What are Car Chargers?

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2017)

Car Chargers

When you’re on the go in your car, no portable charger with you and your phone is low on battery power, there’s really only one ideal way to charge your phone and it’s a car charger.

Car chargers are a must if you drive a lot or simply need your phone charged when you’re driving. In our daily lives, we drive quite a lot, it may be a commute to work, going to hang out with friends or maybe in an emergency situation, the best solution is to have your phone charged through a car charger if you’re on the go in a vehicle.

Car chargers work the same way just as a Wall chargers or Power banks would, by connecting a charging cable to the USB ports that a car charger has and by connecting the head charger into the phone, a phone is able to charge through the Car charger by using power from the car.

Car chargers come in many different sizes and also have the same technology that would go into Power banks and Wall chargers as well.

Tech like Smart charging that spans over into many technology charging company’s products are present within many car chargers, such as this Aukey Two Port Car Charger:


Pic 1
Aukey Two Port Car Charger

Not only are Car chargers implemented with the power of smart tech, they also use Qualcomm Quick Charge technology with certain ports.

For example this Anker PowerDrive+2 with Quick Charge 3.0


Anker PowerDrive+2 with Quick Charge 3.0

The top port is powered using Quick Charge 3.0 tech and the bottom will either operate as Quick Charge 2.0 for compatible devices or default to Anker’s PoweriQ charging.

With today’s car chargers the main focus is to make the charges as small and as innovative as possible. The two shown above are very small and there are even smaller car chargers than those. The point is to make the car charger a part of the car, so the user is not bothered or obstructed by a car charger

At this point car chargers have become a necessity with owning a car and even though cars are beginning to have their own USB outputs and even wireless charging, most cars still don’t have their own independent ways of charging or the charging is simply not strong enough for fast charging and this is why car chargers are so important when it comes to driving.

It’s extremely dangerous to use your phone while driving other than a GPS Navigation device hooked up to a holder that is on your dash but other than that, using your phone while driving is a big NO. Driving and reaching your destination with a well-charged device is something that is very pleasant to have and that is what car chargers are able to achieve.

Getting a car charger, however, should be done with an informed decision by understanding what your needs are and what the best products are for getting a car charger.

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