How to Charge a Power Bank Faster

Power banks have been around for a long time now, but there are always questions regarding how to use them, which ones are best for certain types of devices, and perhaps one of the most asked questions is how to make a power bank charge faster. This can mean two things; either you want faster … Full Post

Best Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

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Hold back on Anker’s USB Type-C Cable

Here at Charger Harbor, we’re a quite a great advocate of Anker’s charging electronics products; However with recent events regarding their Type-C charging cable, you need to steer clear. What’s wrong with Anker’s Type-C cable? Type-C is a new charging cable that is introducing a new way to charge. With most new things, there are … Full Post

Best Charging Cable Bundles

Charging cables are an integral part of charging. You may be using a wireless charger at times but we know that most of the time and for the majority of people, that charging is mostly done with a charging cable. Sometimes there are bad choices with the charging cables that you may buy and so … Full Post

Safe Charging Products

There are so many charging electronics, it can be difficult to remember that your safety always comes first and then the quality of the charger that you’re purchasing comes second. With charging electronics, there’s actually a chance of having material that can cause harm to the user. This harm can be inflicted either by what … Full Post