ShockFlo G1 Level 2 Portable Charger for Electric Vehicles

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2023)

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Electric cars are on the rise, and so are EV chargers. You could go for first-party chargers from the same brand as your car; those may be missing features and expensive. However, with the rise of third-party manufacturers, more innovation is happening in this space, which has caused the performances of these chargers to be great and still come at a low cost.

In this overview, I’m looking at this ShockFlo G1 Level 2 portable charger that fits into charging most Electric vehicles, and you get some very useful features.

Quick Charging Speed

Of course, the biggest concern of owning an electric vehicle is how fast it will charge, which is why you need a fast charger. The ShockFlo G1 has a Level 2 charge rate of 40A, 240V; this charge rate can restore 36 miles per hour to your car, which is on par with other leading brands.

As awesome as the charging speed is, though, since this is a portable charger you can use at home, ShockFlo’s charger uses an adjustable current feature to prevent a circuit overload. The Amperge current range for this charger is 16A, 20A, 24A, 32A and 40A.


On top of the charging speed, the ShockFlo G1 charger also has a great design, with the charge having a display showing various stats. The stats on the screen include temperature, battery recharge status for your car, kWh used, voltage, and recharge time. The charger is also smart enough to set charge times when electricity is expensive.

Regarding build quality, the G1 charger has an IP67 water resistance rating, which means it can easily withstand heavy rains, snow, and other weather conditions where heavy water exposure occurs. The operating temperature of the charger is -22°F-122°F, so that you can use it in most conditions. Also, the power cord is 20 feet long, so it won’t matter how you park your car; the cable will be able to reach the charging port on your car.

In terms of compatibility, the charger is compatible with electric vehicles and hybrids that meet the J1772 connection standards. You can even use this G1 charger with a Tesla. However, you will need ShockFlo’s A2 J1772 to Tesla EV adapter.

ShockFlo’s Home EV Charger

ShockFlow also offers their Home EV charger, a Level 2 charger with a slightly faster recharge rate of 48A 240V for the higher-end mode, while the standard model has a 40A charge rate. The ShockFlo Hoome charger also has an adjustable charge rate, but at the same time, there are differences with it having an IP65 water resistance rating, a 17-foot cable, and there is no display on the screen. The IP65 water resistance isn’t much different as it’s still suitable for outdoors.

The lack of a screen isn’t a big deal either, as the Home charger is compatible with ShockFlo’s app, which lets you view all the charging stats in real time.

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