Review: SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station with 300W AC Inverter

SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station with 300W AC Inverter

SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station with 300W AC Inverter










          • Features a massive power capacity that can be used for many charges for smartphones, tablets and laptops
          • There are two AC outlets and they share a rather high 300W output
          • The charger additionally features three charging ports, two DC ports and a 12V car port
          • The digital display is quite helpful to know what's going on while you're using it


          • Really large and heavy. Not something that you would hold for a long duration of time

          Portable chargers are now one of the most used types of charging electronics on the market. USB wall chargers are still the most used charging electronics, but the way that portable chargers have grown so exponentially has definitely shown that they’re a preferred way of charging our devices as we don’t have to stay in single place to charge our smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t just stop at charging smartphones and tablets with power bank though, there are now quite a few USB-C Power Delivery portable chargers that enable us to charge USB-C compatible laptops while we’re on the move, too.

          However, there is something that is beyond portable chargers and that would be portable power stations. We realize that there are high capacity power banks but these types of chargers have absolutely massive power capacities, and they also make use of AC outlets and other ways of charging and powering that regular power banks simply don’t have.

          In this case, we’re here review this Suaoki G500 portable power station that has a 500Wh power capacity and it makes use of two AC outlets. The power station has gained quite a lot of popularity and that’s mostly because it got started on Kickstarter and so it’s clearly a product that many people wanted. So let’s see if it lives up to the hype.


          Power Capacity:

          First off, there’s a lot of power capacity to be used with this Suaoki G500 power station and that’s because it has a 500Wh capacity. Also, just in case you make more sense with a mAh power capacity, that’s about 140,000mAh. This is a lot of power capacity to be used and it’s basically like seven 20,000mAh power capacity portable chargers that are packed into one device. That said, let’s see how much of it you’re actually able to use to charge your devices.

          3.7 x 140,000 = 518,000 / 5 = 103,600

          Overall, you’re really able to use about 103,000mAh of what this power station has and even though that is quite a bit lower than what this power station starts out with, it’s still a ton of power that you can use to charge many types of devices to their full power many times over.

          Since these power stations make use of three charging ports, with one UBS-C port and two USB-A ports, you can most certainly charge smartphones and tablets. Charging smartphone with it can result in about 30 full charges and more if we’re assuming that you’re charging a smartphone with a 3,000mAh battery, such as a Galaxy S9 or an iPhone X which also has quite a large battery.

          Charging tablets and laptops to their full power multiple times is possible with the power station and if we’re assuming that your larger portable device has an 8,000mAh battery then you can get about 12 full charges for those types of devices.

          When it comes to using the AC outlet and its relation to the power capacity, well, it’s less about the power capacity and more about the amount of wattage that the appliances you’re using with the AC outlet. Since the combined wattage output of the two AC outlets is 300W, if you’re using an appliance that uses 300W, then the power station is going to last you 1 hour. However, if you’re powering just one 100W appliance then it can last for up to 3 hours. That’s actually not that bad at all, so long as your power an appliance within the right power range and don’t expect to use this portable power station all day as that’s not really what portable power stations are meant to do.

          Output Charging:

          There is a total of four ways to use this Suaoki G500 portable power station:

          • 2 AC Outlets
          • 2 USB-A Ports | 1 USB-C Port
          • 2 12V DC Ports
          • 1 12V Car Port

          USB Charging Ports:

          So let’s first start out with the three charging ports. The top port within this section is a USB-C port and you can use that port with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge USB-C compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That said, the USB-C port on this portable power station is a standard USB-C port with a 5V/3.0A (15W) charging rate and so it does not feature Power Delivery. If you plan to use the USB-C port to charge a USB-C laptop then we recommend that you do so only with a USB-C MacBook as that’s really only the laptop the USB-C port will likely charge, as there are quite a few Power Delivery laptops on the market that require 30W or more Power Delivery speeds.

          Then there are two USB-A ports and each of the two USB-A ports on this power station make use of Quick Charge and we found that to be amazing as there’s usually just a single Quick Charge port that’s used when it comes to charging ports on any powering or charging device. As a result, you’re able to charge two Quick Charge compatible devices at their max charging speed with this power station.

          Two 12V DC Ports:

          There are two 12V DC pots on this power station and they can ultimately be used for laptop chargers if you have a laptop charging cable that uses a DC to DC connection or if you have an appliance that can be powered through a DC port.

          12Volt Car Port:

          The use of a 12V car port is basically the standard when it comes to portable power stations as you can use it with handy appliances like a Tire Pressure Pump and that way, you don’t have to risk blowing a fuse in your car if you were to use your vehicle’s 12Volt outlet. Or, if you wanted to, you can plug a car charger into the 12Volt carport and have additional USB ports to charge from.

          Two AC Outlets:

          The main reason to get this Suaoki G500 portable power station is that of its use of two AC outlets and that’s basically true for any power station that you plan on getting. What makes it even better in this case is that there are two 3-Prong AC outlets and so that definitely opens up the number of appliances that you can use with this power station.

          The combined power output of the two AC outlets is 300W, and so you can don’t have to just settle for very small appliances, but at the same time, you can’t power very large appliances. We found that using a laptop charger with one AC outlet and a lamp with the other outlet was one of the best ways to use the power station.

