Best Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

We want our smartphones to be charged fast and there are no questions about it. Although the battery technology that goes into our smartphones hasn’t been improved very much, the capacity of batteries has increased and so has the charging speed of charging electronics. People still want and expect their devices to charge faster and … Full Post

Hold back on Anker’s USB Type-C Cable

Here at Charger Harbor, we’re a quite a great advocate of Anker’s charging electronics products; However with recent events regarding their Type-C charging cable, you need to steer clear. What’s wrong with Anker’s Type-C cable? Type-C is a new charging cable that is introducing a new way to charge. With most new things, there are … Full Post

The Future of Charging Technology with Quick Charge & USB Type-C

Charging technology isn’t on the fastest change but it’s changing just fast enough. It all started with just 1 Amp of charging and then that slowly grew into 1.5 Amps and the current standard of charging is 2.0 Amps. That’s because technology doesn’t change with us, we change, then the charging technology follows. Our needs … Full Post

Safe Charging Products

There are so many charging electronics, it can be difficult to remember that your safety always comes first and then the quality of the charger that you’re purchasing comes second. With charging electronics, there’s actually a chance of having material that can cause harm to the user. This harm can be inflicted either by what … Full Post