What are Docks & Stands?



When it comes to charging, we usually just want our devices to be charged and that’s really it; But there can be more than just plain charging. With charging there are options and one of the options when charging is to do it with docks and stands for the many devices out there.

What’s the Purpose of Docks & Stands?

Docks and stands are meant to serve as a place to put your phone in charge and they act as an organized way to have your phone set up while charging. Docks are also a way not to deal with the hassle of damaged cables and having to worry about the wearing down of cables. This is because phone docks don’t have charging cables to charge devices; Either the charging is done through wireless means or through a respective charging head for the phone that the person wishes to charge.

If you’ve got many devices, docks are also a great way to set up your devices to charge in one place as a way to not lose track of them.


The above charging docks can hold many devices at the same but there’s something important to notice here and that’s the cables being attached to the dock. With most docks, they require the usage of cables to really take advantage of them.

Then there are docks that are for individual phones that people may prefer because it’s exclusive to their device.

Individual design docks are designed in such a way, as we mentioned before that they don’t use traditional cables and instead there’s just the head charger for the dock. These kind of chargers are absolutely great for someone that doesn’t use their phone while it’s charging or for someone that simply does not want to bother buying more cables because all their charging cables get damaged.

Ultimately the best docks for modern for phones are wireless charging docks. Wireless charging is somewhat of a new technology also known as Qi Charging, most newer phones are now capable of wireless charging and with the ability of going wireless comes to the simplicity of making awesome charging docks.

Whether it’s charging dock or pad, wireless dock chargers are charging devices that really make the most sense to use when it comes to using a dock in the first place.


If you’ve got a phone that is capable of wireless charging, then wireless charges are the best option because you don’t need charging cables and you don’t need to worry about inserting anything into your phone to charge. That’s the beauty of Qi Charging, it doesn’t require anything physical, just the tech for the two devices and you’re good to go.

The same goes for wearable tech, with the Apple Watch’s Magnetic charger that doesn’t go into the watch to charge. Instead, the Magnetic charger just attaches to the bottom of the watch to charge. Since the magnetic charger attaches to the Apple Watch, using a stand for it is a great idea for charging.


The example above is a showcase to see just how chargers are making themselves more useful in charging and in a usable manner. With just a charging cable, the watch can still be used but not worn and holding a charging watch in your hand is not the best feeling. Instead, while the watch charges, it can lay on an angled dock to charge, this way it can be visible, charging and easily used. Docks also look very modern and give an aesthetic feel to nearly all environments

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