Review: Baseus Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds W11

Baseus Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds W11


Sound Quality







  • The earbuds feature 10mm drivers, ENC and pretty good passive noise canceling with the enclosed design ear tips
  • Earbuds feature touch controls and have an IPX8 water-resistance rating
  • Included in the box is a charging cable that features a USB-C port and is compatible with wireless charging, comes with a three other sized ear tips and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable


  • Do not feature ANC

The Bluetooth earbud market is saturated since tons of brands created their earbuds in response to smartphones no longer using the headphone jack. Even Samsung, who mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack first, eventually stopped including the headphone jack on their phones. Of course, this was done so each company could sell its own high-quality and highly-priced earbuds.

However, if you’ve already spent nearly a thousand dollars on a modern phone, then the last thing you’ll want to do is drop a couple hundred on earbuds. This review looks at these Baseus Bluetooth W11 wireless earbuds at a much lower price than top-tier brands like Apple’s Airpods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. You may not find all the features you’re looking for with these Baseus earbuds, but you may not care about those missing features for the price.

Sound Quality

The first thing you’re wondering is if these earbuds feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) or any other particular noise-canceling technology. Unfortunately, these Baseus W11 earbuds do not feature ANC. Instead, what you get is still pretty sound quality that includes AAC and SBS codecs to deliver the best audio quality possible, along with 10mm drivers, Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) during calls, and an enclosed earbud design; these Baseus W11 earbuds do a pretty job at putting out a smooth listening experience with nearly everything that you’re listening to.

You may not be getting ANC, but you’re at least getting passive noise canceling through the closed earbud tip design. Since the audio is directly going into your eardrums, environmental sounds have less effect on your listening experience than open-air earbuds. Also, when it comes to calls, these earbuds do have Electronic Noise-canceling (ENC), which can block out some surrounding sounds and amplify your voice during a call. Just know that if the person you’re talking to has a poor microphone, you won’t receive the same audio quality level, as the ENC works to make others hear you better, not vice versa.

The most robust audio part of these earbuds is easily the bass and how you resound more meaningful hits when it’s part of the music or video you’re listening to. We use this example often in our reviews for earbuds because it’s a pretty good sample to use, and that would be listening to “Set a Fire in your Heart” from the Halo Infinite soundtrack. This specific Halo Infinite song has drums beating hard that make up the whole song; it’s crucial that you hear the drums and feel them; the Baseus W11 earbuds bring the hard thumping drums to the front and make you feel that grand scale that the soundtrack is conveying. More background acoustic instruments, such as the piano in the soundtrack, take a back seat but are heard over the thundering bass drums.

We tested another non-lyrical song with these earbuds: “Fight Club” from the Assassins Creed 3 soundtrack. This soundtrack has a repetitive rhythm, but it’s fast-paced, incredibly catchy, and can get your heart beating a bit faster. There are cascading violins, drums in the back, and an occasional tambourine. The central part of this music is the violins, and they are not overpowered by the drums, as the drums stay in the background.

When it comes to lyrical songs, I tested out a song called “Creep Out of the Woodwork” by Ed Harcourt. The vocals get muddled into the acoustics when listening to this song via speakers. With the Baseus W11 earbuds, the vocals and acoustics are separated, so audio clarity is excellent even with these budget earbuds.

At higher volumes, the Baseus earbuds surprisingly don’t become too tiny or high pitched, but we did notice that the bass from the drivers did become stronger and overtake other parts of certain songs.

Connectivity Controls

Connecting the earbuds to your device, such as a smartphone, is easy. All you have to do is open up the case of the earbuds, and then the earbuds will turn on. Once the earbuds are turned on, make sure you have Bluetooth activated on your phone and search for “Baseus Encok W11”. Tap on the earbuds to pair and connect.

Once connected, there are a few tap controls that are available directly from the earbuds:

Play / Pause – Double Tap Left or Right Earbud

Activate Siri or Google Search – Triple Tap Left or Right Earbud

Previous Track or Video – Hold Left Earbud

Next Track or Video – Hold Right Earbud

Answer or Hangup Call – Double Tap Left or Right Earbud

Reject Call – Press and Hold Left or Right Earbud

The touch controls are simple enough to use, but they take some practice to get used to as the inputs have to be exact; otherwise, you don’t get the intended result.

Design and Fit

These Baseus W11 earbuds are comfortable to wear with their ear tip design that stays in your ear compared to open-air designed earbuds. This enclosed design makes it easier to work with the earbuds and generally keeps them on for longer.

Coming straight out of the box, the earbuds come equipped with Medium size ear tips; however, if you don’t find them a good fit, you can try on another three different ear tips included in the box. The other ear tips included in the package are extra small, small, and large.

Build and Accessories

The box includes a charging case with the earbuds inside, a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, three different ear tips, and the manual. The charging case is great because it uses a USB-C input port for recharging, and that’s more welcoming than an ancient Micro-USB port. Additionally, this earbuds case is also compatible with wireless charging.

You can place it on a wireless charger to charge; it is even magnetic, so you can use it with MagSafe chargers and magnetically attach it to the charger.

The earbuds themselves are IPX8 water-resistant, which means that you can practically submerge these earbuds into water, and they will be fine, so getting them covered in sweat during a workout is no problem.


These Baseus W11 wireless Bluetooth earbuds may not feature the best audio. However, even without those features, it still delivers excellent sound quality that makes you forget that you’re paying a low price for these earbuds. It also makes you question whether it’s worth dropping hundreds on top-tier name-brand earbuds.

Baseus Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones W11 with Wireless Charging Case/IPX8 Waterproof/10mm Dynamic Driver/APP Anti-Lost Function for iPhone 12/13/pro, Android - Black
  • 【Fast Magnetic Wireless Charging】The W11 earbuds equipped with a portable magnetic 300mAh battery charging case, which can charge your wireless earbuds up to 3.5 times. You can enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous music time after fully charged.
  • 【Uniquely Designed Ear Tips】The ergonomically designed ear tips by Baseus, ensure ultimate comfort and fit.Also a perfect seal from the outside world, perfectly transfer the sound from the drivers to your eardrum.Please pick the right ear tips from XL,L,M,S.
  • 【Flash Charging Technology From Baseus】Fuel up the Baseus W11 earbuds and case all at once with Baseus flash charging technology, can be used for 4 hours with 10 minutes charging.
  • 【Baseus App Easy Setup】Open “Baseus Smart”app, you can check connection status and remaining battery on the app, including the anti-lost Function/ OTA Upgrade/ customize earbuds button.
  • 【Suitable for Leisure & Entertainment】A 10mm dynamic driver and a built-in ENC microphones inside each earbud suppress outside noise while amplifying your voice during calls, support AAC and SBC audio codecs. Icluding 60ms low latency connection, not only bring you your favorite music in high-quality audio, but also fit for gaming.