldable panel with a model name SP200. The solar panel has a good amount of power output for a fast recharge speed and can be compatible with most power stations on the market, not just AlphaESS’ very own AP1000 power station.


Output Charging:

When using a solar panel for recharging a power station, the higher the wattage, the better; of course, you still have to consider the max input of your power station if you don’t want to overspend on a solar panel. In this case, the AlphaESS solar panel’s 200W is perfect in our test because we used it with the AlphaESS 1000W power station, which you can look at in this review here, or if you’re looking to purchase, you check it out on Amazon.

We had the SP200 solar panel fully unfolded and direct sunlight hitting the panels; we used the included 78-inch DC 5525 to Anderson cable to recharge the AlphaESS power station, which got us a 90W to 120W input. Charging speed front his solar panel, and basically, any solar panel will fluctuate because it all depends on the solar panels’ sun exposure.

That said, even with a 100W input, you can fully recharge the AlphaESS’ 1,036Wh capacity in about 10 hours. We think we could have gotten an even higher input speed if we adjusted the solar panel for even better sunlight exposure.

Another significant factor with this solar panel is that your accessories that make the panel more universally compatible with other power stations. Included in the box are a DC 5525 to Anderson 78-inch cable, an Anderson to Anderson 78-inch cable, and two converter connectors. One converter connector is a DC 7909 adapter, and the other is a DC 5521 adapter; both adapters can be plugged into the DC 5525 end of the included cable. This way, you can use the solar panel with other power stations.

The solar panel has an Anderson adapter that you plug the cables into. You can also use the Anderson to Anderson cable to recharge power stations like the Fanttik 300W power station we reviewed. We also used the DC7909 adapter with the AlphaESS cable to recharge the Fanttik power station; this shows just how compatible this AlphaESS solar panel is.

A 200W solar panel is what fits most solar recharging needs, and this AlphaESS SP200 solar panel delivers just that with a recharge speed that you can make use of.


Size and Weight:

When the panel is folded, it has a 20 x 27-inch dimension; when it’s unfolded, it has a 90 x 27-inch size. The board weighs 18 pounds. Of course, when you’re on the move, you must fold it up, and carrying the panel is more accessible with its built-in handle.

When entirely unfolding the solar panel, you want to ensure enough space.

Functional Components:

When using the panel, you have to make sure that it’s fully unfolded, and you can use the four adjustable kickstands at the back to hold up and angle the solar panels towards the sun. When folding the panels, the kickstands can be attached to the panel via velcro.

Under the zipper pouch on the solar panel is where you’ll find the Anderson adapter that you use to connect the included charging cables; on the Anderson adapter is a red light indicator that turns on once the panels are receiving power.

Including the 78-inch Anderson to Anderson cable allows you to run a 156-inch combined cable length to whatever power station or other devices you’re charging. This length of cable can be very reliable to recharge your power station inside while you have the long cable running outside to where this solar panel is.

Also, you do get a carrying case in the box to hold the solar panel.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this AlphaESS SP200 solar panel is strong, but you still have to be careful not to bend or drop the panel because that can cause damage to the panels. The solar panel has an IP65 water-resistant rating. However, this is for the panels only, meaning that you should be careful that water does not touch the Anderson adapter. An IP65 water-resistant rating means the panels can withstand direct water jets, so this solar panel will be fine even if it starts raining.


If you have a power station and want to recharge it using a solar panel, then you may want to consider this AlphaESS SP200 solar panel. It has a competitive price, with some other brands having double the price for their 200W solar panels, and this AlphaESS panel includes two 78-inch cables that can be combined. This lets you place your power station and the panel where you want to. The 200W output from the panel is enough to charge a power station at a noticeable speed, much better than a 100W panel.

Including a DC 7909 and a DC 5521 adapter gives you four connectors to use with the solar panel to charge a wide range of power stations; the other two are the Anderson to DC 5525 cable and the Anderson to Anderson cable.



The 200W output helps charge up a power station because it can deliver a decent charge rate when you give the panels total sun exposure. Using four connectors is excellent because these solar panels practically become universal for all kinds of power stations.


The panel is easy to set up because you have to unfold it and use the kickstands at the back to angle the panels; the kickstands are also easy to fold back in because they’re just held down by velcro. With two 78-inch cables that come with the panel, you can run one long combined cable for easier placement of the panel.


The power station does have a good build, but you have to be careful about the same things as other panels, such as not dropping it, don’t bend it, or puncturing the panels. The panels have a water-resistant rating of IP65, so they can easily withstand rain, but be careful not to get water on the Anderson adapter connected to the panel.


The capability to use a total of four connectors with this solar panel is impressive. With its 200W output, the reliability coming straight out of the box can’t be found with too many panels these days.

AlphaESS 200W Foldable Solar Panel SP200 Specs
Max Power Voltage19.8V
Max Power Current10.1A
Open Circuit Voltage23.7V
Open Circuit Current10.6A
Connector TypeAnderson
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Operation temperature14-149 Fahrenheit
Folded Dimensions20 x 27 inches
Unfolded Dimensions90 x 27 inches
Weight18 Pounds


The AlphaESS 200W SP200 solar panel is a great way to recharge your power station via the sun. It has a good output that can recharge your power station, the panels themselves are large and can take in a lot of suns, and the kickstands at the back offer great support and are easy to set up to ensure that the panels are facing the sun. The best part is the ability to use four different connectors in the box, so you can use this solar panel to recharge most power stations.

That said, if you like this AlphaESS solar panel, we recommend taking a look at our review of the AlphaESS AP1000 power station, and you can also take a look at the price for the unit here.

AlphaESS Portable Solar Panel 200W, High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Charger with Adjustable Kickstand for AlphaESS Power Station Solar Generator, for Off-Grid Camping Emergency
  • EFFICIENT-- This foldable 200W solar panel features monocrystalline cells and Anderson output, you get optimal power output and high efficiency when paired with the built-in MPPT AlphaESS AP1000 solar generator.
  • PORTABLE -- 4 adjustable Kickstands, a convenient zippered storage pouch, a comfortable carrying handle and extra extension cable included, the foldable solar panel is easy to carry around during camping, hiking and blackout.
  • COMPATIBILITY -- The portable solar panel contains a unique Anderson port to 5.5*2.5 cable(78in) that can connect the AlphaESS 1000W power station perfectly. It also comes with 8mm/5.5*2.1mm DC adapters and an EXTENSION cable(78in) as a bonus, which is compatible with 90% solar generators. Ideal backup power to keep our devices powered up on the go or in emergencies.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY -- Built-in short-circuit and over-voltage protection and designed with user-friendly smooth and IP65 WATERPROOF fabric surface, it is easy to keep it clean. The PET-laminated case and EVA film ensure the solar panel is rugged enough for a prolonged lifespan. A great camping tool in combination with power generators, this solar generator can help you capture limitless green solar energy during unexpected power outages.
  • WHAT YOU GET -- 1 * AlphaESS SP200 200W Solar Panel, 1 * Anderson Extension Cable(78in), 1 * 5.5*2.5mm Cable, 1 * 8mm Adapter, 1 * 5.5*2.1mm Adapter, 1 * Carrying Bag, 1 * User Guide