Best Chargers for Google Pixel Fold in 2024

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2023)

The Google Pixel Fold is finally here, and it is awesome to see a brand such as Google entering the foldable smartphone market. Sure, other brands have come out with foldable phones, but the most notable has been Samsung with their Galaxy Fold and Z Flip phones. What you get in the box with the Pixel Fold is pretty bare-bones.

In this guide, I’ve chosen a few chargers that can fast charge your Google Pixel Fold, whether you want to charge the phone only or if you want to fast charge it and charge other devices simultaneously. Just a reminder, the Pixel Fold has a 30W max charging speed.

AOHI 30W MagCube USB-C Mini Charger

This is one of the simple PD chargers I’ve reviewed; this AOHI 30W charger has a single USB-C port that can output 30W of Power Delivery. So if you only care about fast charging your Pixel Fold, this AOHI charger is a good choice. The 30W of PD can also be useful for charging certain laptops.

This AOHI MagCube is very small, with only 1-inch dimensions, and it has an LED power light that changes color depending on the charging status. Read my full review of the AOHI 30W MagCube Charger for more details.

VOLTME 30W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Charger

This VOLTME 30W charger is very similar to the previous AOHI charger I recommended because this one also has a 30W max output. However, this charger has two USB-C ports. You can fast charge your Google Pixel Fold if it’s your only device. If you’re charging two devices, though, then the max output of this charger becomes 15W, so that you will lose that fast charging, but the option to charge two devices is there.

This charger is also very small, within a 1-inch size, and uses a foldable plug. For further information, check out my review article or video review of the VOLTME 30W Charger.

MOMAX 100W PD 4 Port Desktop Charger

This MOMAX 100W desktop charger may be a bit much for what you’re looking for when charging your Pixel Fold, but if you want to charge many devices and still fast charge your Pixel, then it’s a good choice. You can use 100W of Power Delivery if you charge a single USB-C 1 or 2 device.

What matters most for this MOMAX charger is that even if you’re charging four devices at the same time, the USB-C 2 port still outputs 30W, and this means you can fast charge your Pixel Fold from USB-C 2 while charging other three devices from the USB-C 1 and two USB-A ports. It’s also convenient to have a power cord with a desktop charger because it allows for easier placement of the charger. Learn more about the capabilities of the MOMAX 100W Charger in my detailed review and video review.

UGREEN 140W USB-C Charger

If you want one of the most powerful wall chargers I’ve ever reviewed, this UGREEN 140W charger is a great choice. So just like it sounds, the charger has a 140W max output, and you can use the full 140W from USB-C 1 if you’re charging a single device. Of course, this is a ton of power and more than enough for the Pixel Fold, but this is the only wall charger you’ll ever need for charging any other USB-C chargeable device.

Even when charging three devices simultaneously, the USB-C 2 port will output 45W, letting you fast charge your Pixel Fold, while the USB-C 1 port outputs 65W for fast charging a laptop, and the USB-A port can output 22.5W. Explore the UGREEN 140W Charger in-depth in my review article or through my video analysis.

UGREEN 100W 4 Port PD Desktop Charger

Another UGREEN charger I recommend is this UGREEN 100W PD desktop charger. This is pretty similar to the MOMAX charger I recommended previously, but this one has three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port.

Also, just like the MOMAX desktop charger, this UGREEN charger is still able to output 30W of Power Delivery from its USB-C 2 port when charging four devices at the same time; this still lets you fast charge the Pixel Fold while also charging another device. In my comprehensive review or video review you can find out more about the UGREEN 100W Desktop Charger.

iWalk LinkPod Y2 USB-C Mini Power Bank

High capacity and high power output power banks are preferable for the Google Pixel Fold, considering that it has a 4,821mAh battery, but those can be expensive. Instead, if you’re looking for a single-use type of power bank that can keep your Pixel Fold charged up for the day and then need to recharge it at the end of the day, then I’d recommend this iWalk LinkPod Y2.

This iWalk power bank has a 4,800mAh battery to charge your Pixel Fold, not exactly to full power, but it gets close and gives many more hours of usage time. The charging power isn’t the best, but the USB-C connector it charges from has a decent 18W Power Delivery charge rate. Also, the size of this power bank is very small, which I find to be important for a foldable phone. See my complete review or watch the video on the iWalk LinkPod Y2 Power Bank for more insights.

Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 Car Charger

Anker PowerDrive II Power Delivery Car Charger

This Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 car charger will always serve you well if you want optimal car charging for your Pixel Fold. The charger has a 49.5W max output, a 30W USB-C port, and a 19.5W USB-A port. So you can fast charge your Pixel Fold from the USB-C port and charge an additional device from the USB-A port. Dive into the details of the Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 in my full video review.

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