          Input Charging:

          There are a total of three ways to recharge this power station:

          AC Adapter – The Power Station comes with an AC adapter charger that you can use with the DC input port to recharge it and it has a 14-40V recharge rate. This is perhaps the most reliable and fastest way to recharge the power station

          DC Car Adapter – The DC car adapter allows you to connect the adapter into a 12V car port within your car and recharge the power station while you’re driving. It’s definitely a good way to recharge it while you’re on the move.

          Solar Recharging – The power station comes with an MC4 Solar charging cable that you can use to connect to the power station and use the other end to connect to a solar panel. The max input from a Solar panel has to be 150W and Suaoki actually has their very own 150W Solar Panel that you can use to recharge it with.


          Size and Weight:

          Just like all power station, this one is also quite large and heavy and not really meant for everyday use. Sure, you can take it anywhere that you want but you’re not going to be holding it for a very long time.

          The power station has a height of 8.3 inches, a width of 11 inches and a thickness of 7.5 inches. The weight of the power station is 22 pounds. So yeah, not a lightweight portable charger by any means but the good thing is that you can still place it anywhere that you want to and it won’t take up much space when you consider its powering capabilities.

          Functional Components:

          All of the functional parts of this power station are on just a single side.

          At the front, the power station is literally where you’ll find everything and the bottom portion of the power station has all the outputs. The top portion of the power station is where there are a few buttons, an LCD display, and input ports to recharge it.

          There are a total of three buttons:

          Power Button – You have to hold the power button down for about 3 seconds and then the power station turns on.

          AC Outlet Button | DC Port Button – There are also two separate buttons for turning on the AC outlet and the DC port. Once you press the power button for either of these outputs the power button has a Green LED light that turns to indicate it has been turned on.

          LCD Display

          The LCD display on this power station shows a total of four things:

          Battery Capacity Remaining – The power capacity shown is speared into five segments and there is no percentage shown. So you can basically consider each of the five segments of the battery to be 20% of the power that’s left.

          Off to the right, there are three Wattage amounts. The first shows the amount of wattage that’s going into the power station to recharge it. The other two settings show the amount of wattage that’s coming from the DC ports and AC outlets, and it also shows if they’re ON or OFF.

          At the top of the power station is where you can find a handle that makes it easier to take the portable power station anywhere with you.


          Structure and Material:

          The build quality of this power station looks absolutely solid and that’s because it is. It makes use of quite a lot of plastic but the plastic is very thick and there are no loose parts to this power station at all. It does look like a rugged portable power station but at the same time, it’s not, and we recommend that you not drop it onto hard-flooring.


          On the tech side, this power station does get quite warm if you’re using many outputs at once and this is definitely the case when it comes to using the AC outlets to power appliances.


          Portable power station comes with varying capabilities as there are ones that have significantly less power capacity and much less powering and charging options. This Suaoki G500 portable power station is one that has a lot of power capacity and has a lot to offer with its powering and charging options. You’re even able to power two appliances at once because of its use two AC outlets.



          There’s a bunch of power capacity to be used that can charge most smartphones 30 times or more to their full power and it can also be used to power appliances with the use of two AC outlets, while most portable power stations just make use of one.


          This is a large and heavy power station. That said, it’s at least easy to use with there being power buttons to activate both the AC outlets and DC ports. There’s also an LCD display that shows a few stats, too.


          The build quality of the power station is station is very good but it does get a little warm if you’re using a high output for a long duration.


          The reliability of this Suaoki portable power station is very widespread because of plentiful power capacity and many powering and charging options.

          Specs of the SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station with 300W AC Inverter:

          • Power Capacity: 140,000 | Output Capacity: 103,000mAh
          • Output:

          USB-C Port: 5V/3.0A

          USB-A Port: 18W (Features Quick Charge)

          Two 12Volt DC Ports

          One 12V/10A Car Port

          Two AC Outlets sharing a 300W output

          • Input:

          AC: 14~40V
          Car: 12/24V
          Solar: 10A(Max)/14~40V

          • LED Power Indicator: Digital Display
          • Size: 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 inches
          • Weight: 22 Pounds


          This Suaoki G500 portable power station is actually one of the best portable power stations that you can purchase if you find the power output fits your needs and the usage of two AC outlets definitely give it more value.

          SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station 500Wh Solar Generator Quiet Lithium Rechargeable Power Supply with 300W AC Inverter, 12V DC, 12V Car, USB/Type-C Quick Charge Port for Emergency Camping CPAP Outdoor

          $539.99  in stock
          1 new from $539.99
          Buy from Amazon

          as of November 17, 2018 9:05 am


          • 500WH MEGA-CAPACITY: ultra high-capacity of 500Wh (11.1V, 45,900mAh/ /3.7V 137,700mAh), G500 can charge a regular smartphone, or power a laptop, small appliances (mini refrigerator, speaker, projector) and more
          • 300W PURE SINE WAVE AC: equipped with 2 pcs 110V / 300W, 600W surge AC outlets generating pure sine wave output for sophisticated devices like modern computers, speakers, and CPAP machines
          • QUICK CHARGE USB PORTS: features 3 pcs QC3.0 quick charge USB ports; 2 USB-A ports (5~12V/3A), 1 USB-C port (5~12V/3A) for mobile devices and modern computers like the new Macbook
          • VERSATILE DC OUTPUT: each DC port supports 12V/3A output; also has a 12V/10A car port to power up your in-car devices when you're not around your car; 24 months product warranty and 7*24 hrs friendly customer service available
          • 3 WAYS FOR RECHARGING: you can use AC wall outlets, 12V cigarette lighter socket on your car, and solar panel (not included) to charge this lithium power station when wall outlet is not available

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