VOLTME 65W 3 Port GaN Power Delivery Charger Review

VOLTME 65W 3 Port GaN Power Delivery Charger









  • 65W single port charging available and 45W PD output when charging multiple devices
  • You can charge a laptop and fast charge a phone at the same time
  • Very small size thanks to GaN


  • Does not come with a USB-C to USB-C cable
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

The great thing about chargers these days is that they come in different ranges. Some chargers are more useful for charging phones and laptops, while others can charge nearly anything. When it comes to those higher-wattage chargers, you do have to consider the price because those can be pretty expensive, which is why you may want to opt for a mid-range charger.

I’m looking at this VOLTME 65W GaN Power Delivery charger in this review. The charger has three ports and a max output of 65W, making it very balanced. Let’s take a closer look.

Charging Power

So this VOLTME 65W charger has three ports: two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. If you’re charging a single device from USB-C 1 or USB-C 2, their total output is 65W of Power Delivery. At the same time, the USB-A port can output 36W if you’re charging from it alone.

Charging from the USB-C 1 and the USB-C 2 port results in a 45W and 18W power split, while charging from USB-C 1 and the USB-A port results in the same power split. However, charging from USB-C 2 and the USB-A port means that the two ports will share a 20W output only.

Charging three devices simultaneously has USB-C 1 outputting 45W, and the USB-C 2 and the USB-A port sharing 15W.

For my testing, I began by charging my Lenovo laptop from the USB-C 1 port alone, and I could charge it at about 35W; then I plugged in a Galaxy Note 9 to the USB-C 2 port, and I could fast charge my Note 9.

The third device I plugged in was an LG G7, but the LG G7 was only able to standard charging from the USB-A port, while my Note 9 maintained fast charging from USB-C 2, and my Lenovo laptop kept charging at 35W.

To confirm that each USB-C port can output 65W, I plugged in my Excitrus power bank and got the full 65W of Power Delivery from USB-C 1 and USB-C 2 when charging from them alone. The other device I plugged in a while charging my Excitrus power bank from USB-C 1 was a Baseus power bank that I began charging from USB-C 2.


The Baseus power bank could charge at 18W, while my Excitrus power bank dropped to a 45W recharging speed.

The other device tested was a Galaxy S20 with the UBS-C 1 port, and I charged it alone, and the S20 was able to super fast charge at about 25W. This confirms that this charger features PPS super fast charging.

Size and Design

This charger is tiny and lightweight because it uses GaN tech, so it has a length and width of about 2 inches and a thickness of 1.2 inches. The charger weighs about 4 ounces. It’s a small charger, just like most chargers are now these days, and along with its foldable plug, this charger can be taken nearly anywhere.

At the front, an LED power light turns on when you plug the VOLTME charger into an AC outlet.

VOLTME 65W 3 Port GaN Power Delivery Charger Specs
USB-C 1 / USB-C 23.3-21V 3A (PPS) / 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A / 20V 3.25A
USB-A4.5V 5A / 5V 4.5A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 20V 1.8A
Input100~240Vac 50/60Hz 1.5A Max
Size2.3 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
Weight4.5 Ounces


If you’re looking for a well-balanced but not very expensive charger, this VOLTME 65W PD fast charger is a good choice. You can get more charging power from charging a single device from either of the two USB-C ports; simultaneously, you can charge multiple devices and still fast charge most laptops.

VOLTME USB C Charger, 65W PPS 3-Port GaN Fast Charger Block, Compact Foldable Wall Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS 13,iPad Pro,iPhone 14/13 Pro Max, Galaxy S22 /S21, Pixel & More
  • 【One Charger Meets All Your Needs】VOLTME USB C charger features two USB C ports and one USB A port, providing fast charging for three devices at the same time, allowing you to fast charge phones, tablets, and laptops. this single charger meets all your charging needs.
  • 【Fast and safe charging】Connect a single USB-C device to get a 65W max charge, you can get a full-speed charge for MacBook Air to save 50% time. When charging multiple devices, power will be efficiently distributed between ports to ensure optimal charging while protecting your device's health. VOLTME USB C wall charger is UL-62368-1, CE, RoHS, and FCC certified, ensuring safe and reliable charging.
  • 【Compact and Portable】Power up to 3 devices at 50% smaller than a regular charger. The foldable plug and travel-friendly design make it easy to take wherever you go, from homes to offices. Meet your charging needs on the go!
  • 【Latest Chip Technology】The 65W usb c charger block is powered by GaN III Technology, which reduces the size and weight of the charger and increases the operating frequency by 100%, making charging safer and more convenient. It is equipped with built-in protection devices to prevent excessive current, overheating, and overcharging, providing ultimate safety for your electronics.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】The VOLTME usb c charger block is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Plus/ iPhone 13/ 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max /13 Mini, Macbook Pro Air (M1, 2020), MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Pro 13'', iPad Pro, Galaxy S23 Ultra/S22, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nintendo Switch, and More. Enjoy hassle-free charging for all your devices with this versatile charger.
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